September 30, 2021

Maybe this will help Americans make the mental connection between voting for Democrats and the ensuing terrible consequences. Despite nearly 6 million people finally getting off the expanded and extended unemployment benefits, initial weekly jobless claims rose more than expected to 362,000.

Maybe it would help if the President stopped firing people for declining vaccinations in industries with critical worker shortages.

If that doesn’t convince Americans, this should get their attention: Dollar Tree is going to start charging more than a dollar for some items.

It’s being spun as a positive (they can carry higher quality goods, etc.), but we all know the real reason: Bidenflation. Due to labor shortages, higher fuel costs and other consequences of terrible Biden Administration policies, prices are rising so fast that by the blessed time he leaves office, the only thing you’ll be able to get for a dollar is two quarters.

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  • Leslie Earwood

    10/08/2021 07:58 AM

    We are now experiencing the result of the dumbing down of America that has been going on for decades.

  • Tim Atchley

    09/30/2021 07:15 PM

    Wondering if my vote even counts anyway? I will vote anyway but seems like things are too far gone to save this country.Maybe worth looking at moving to some of these empty countries in South America and restart again