December 19, 2018

I try to stay positive, give people the benefit of the doubt and all that.  But my Disgust-o-Meter pegged out listening to House Speaker Paul Ryan’s self-serving, blame-shifting farewell address Wednesday, in which he bemoaned how partisan divisiveness and our “broken politics” keep anything from getting done in Washington.

From January 2017 until today, the Republican Party held what Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would call "all three branches of government" (the White House, House and Senate.) America finally had a Republican President willing to stand up to Democrats and the most viciously partisan media onslaught in history to keep his campaign promises and enact a conservative agenda.  The GOP held a tiny majority in the Senate but still had a leader willing to act as boldly as Democrats did to get past the 60-vote filibuster rule and confirm Trump’s judicial picks. 


Meanwhile, in the House, Paul Ryan presided over a strong 236-197 Republican majority.  Despite that historic opportunity to reverse a lot of dumb ideas that were dragging America in the wrong direction, the House utterly failed under his leadership to control deficit spending, defund Planned Parenthood, repeal Obamacare, fund a border wall or otherwise strengthen immigration law enforcement, or do much of anything that Republicans promised voters they would do if they were given power in 2016.  And now that moment has been squandered and America is cursed with at least two years of another Pelosi-led Democratic House -- this one even further left than the last one -- blocking all efforts at desperately-needed reforms.

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When I was Governor of Arkansas, I managed to get most of my agenda enacted, even though I had a legislature that was nearly 90% Democrat.  So Speaker Ryan’s attempt to blame his failure to keep his Party’s promises on “broken politics” rings hollow to me.  Something was “broken” in the House, but it wasn’t politics.  I’m just lucky my TV screen wasn’t broken after I listened to that speech.


The newly-empowered Fantasyland wing of the Democratic Party keeps insisting that their “Green New Deal” could fulfill all our energy needs while creating jobs and not harming the environment.  But their hemp-powered VW microbus keeps running into the brick wall of reality. For instance, those hundreds of millions of electric cars still have to be plugged into something to charge, and that energy can’t be generated by unicorn flatulence.


Now, here are some numbers from people on their own side that put a damper on their green fantasies.  A new report by Leiden University in the Netherlands and the environmental consulting firms Metabolic and Copper8 estimates that generating enough wind and solar power to comply with the Paris Climate Accord would require an increase in mining of 12 times the current levels just to obtain all the critical metals needed to build all those solar panels and wind turbines. That doesn’t include all the mining needed to build the cars and devices that would use the energy; just the equipment needed to generate it. And let’s not even think of the blight on the landscape and the slaughter of birds created by a world covered in spinning windmill blades and solar panels. 


Of course, there is a rational way to generate energy that is cleaner, more efficient and doesn’t create CO2.  But that would require building new nuclear power plants.  The green left will actually propose tapping unicorn flatulence before they go for that.





Democrats from 2002-Yesterday:  “Bush is a war criminal and a puppet of the Saudis for sending our troops to the Middle East!!”


Democrats from Wednesday forward: “Trump is a war criminal and a puppet of Putin for pulling our troops out of Syria!”


A new poll shows that Americans rank "Government" as America's #1 problem, with "Immigration" as #2.  Still trying to figure out how electing Democrats solves either of those.


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Many media members and other liberal activists continue to falsely blame US border authorities and President Trump for the death of a 7-year-old Guatemalan migrant child taken into custody in El Paso.  In fact, the girl’s parents chose to expose her to a long, dangerous journey under harsh conditions, and she had gone for several days without food or water before border officers found her.  She began having seizures just eight hours after being taken into custody, and US authorities immediately provided emergency care and hospitalization for dehydration and septic shock. Tragically, it was impossible to save her.  


The left is blaming her death on US authorities because she was on US soil and under our agents’ care when she died.  This is like blaming a homeowner for the death of someone who was shot several times in the street, then staggered onto his lawn and fell down dead.   


If you have any doubt that this is unconscionable exploitation of the death of an innocent child in order to score cheap, partisan political points, then consider this article about a Human Rights Watch report that lists 18 migrants who died while in US custody, all under the Obama Administration, and all were ignored by the media.


Must-See Video!  A former NASA engineer got fed up with thieves stealing packages off his porch, so he took inspiration from the Christmas classic, “Home Alone,” and created a brilliant booby trap.  Best of all, it includes four cell phone cameras to capture 360-degree video of the trap being sprung, plus GPS so that the trap can be retrieved and laid over and over again – which it was, with hilarious results each time.  Judging from the comments, I’d say this guy could be very rich if he marketed this.  Then we'd be able to spot every porch package thief in America by their foul smell and glittery appearance.



(This story is from “Huckabee” writer and our resident pop culture guru, Pat Reeder.  Check out his hilarious book “Hollywood Hi-Fi” and its Facebook page, where he’s currently sharing rare celebrity Christmas records, at )



We're all sad to hear of the death of comic actress/director/writer/producer Penny Marshall.  She died Monday night at her Hollywood Hills home at 75, from complications of diabetes. 

Your first thought of her might depend on which phase of her remarkable career you came of age in.  After playing a number of bit parts in ‘60s comedies, she landed her breakthrough role in the sitcom version of “The Odd Couple” as Oscar Madison’s schlumpy secretary Myrna, a part that Jack Klugman insisted she be cast in.  Most fans will instantly think of her with an “L” embroidered on her blouse as Laverne DeFazio, one of two plucky brewery workers with big dreams in the ABC mega-hit, “Laverne and Shirley.”  But younger readers might first recall her for the hit movies she directed, such as “Big,” “A League of their Own,” “Awakenings” and “The Preacher’s Wife.”


There will be a lot of tributes and obituaries for her in the news, so instead of repeating all the things they’ll say, here are some cool trivia bits about her that you might not know: 

She was the kid sister of legendary sitcom writer/producer Garry Marshall, but she wasn’t handed stardom through nepotism.  She barely knew Garry when she moved to Hollywood, and he gave her some advice and introductions.  But as a divorced mom, she worked as a secretary to support herself and her daughter while studying acting and going to auditions. 


Her first TV role was in a Head & Shoulders dandruff shampoo commercial, in the rather humiliating part of the golden-tressed Farrah Fawcett’s Plain Jane roommate.


She auditioned for the role of Gloria on “All In The Family,” but was rejected.  But her then-husband, Rob Reiner, got the part of Mike.   


The “Happy Days” spin-off “Laverne & Shirley” debuted at #1, and in its first two years, beat “All In The Family” in the ratings.  It ran for eight years and was so popular it once pulled a 60 share in the ratings.  Penny said, “That doesn’t happen except for the Academy Awards or things like that, like the Super Bowl.”  It was sold into syndication for the then-record price of $50,000 an episode and is still being enjoyed by new generations.


Producer Garry Marshall said, “People were dying for someone that didn’t look like Mary Tyler Moore, a regular person. My sister looks like a regular person, talks like a regular person.”


Despite its popularity, “L&S” was repeatedly snubbed by the Emmy Awards.  Neither Penny nor co-star Cindy Williams was ever nominated for Best Comedy Actress.  The show received only one Emmy nomination, for Best Costume Design.


At the height of its popularity, two albums were released: “Laverne & Shirley Sing” and “Lenny and Squiggy Present Lenny & The Squigtones,” featuring the comedy rock tunes of supporting cast members Michael McKean and David Lander.  Their band included Christopher Guest under the alias Nigel Tufnel, making this the earliest incarnation of the satirical, fictional rock band, Spinal Tap.


After making the leap to directing, she seldom acted again.  It’s very unusual for a TV sitcom star to become a major motion picture director.  Ron Howard is also such a rarity, and by a weird coincidence, he starred in “Happy Days,” which begat “Laverne & Shirley.” 


Penny Marshall was only the second woman in history to direct a film nominated for the Best Picture Oscar (“Awakenings.”)  She’s one of seven women to do that without getting nominated for Best Director.

She was a lifelong Yankees fan (she used to skip school as a kid to attend their games) and a supporter of the Lakers and Clippers.  You’d be more likely to spot her courtside at a basketball game than at a chic showbiz party. And she was a major sports memorabilia collector who owned everything from Michael Jordan’s jersey to rare vintage baseball photos from Cuba.  “A League of Their Own” was a dream project for her because she wanted the world to know about the history of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. 


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  • Amelia Little

    12/21/2018 07:02 PM

    RIP, Laverne. Thanks for all the trivia. Comedy back in the day was real comedy, even cutting edge like "All In The Family." "Laverne and Shirley" deserves accolades much more than the likes of "Roseanne" and especially SNL.

    I was greatly disappointed when Paul Ryan succeeded Boehner as speaker of the house. He showed his RINO personality even before that. I'm not sure who should have been speaker, just am sure there was a better choice than him. And, RINO and democrat-like he's going to blame absolutely everyone but himself for any failings of the Republicans to get things done. Sure, there are others who acted irresponsibly, too, but he was a big part of the failure. Don't let the door hit your keister on your way out, Paul!!!

    I'm not going to be holding my breath for msm or democrats and others to actually admit that the Border Patrol had nothing to do with this girl's death. msm will not be on the horn with the final report of any agency who explains her death in any way except for at the hands of Border Patrol, President Trump and all the depolorables.

  • Walter B Phelps

    12/20/2018 07:19 PM

    I thought that if Mr. Trump was elected it would be the Lord giving us a little reprieve for Christians to get their act together. It appears that if that was true the reprieve is swiftly coming to a close.
    It seems so many Christian churches have no hunger for truth; so many that claim Christ have stayed far from authentic discipleship and what can we say for government leadership? I say we believers are not carrying our cross. God help/revive America!

  • Michaela Hadlow

    12/20/2018 05:37 PM

    PLEASE push the that triple amputee, war hero Brian Kolfage set up only THREE days ago (12/19) and it has already surpassed $7,000,000 - with no advertising except - I think - social media I have heard that Brian Kolfage will be on Laura Ingraham's show on Thursday night at 10 PM. This should show the democrats and the republicans that Americans really DO want that wall built!

    Thank you!!!

  • Ashley Holtam

    12/20/2018 04:14 PM

    You blame Paul Ryan for a lot of the republicans' woes. However, he was extremely successful in the House but 750 of his bills were tied up in the Senate. Shouldn't we be more critical of Mitch McConnell?

  • Mark Burdick

    12/20/2018 03:27 PM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee,

    I am 55 years old and I live in the Communist occupied state of California. I completely agree with you on your assessment of our current government. What started out 230 years ago as a government of, for, and by, the People, has certainly been destroyed and replaced with a elitist totalitarian government hell bent on establishing socialism and caving to the Islamic State. It bears no resemblance to the system of government I learned about in school.

    It is comforting however to hear and read your comments regarding our current state, as too often I feel like I am lost on a deserted island filled with inedible plants. My hunger for real information isn’t being fed by any news organizations, except maybe OAN and CNS and very few people on FOX.

    It is so disheartening to see the major networks working so diligently to destroy our current President, especially since the last one was so obviously corrupt and dedicated to ripping our country apart from the highest office. I believe President Trump has pure intentions and is striving to accomplish what he can and it is amazing that he has been able to accomplish what he has in spite of being so negatively represented by the MSM.

    I want to thank you for being one of the only voices of reason and moral fortitude. Please keep up the good work and tell your daughter she’s doing awesome as well. She handles those socialist reporters very well.

    Your friend in freedom,

    Mark Burdick

  • Steven Peet

    12/20/2018 02:49 PM

    Has there been any coverage of a GoFundMe effort to fund the border wall, since Congress seems unable/unwilling to do their job about funding that?

  • Vernon R Freeck

    12/20/2018 01:58 PM

    I pray to our Maker to bring peace to our nation and stop all of this finger pointing and get something done with a President that is doing such good thing to make us great again. I am so thankful for what we have over other nations and pray to keep it going in what we were founded on. Merry Christmas.

  • Dan Kraft

    12/20/2018 12:18 PM

    Hi Mike, great commentary as always. I share your disappointment with the failure of Republicans in Congress to fund the wall. The cost would be a pittance compared to the overall cost of illegal immigration to the federal government and states to provide education and health benefits. We could also easily fund the wall if we eliminated the unnecessary local NGO grant programs across government agencies (In my experience at EPA first instituted by the Clinton/Gore admin.) These are nothing more than the Democrats giving Federal cash to their supporters! We could also reduce Federal staff needed to administer them.

    BUT I think the republican failure to repeal Obamacare cannot in truth be laid on Ryan or the House. Unfortunately, that redounds to one SENATOR JOHN McCAIN who, with his deciding NO vote on repeal, I believe, took the opportunity to personally "get back" at Donald Trump for his crude and ungentlemanly personal attacks on so many of his opponents. I fully support President Trump's policies and will vote to reelect him for a second term, but only wish he would act more like a gentleman! He is his own worst enemy.

  • krystyna orlean

    12/20/2018 11:35 AM

    Hello Mr.Huckabee !
    If tax payers spent billions of $ per year to take care of illegals, how about President's decision to cancel all welfare and benefits for them ? No medical care either. Only catastrophic care !
    Then we get money for our Border Wall !
    Why we care more about illegals inside of our country than our security ?

    We came to US 35 years ago from Communist Country in Europe as a legal immigrants.
    Nobody gave us a dime here. We knew we have to take care of ourselves without begging for money. It wasn't even in our mind for the second.
    Because we asked US to come here legally, we gain only Green Card immediately.
    But we had 5 years to prove that we are able to take care of ourself. We never took welfare because it would be very shameful for us to beg for anything and at that time would be problematic to get Citizenship if family took welfare .
    We came based on merit checkup. And we made it ! Big Satisfaction. My husband was engineer but started as a construction worker before found good job. He worked on two jobs. I went to 2 years college to learn about PC and based on that I found good job too.
    Others could do it too. But our system is inviting illegals here by providing everything for free. It is crazy !
    We have enough losers in our country which should be forced to have a honest life and send to work. Stop giving them free benefits also !
    So we got source to cover our Security Wall !
    Stop any welfare for non citizens NOW !

    Merry Christmas to you and your Family Mr. Huckabee !
    God Bless our President and our Country !

  • Gwen Swank

    12/20/2018 10:45 AM

    Wow. I certainly felt the same way about Paul Ryan’s speech and the fact he had so many advantages to pass many important bills and he just didn’t care or try. Poor politician! Hope he stays retired!

  • Richard Payne

    12/20/2018 10:03 AM

    Its seems like the left is so strong and united in its fight against almost anything that they cannot be stopped. The republicans squandered their time with control. How can anyone stop the lefts agenda now. The republicans have no guts and the democrats have no shame.

  • Stephen Russell

    12/20/2018 09:21 AM

    Green New Deal: a joke since CA State is ANTI Business, see no signs of any Commercial EV chargers anyplace, save 1 Walmart off the 210 Frwy, thats it, & lots of Home EV chargers BUT No Commercial chargers & they want US to go "green"
    Has Al Gore gone Green IE drives EV, solar home, energy storage etc?? NO.
    Quit lecturing Leftists & LIVE your Cause.

  • Phyllis C. Payne

    12/20/2018 08:58 AM

    I love your comments. I read them daily. Your sense of irony and humor are brilliant.

  • Betty Chavis

    12/20/2018 08:45 AM

    Thank you for writing daily and evening news. It is so refreshing to get away from Fake News and read without the fear of everything being sprinkled with profanity. Keep up the thoughtful, honest reporting that reduces the fear that the USA as we know it is gone.

  • Stephen Russell

    12/20/2018 08:32 AM

    Green New Deal: a joke since CA State is ANTI Business, see no signs of any Commercial EV chargers anyplace, save 1 Walmart off the 210 Frwy, thats it, & lots of Home EV chargers BUT No Commercial chargers & they want US to go "green"
    Has Al Gore gone Green IE drives EV, solar home, energy storage etc?? NO.
    Quit lecturing Leftists & LIVE your Cause.

  • Margi Popp

    12/20/2018 08:10 AM

    Mike, thank you for your articles. Regarding Paul Ryan, at last he will be finally gone but sadly like McCain and Flake each of them left America in a fight for her life. Such losers with egos with insatiable appetites for the lime light. Be gone you rinos.

    Nice article on Penny Marshall I was a 60's product and L&S we're apart of it. Funny ladies. RIP Penny Marshall.

  • Susan Burdette

    12/20/2018 06:02 AM

    I am waiting with great anticipation for your comments on the government shutdown and the BORDER WALL. I voted for Trump so that we could solve the take over of our beloved country by the Immigration debacle that no other country tolerates. I am 66 years old and a Christian and in my lifetime I have seen killing babies become the norm, homosexuality a proud badge to wear, mixed up children where boys think they are girls and girls think they are boys and a society that thinks all of this is ok and supports it all. Our Christian founded country has gone down the crapper. We had the opportunity to make America Great Again and it’s gone due to Lack of Backbone Republicans and the Baby Killing Democrats. God help us all.

  • J Nicholas Fipps

    12/20/2018 03:41 AM

    Thanks Governor Mike on the Penny Marshall bio story. I was fortunate enough to work next door to where both Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley were filmed at before a Live audience,in the mid 70’s,at Paramount Studios. I worked at a local TV station,Channel 9 and Radio station KHJ.

  • Aline Oary

    12/20/2018 02:17 AM

    Paul Ryan was the third person on the plane on the tarmac with Bill Clinton and Loreta Lynch. Their agreement wa he would lead the house, stop changes to Obama care, stop building Border wall, keep immigration laws from changing, keep tax reform from happenng. He would be able to retire at the end of his second year. Did he do his job??? I say he did most of it. He is a OWO person. Hidden. The pilot who talked as a "whistleblower" was assasinated by someone who was supposed to be protecting him. A hidden mole of the Clinton Cartel and the "Deep State".

  • Christine S Rogers

    12/20/2018 01:13 AM

    Off topic from your discussion tonight. I want to know if the President can stop giving money to Syria or Afghanistan without a lot of input or discussion from the House/Senate. The US has been giving billions of dollars to them and that money could certainly be used to build the wall without the Democrats approval. They are definitely NOT using the money to help their own people or for our benefit. How do we stop that insanity anyways? But, the question is...can the President divert the money from them to build the wall?

  • Mark Carroll

    12/20/2018 01:12 AM

    If you have any influence with POTUS Trump, I wish you would convince him to calmly present to the American Public the outrageous cost being born by the American taxpayers caused by supporting the illegal immigrants who make it into our beloved country. Not a tweet, but a prime time Press Conference with posters and simple graphics showing what we are being taxed for and paying out in food stamps, housing, medical services, etc. I would also have POTUS Trump emphasize the point that NOT ONE DEMOCRATIC POLITICIAN has opened his or her home and taken in any of these illegal immigrants -- taking care of them out of their own pocket. I could go on, but I am sure you get my point. Thank you.

  • Kathy Wingate

    12/20/2018 01:03 AM

    Oh, I wish the thief catcher would go on the market...tho' I probably couldn't afford it.
    Seriously, don't even mention nuclear power plant to most of SC.
    We're in the midst of a debacle caused by the SCE&G company most of us are forced to do business with, who started building a plant about 10 years ago, and for which our Public Service Commission (who never turns down their requests)allowed them to go ahead and charge customers for the unbuilt plant. They've stopped working on it, can't finish it, but want us to pay for 20 more years so they can keep up their lifestyle. Chew on that a bit and see how it boggles your brain.
    Agree re Paul Ryan, glad he's out, too bad he didn't get anything done when we had the chance. Hate losing Trey Gowdy, but totally understand his feeling he could drown in that swamp. Amazing to me, I actually have friends who are Dems, and they are totally unaware of the swamp...brainwashed by fake news, know nothing "real" that is going on. I am close enough to one, (well, she lives in Indiana) I was able to suggest to her she divide some of her news time to sspend some of it with FOX, to get a more well rounded view...I hope she will. Lunch tomorrow is with 2 of my liberal friends...we won't discuss politics. Thanks for your always interesting updates.

  • Carl Smith

    12/20/2018 12:45 AM

    I'm not sure how, as an 80 year old Sub Vet I could survive without my daily dose of Huck! A Lot of Sanity with a huge dose of Levity keeps my keel in the water.
    Loved the article about Electric Cars. I think the idea goes back to about 1828 or so and has Always been a novelty and will continue to hold that title until the power cell (battery) can be reduced to less than the weight of an aluminum 8 cylinder engine and either has on board recharging (front wheel generator/rear wheel drive?) or the cost to generate and distribute recharging power for less than 7 cents/kw becomes a reality. I'm holding my breath on that one. However my cable bill for 800 channels of which I might watch 2-3 is almost double my home electric bill so I guess technology of an OLD NASA concept of satellite capturing the energy of the sun and microwaving to a collection station on earth is no longer just a concept?

  • Gladys Hizer

    12/20/2018 12:38 AM

    Your humor and good sense kept you from destroying your TV screen. I caught part of Paul Ryan's 'speech' on car radio as I was driving home and didn't choose to hear the rest of it. Thank you for the extra notes about Penny Marshall. I liked her and was sad to hear of her passing at 75 which is younger than I am and too young to die, especially with an illness like diabetes.

  • Shirley Payne

    12/20/2018 12:16 AM

    I understand someone who is a war vet has a go-fund-me page to pay for our wall at the southern border. He would be a great guest on your show. He said if our elected officials won't build the wall then the citizens will. I'd like to hear more about this idea from him. Thanks. If the demonrats won't build the wall, the American people will.