April 11, 2018

Okay, now it’s safe to believe it: House Speaker Paul Ryan announced that he will not run for reelection this November and is retiring from Congress. The news rocked Washington, which is the only place where people are shocked at the idea of someone stepping aside after only two decades in what was originally supposed to be a temporary public service position.

Of course, this is being touted by the media as a sign of the Apocalypse for Republicans; Ryan realizing that a giant blue wave is coming because everyone hates Trump, and Democrats are set to take back the House and hand the gavel back to that genius of public policy, Nancy Pelosi. It couldn’t possibly be that he thinks that having achieved the tax reform he’s been trying to pass for 20 years, he can finally move on; or that he recognizes that Republicans are furious over the $1.3 trillion spending bill he helped craft and he senses an uprising from the right. Or maybe that he’s just sick of dealing with all this political sniping and second-guessing. Nah!

Here’s an instructive sidelight: while the media press the narrative that Ryan is fleeing because Trump is such a horrid barbarian…and while other Republicans who are retiring have no qualms about attacking their own party’s President as a boor who doesn’t know how to behave in polite society…Trump tweeted this on Ryan’s retirement:

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“Speaker Paul Ryan is a truly good man, and while he will not be seeking re-election, he will leave a legacy of achievement that nobody can question. We are with you Paul!”

Yeah, what a crude, unmannered thug that guy is…




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    04/12/2018 09:53 PM

    Good riddance to Ryan. True conservatives will certainly not miss him. If politicians want to run under a particular party they should have to support the party platform. He and many other "so called" Republicans are wolves in sheep's clothing. Maybe Graham will follow suit. (pun intended)

  • Marlene Helfrick

    04/12/2018 06:54 PM

    Ryan was a man of his word, he said if Trump won the nomination he would not recognize or support him. He kept that word.

  • Rocky Seigneur

    04/12/2018 01:54 PM

    As a conservative Christian Republican, I am thrilled to see the socialist/communist/muslim-loving RINO RYAN gone. He was known as one of the gayest guys at Miami University (OH) where he went to college. He regularly frequented the gay bars and gay strip clubs in Hamilton and Cincinnati OH just south of Oxford OH, the home of MU. He bragged about being Speaker being his mentor. We all know that Hasert after being out of the Speakership was revealed as a gay Republican who had even had gay sex with high school boys he coached. Ryan must have received much mentoring from him...but the truth is now revealed. Good Riddance, Ryan! No one cares. Maybe we can get a Christian conservative like Scalise now who is a true Christian AND Conservative.

  • Paul Poole

    04/12/2018 01:51 PM

    Thats one R.I.N.O. down, how can we get rid of the rest of them....without violence. Of course, if push comes to shove then maybe......

  • Rocky Seigneur

    04/12/2018 01:44 PM

    Frankly, as a conservative Christian I am thrilled to see we are finally rid of communist/liberal-left-wing, socialist RINO Ryan. He has conned most people to believe he has "conservative values." What a joke! When he was a student a Miami University of OH he was known as one of most gay men on campus. He would drive to Hamilton and/or Cincinnati OH (south of Oxford OH where MU was) and visit the gay bars and gay strip clubs. I wonder if his wife even knows about his "extra curricular" exploits. He even brags that Speaker Hasert was his mentor. We all know what happened to Hasert and what he was really like when caught as gay and having a history of gay sex from when he was a high school coach. I hope the record is now exposed on RINO RYAN.

  • Stephen Russell

    04/12/2018 12:19 PM

    Glad hes gone, now force the Estd GOP to choose: side with Dems or Trump.
    No more omnibus mega bills unless McConnel does so solo?
    One less RINO in DC.
    Thanks Wisc voters.
    No more Ryan come 2019.
    New blood who cares should be House Speaker

  • Ann Hogan

    04/12/2018 05:18 AM

    Mike: I have only a very few sources of news and commentary I trust, and you are one of those. I used to spend a lot of time in Little Rock back in the day, and I know how much you are respected by the people who know you best. Thank you for sticking with us on the political scene—and for having such a fabulous daughter we can count on, too!! God bless you, Ann

  • Jeanne Whisenant

    04/11/2018 11:58 PM

    I trust your posts , knowing I won’t be clicking on fake news designed to make me weary and give up praying for our country.

  • scott Wattenbarger

    04/11/2018 10:42 PM

    I had a mini throw up when you mentioned handing the gavel back to Pelosi. Lord Help us

  • Konnie Mikes

    04/11/2018 09:38 PM

    I hope Steve Scalise takes his place as Speaker!

  • kip

    04/11/2018 09:12 PM

    I predict the only 'blue wave' we'll see in 2018 and 2020 is law enforcement arresting liberal rioters after their elections losses....

  • Chuck Matthews

    04/11/2018 08:09 PM

    Ryan is a RINO. When Trump won the nomination, Ryan did not endorse him right away because "he was not ready." Ryan has never supported Trump's policies and he has been a huge disappointment to the GOP and America.