October 7, 2019

This is a shocking and eye-opening first-person account of what can happen when you let political correctness trump science, medicine and common sense.  It’s by a young woman who thought she might be “trans,” and because we’ve created a society in which “gender transitioning” is encouraged and celebrated (and lots of quacks are making money off it)…and any voices of reason or caution who might even suggest that there could be other psychological issues or adverse physical side-effects have been cowed into silence…she made a terrible decision at an age when she was too young to understand the consequences and went through a living nightmare.

In case you think that’s an isolated incident, here’s a signal that it’s the type of “why didn’t someone tell me?” regret that we’re likely to see a lot more of in the future if we continue putting political correctness about transgenderism ahead of the welfare of our children.

Both of those articles describe so-called “medical professionals” who made no attempt whatsoever to find out if there were any other mental or emotional issues that might be in play.  Instead, they just went straight to pumping kids full of hormones.  In the second story, it’s mentioned that some of the guinea pigs – sorry, “patients” - are as young as three or four years, when kids are just as likely to declare that they’re doggies as they are that they’re the opposite sex, but we don’t start feeding them Alpo, giving them distemper shots and grafting tails onto them. 

There’s also this chilling statistic from the second story, about the UK medical system:

“The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust offers gender identity services for children under 18, with some patients as young as three or four years old…They now have a record number of referrals and see 3,200% more patients than they did 10 years ago - with the increase for girls up by 5,337%.”

Do you seriously believe that’s simply because we’ve “removed the stigma” and not because it’s now trendy to encourage a bad permanent “solution” to what might be a temporary and possibly even unrelated problem?

There are also the kids who are just exploiting the adults’ self-imposed over-sensitivity to trans dogma to cause trouble in school – so many of them, they’ve even coined a term for it: the “transtrenders.”

Just as letting homeless people live in filth on the streets is not “compassion,” neither is lying to kids that if they’re uncomfortable with their bodies (as virtually all young people are at some point), that they can simply change them with surgery and chemicals and live happily ever after.  That’s not compassion, it’s horrific medical malpractice on a mass scale.


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  • DAH

    10/09/2019 08:18 AM

    I have been saying this for years, after being in the "community" and watching an Army friend go from male to female and even then NOT being happy. Last I checked there was a 40% suicide rate in the community and that includes those who complete the process and become the sex they claim to want. This garbage that a child (who any mental health person would say isn’t able to have an idea on sex yet) can want to be the other sex is nothing short of Child abuse and has to be stopped. If a 9-year-old isn’t fit mentally or sexually for having sex how can they be fit to carry the narrative that they are in the wrong body for the sex they want to be???

  • Peggy Low

    10/08/2019 03:55 PM

    I wish California would read and agree with this well written, very exposing letter.
    My heart hurts for the confusion they are spreading to young ones.

  • Carolyn J Blue

    10/07/2019 04:07 PM

    I agree with you Governor 100%.