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April 3, 2023



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Proverbs 16:3

Sixty Minutes interviews Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Last night, CBS’s “Sixty Minutes” aired an interview with one of their favorite villains, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. It was the usual hatchet job of cherry-picked quotes followed by carefully-edited videos. But not even CBS could bury the truth deep enough to hide it when Lesley Stahl tried to get Greene to back down from calling leading Democrats pedophiles. Stahl was left at a loss for words when Greene replied:

“Democrats support, even Joe Biden the President himself supports, children being sexualized and having transgender surgeries. Sexualizing children is what pedophiles do.”

This is why liberals are so desperate to change the meanings of words. FYI, if you haven’t watched CBS in 20 or 30 years, this might jog your memory as to who Lesley Stahl is and why her belief that she's the smartest person in the room when interviewing Republicans is a delusion.

Excellent article

Excellent article by Kevin Portteus at American Greatness on how many Americans have become so dependent on government that their minds have been “institutionalized” to the point that they can barely conceive of government authorities being wrong, incompetent, corrupt or having ulterior motives.

If you read this newsletter, congratulations: you are not a candidate for being institutionalized!

The Chinese spy balloon did collect sensitive military info

The Biden White House assured us that that Chinese spy balloon that was allowed to cross the entire US, drifting over sensitive military and defense areas before it was shot down, was blocked from sending any intelligence back to China. But according to a new NBC report, that’s a load of malarkey. It did collect valuable intelligence data, and it sent it back to Beijing instantaneously.

And here I was assuming it had to drift all the way back to China so they could remove the film and have it developed at the Hong Kong Walgreens.

Trump’s arraignment makes mockery of our legal system

Did you know that when Eric Trump first heard about his father’s indictment, he was on a commercial flight, and that some of his fellow passengers, learning of this at the same time he did, came up to him to give him hugs?

These were strangers, offering him support.  He told the story on FOX NEWS Saturday night.

“The support is out there,” he said, “because people understand we’ve literally become a banana republic...They’ve made a mockery of our legal system in this country.”  He referred to Hunter Biden’s alleged influence peddling, saying that if he’d engaged in the same behavior as Hunter, he’d be behind bars.  “If I was Hunter Biden,” he said, “I’d be in jail for the rest of my life.”

But Bragg says he’s investigated Trump and his children, and “brags” that he has sued Donald Trump over a hundred times.  Does anyone see anything wrong here?

It does seem that most non-TDS-infected Americans can see this for what it is.  Following the announcement that Trump will be indicted on charges that legal experts are calling “ridiculous” and “pathetic,” former President Donald Trump has surged in the polls and brought in millions of dollars in campaign donations, many of them from first-time donors.

Trump tweeted that his adversaries have examined 11 million pages of “documents, financial records and tax returns (some gotten illegally!), billions of dollars’ worth of deals and transactions, and they’ve got nothing!”

“After eight years of politically motivated investigations, hoaxes, scams, and witch hunts,” Trump said on Truth Social, “this must make me the most honest and honorable man anywhere in the world.  Nobody in history has ever been through the scrutiny that I have.”

I’m sure that’s true.  One benefit of having Trump as the candidate in ‘24 is that anyone else who might be nominated will be seen as his proxy and will be subject to the same level of scrutiny.  At least Trump has already been through it!  What we’ve seen is the most they could come up with.

A Quinnipiac poll released last Wednesday showed that more than 6 in 10 Americans think Bragg’s case against Trump is “mainly motivated by politics.”  I expect that as more comes out about this case, that proportion will rise even higher.  Trump’s fundraising is consistent with this; in the first 24 hours after the surprise news of his indictment, he raised more than $4 million.  According to the campaign, 25 percent of this was from first-time donors.

The Trump campaign said this in a press release Friday:  “The incredible surge in grassroots contributions confirms that the American people see the indictment of President Trump as a disgraceful weaponization of our justice system by a Soros-funded prosecutor.”

We won’t know exactly what’s in the indictment until Trump is arraigned on Tuesday.  But we do know that if Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is trying to charge Trump with a felony, he has to say it was an “intent to defraud” and that the cash paid to Stormy Daniels was an illegal donation to Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.  Let’s ask the Federal Election Commission once again what they think about that --- after dismissing the case in 2021.

 This is probably why Bragg let his own case drop --- until Trump announced he was running in ‘24, and Bragg then knew he had to do...something.

More at the link below.  You’ve got to click on it, if only to see the political cartoon.

Here’s a recommended commentary, at TOWNHALL...

And this is a must-read from FRONT PAGE MAGAZINE...

You realize, of course, that everything we knew about the upcoming indictment was leaked from the DA’s office and/or grand jury, and that is prosecutorial misconduct, against the law.  Now, there’s more leaking, this time to the Washington Post, calling for Special Counsel Jack Smith to say that they have “new and significant evidence” about Trump

“According to a leak to WAPO,” Smith has said he has “new and significant evidence” of potential Trump obstruction of justice in the Mar-A-Lago classified documents.   As Cristina Laila at GATEWAY PUNDIT puts it, obstruction charges are what the prosecution goes with if they have nothing on their target. 

The WASHINGTON POST says Trump may have rummaged through his boxes of classified documents stored at Mar-A-Lago after being subpoenaed in 2022.  Never mind that Trump didn’t even believe these documents WERE classified, as he, by his authority as President, had declassified them.

“You look at these issue that are being raised against Donald Trump, it’s not about the law, not about taxes, it’s not about business filings...[putting an amount] in the right credit or debit column or anything  of that sort,” said Mark Levin Sunday night.  It’s not about non-disclosure agreements or about Trump asking someone to ‘find’ votes (which really just refers to finding actual votes that were cast).  “This is an effort to destroy Donald Trump after he left the presidency and now is the leading Republican potential nominee for President of the United States against the regime in Washington, against the Biden administration, against the Department of ‘Justice’ and their special counsel, whose family is heavily involved in the Democrat Party.”

Democrats can’t win in the battle of ideas, he said, and they have no intention of doing that. Instead, they’ve weaponized the system against their adversaries.  In Levin’s words, “This is an onslaught, by a Democrat Party who despises this country...whose legislative efforts are to transform America into some kind of a tyranny.”  Levin argues that Trump “cannot get a fair break.  It’s an impossibility.”

We would add that when Trump was in office, he was so boxed-in by investigations (of things that turned out to be hoaxes) that he couldn’t even fire anyone without being accused of obstructing justice.  We wished he would ‘clean house’ more thoroughly while he was there, but they kept him under constant investigation so he couldn’t.

Levin also talked about the concept of trial by jury “of one’s peers,” as stated in the Sixth Amendment.  Does political affiliation apply?  And is it even possible for Trump to be tried by a jury of his peers in New York City?  This is part of the push for one-party control, achieved through, as Levin said in his book AMERICAN MARXISM, “various extra-constitutional schemes and other means.”  Prosecutors know that “Donald Trump, and anyone associated with Donald Trump, can’t possibly have their due process recognized.”

“The entire system is being transformed into a tyrannical system,” he said.  We hear Democrats parrot the line, “No one above the law,” but there is no law here.

The Democrat Party is trying to choose the Republican nominee, Levin said, and they wouldn’t be doing this if we were looking at Chris Christie or Asa Hutchinson (Oh, news flash: Asa Hutchinson is running.)  “Donald Trump is a really unique historic figure who has been standing up to all of these elements.  And the Democrat Party, and increasingly in the Republican Party and in the media.”  Since he took Obama’s third term by beating Hillary in 2016, “they’ve spent every waking moment trying to destroy him, and they fear him.”  They’re afraid that if he comes back, he’ll be even more effective the second time than he was the first.  I agree --- which is why I relish the thought of putting him back in the White House.





While we wait for the indictment circus tomorrow, this is a good time to look at new findings and observations about Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg.

Legendary attorney Alan Dershowitz has had plenty to say, but he adds now that the only person in this case guilty of a felony is the one who leaked information about the sealed indictment.  Either Bragg did this, or it was done “under his nose” and he is not investigating it.  Whoever did it would normally be facing up to five years in prison.

Even before the leak, Dershowitz was saying that Bragg could be disbarred over this case.  He doesn’t see how it can be prosecuted after the testimony of Bob Costello.


Here’s something we’ll be taking a closer look at.  For now, it seems as though Bragg received a large amount of his campaign donations from so-called donation harvesters, typically older and retired.  If you saw James O’Keefe’s latest video expose of this scheme, you know how it works.  GATEWAY PUNDIT has details, and also reports on a donation to Bragg’s campaign that can be traced to India.  All this will require additional checking, but in the meantime…

House Judiciary Committee chair Jim Jordan of Ohio told Maria Bartiromo on Sunday that in their talks with Bragg, “everything’s on the table.”  He and “the other chairman” (Weaponization?) received a letter back from Bragg and are reviewing it.  He’s looking at the big picture at a moment when the President is about to be indicted at the same time the IRS is knocking on independent journalist Matt Taibbi’s door.

“This is about all of us,” he said.  “This is about going after the left’s agenda, the establishment’s agenda.  And that’s maybe the most scary thing of all.”

Here’s a must-read piece (especially the last four paragraphs) in REASON about Bragg’s case against Trump and how it “reeks of desperation to punish a reviled political opponent.”  With enough white-hot hate, you apparently can turn minor misconduct into a felony, or at least try to. 

Finally, we love this article by Rod Thomson at AMERICAN GREATNESS, “No One Is Above The Law – Don’t You Believe It.”  Democrats keep saying that --- it’s a talking point --- but plenty of people are above the law.  They’re all Democrats!

‘No One Is Above the Law’? Don’t You Believe It › American Greatness


California’s hypocritical leaders

What is it about California liberals that they claim to care so much about protecting women from sexual harassment, but when someone accuses one of their own powerful elite, they threaten, harass and intimidate the victim to try to shut her up? And if that doesn’t work, they fire her and defame her in public.

Why, no, I’m not talking about Harvey Weinstein, or even Hollywood in general. I’m talking about one of the state’s most powerful union officials, the head of the California Labor Federation. She’s a woman who’s built her career on claiming to defend women, but is now accused in a lawsuit of doing all those Weinstein-like things to a female worker who accused the union leader’s husband, the San Diego County Supervisor, of sexual harassment and assault.

This is why so few Americans bother to listen anymore when we’re hypocritically lectured by California liberals about our moral failings, whether it’s at Hollywood awards shows or Democrat political events.

Huckabee: Devastation left behind by tornado 'looks like a carpet bomb'


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