October 20, 2017

While the media are desperately trying to paint President Trump as an unfeeling lout over his personal condolence calls to the parents of fallen soldiers, one Gold Star dad revealed that Trump not only called him, but when he found out the man was destitute, he told him he was sending him a personal check for $25,000. It was something Trump did privately and never publicized.

The media reaction to the news of Trump’s private generosity? The Washington Post claimed that he never really sent the check. White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters fired back in a statement, “The check has been sent. It's disgusting that the media is taking something that should be recognized as a generous and sincere gesture, made privately by the President, and using it to advance the media's biased agenda.”

If Barack Obama had ever done such a thing, do you think the reaction would have been scorn and skepticism? I’m guessing they would’ve invented a new Nobel Prize for Generosity just to award it to him.


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  • Kay Pruitt

    10/23/2017 12:26 PM

    I don't watch or listen to mail-line news any more It makes me angry and I do not want to support their agenda in any way. So, I depend on your newsletters to keep me up on the REAL news. I want you to know I appreciate so much your conservative reporting. I especially appreciate your stand for our fine President. There are a lot more of us out here than you or he may think because the minority is causing all the fuss. I have not been swayed in the least by the media and will not be voting differently in the next election.

  • Rob Jensen

    10/23/2017 12:44 AM

    Thanks Governor! I appreciate you bringing truth to light in a candidate way!

  • Nancy Tillman

    10/22/2017 03:25 PM


  • Michael Minella

    10/22/2017 01:12 PM

    I have always appreciated your conservative views and sane, common sense reasoning on many issues .I was a teenager in the mid sixties and experienced and lived through a very turbulent time in our country. But compared to whats going on now, those times were mild. Thank God for people like you who give our conservative voice a platform from which to fight back this liberal and progressive madness that seems to be rampant and consuming our country today. I fear for my grandchildren and pray to God it is not to late to turn our country around.
    Thank you Governor

  • Cecilia Sotomayor

    10/21/2017 04:17 PM

    Thank you for speaking the truth. The liberal media is destroying this nation and causing unnecessary grief. The same has happened with the aid to PR. Unfortunately, when there is a crisis fake news and desk journalists think that they can be resolved overnight. They demonstrate their ignorance. Thank you, governor.

  • DeeAnne Gibbons

    10/21/2017 02:49 PM

    Why doesn't Washington get it. I, and many like me are sick of politicians that have no intention of keeping any peomise. I will not donate a dime to the Republican party until they stand united. Do I like Trump's delivery, etc. No, but I would vote for him again in a heartbeat. He is trying!!!

  • Barbara Alvarez

    10/21/2017 01:27 PM

    I was very happy when Donald Trump became the president......I know he has his faults, but he is
    a good man and is trying very hard to make this country great again (after Barack Obama screwed everything up)!!!!!

  • MaryWestcott

    10/21/2017 12:51 PM

    Thinking about generosity, I wonder how many lawmakers, who gladly spend taxpayer dollars to help others, are personally generous with their own resources. Generosity is giving of our own resources, not forcing other people to give.

    I also wonder how generous the Clinton family is in their personal financial contributions to the Clinton Foundation, or is the Clinton Foundation more about providing benefits and power for the Clinton family.

  • Sara Braswell

    10/21/2017 10:11 AM

    President Trump could walk on water and the media would then say he doesn’t know how to swim.

  • tom jeffs

    10/21/2017 09:39 AM

    nobody EAVESDROPPED on this call ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • Elise Negrin

    10/21/2017 08:12 AM

    I absolutely adore your comments/writings, Mike Huckabee. They are on point and sometimes written with tongue-in-cheek. Draining the swamp requires the odorus scent to rise from the bottom, which is now beginning to surface. So folks, pinch your nose and continue to support our swamp cleaning crew.

  • Michael Egbert

    10/21/2017 08:01 AM

    As I've said before, even if President Trump was walking on water with the hand of God on his shoulder the media would either ignore it or find some way to turn it into something evil

  • Carol Drummond

    10/21/2017 03:19 AM

    On "The View" they were making fun of the president and said he hasn't sent the check yet!! And when it was asked about it, it was said "the check is in the mail" and everyone laughed!!!! I hate that show and all the horrible things they say about our president!!!!!

  • James Evart

    10/21/2017 01:59 AM

    The outrage that I feel towards the lieng biased media, tolerance for the violent intolerant and the selfish impudence and disrespect of those liberals who believe that “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine” (Matt 20:15) is only comforted by my Creator who sent His Son to die for me who told us to live a life of love, no matter what.
    Let us do so now.

  • Ann Ray

    10/21/2017 12:16 AM

    Thanks for bring this story to light. We are so proud to have Mr. Trump as our president. We pray that President Trump will be in office for a full 8 years to do what he can to make America a proud and undivided country again. God bless his big heart, and God bless America!

  • Justin B

    10/20/2017 11:53 PM

    Mike, did you see the Drudge link about students loving Trump’s tax plan when they were told it’s Bernie’s? Comical insanity. If Trump said he is for oxygen, Never Trumpers would suffocate themselves to death.

  • dede

    10/20/2017 11:26 PM

    Pres. Trump is so far ahead of the snowflakes and catching him..God put him as our Pres. and he will be there until God says otherwise. Satan's time is short..evil is showing it's end of THE BOOK ...we win!!!
    .lefties might want to sneak a peek. love Fox and thank God they tell the people the to you on yr new program..Yr dgt. rocks . She is young and light yrs ahead of Hillary with all bribery. uranium salea ..not Hills to sell...USA uranium.
    . money and privilege has done zip for Hill. I am glad her parents r not here to see what she has become... treason is still around a few dems..

  • Mary Waldrep

    10/20/2017 09:43 PM

    It is so refreshing to read your kind statements about Pres. Trump! It is terrible that he has so much work to do cleaning up the messes he inherited, then has to constantly fight with liberals. He definitely loves our country! Thank you!

  • Ch. Bonnie Baker

    10/20/2017 08:04 PM

    Hello Mr. Huckabee:
    "First, keep an untroubled spirit." Next, realize that when someone is re-acting to a situation, nothing is personal. Even if it looks and feels as if it is aimed in your direction. Mr. President stands in representation of all of the people who have decided to say NO to the takeover of this country in the manner in which it was being accomplished. In which it is even now continuing to be attempted to be. We who at long last awoke from our stupor to stand up and fight back. If you might be able to help our dear friend, our representative in Chief just breath. It's not you they are aiming at. It is all of us out here whom you are - to those who attach and abuse and react and vomit up all that garbage - the image of the pain that they are in. Yes. The pain that they are in. I know it sounds absolutely weird.

    King Solomon gives the very best of advise to whomever will receive it. Understanding is the principle thing. In all of your getting, get understanding. The value of this one possession, this one skill, this one thing - is greater than anything else in this life that one person can ever obtain. Patch Adams' genius / insane friend also gave a bit of good advise. Look past how things appear to what is behind that which is projected and new revelation will open your eyes to the possibilities you never knew existed.

    I am impressed, proud and solid on my feet from the General's level headed reality check. But, it's like in old CB radios. Y' can't receive the transmission if you don't have your receiver on. With we human beings, whether or not the receiver is turned on is a matter of choice and we are nothing if not fickle creatures. 'ei?

    With respect,
    Ch. B. Baker

  • Cheryl Jongeneel

    10/20/2017 06:56 PM

    The secret of his private giving was brought out early in all this mess. He has always been generous where need became know to him. He never, ever told any of it until the issue became fodder for the media tramps who tried to deny it all. This is something that would not be known had he not become President. He gave up the privacy, but continues to care and help where he can. He is not a perfect man, but he is a true free market patriot who was proud of his country and is trying to make it a country we can be proud of again.

  • Edwina Kreps

    10/20/2017 06:19 PM

    It sure is getting smelly with all the swamp draining. But I am happy that the budget was passed. Something finally got accomplished.

  • Christopher Parker

    10/20/2017 06:12 PM

    Our President Trump is truly an amazing person...He speaks just like we all do and that's why the left hates him. But then he does a wonderful thing like that and WOW ...President Trump is even better than we all knew he was and he's humble about it...AND best of all.....President Trump has the smartest, sharpest and best Press Secretary this country has EVER known...You should be busting the buttons off your shirt with pride Gov. Huckabee....

    Thank you for your great newsletter and your wonderful daughter! I LOVE to see her get the media back with her knowledge...and whit..
    God Bless you and God Bless The United States of America!

  • Cathy Urias

    10/20/2017 05:30 PM

    The Trump haters hate him so much that they'll take something good, something private he's done and somehow find a way to try to cast it in a bad light to make it seem bad or somehow prove he didn't follow through like all their inept heroes can't follow thru. Like the Bible says, calling good evil.

  • Evet Trantham

    10/20/2017 04:41 PM

    Hi Mr. Huckabee,
    I would like to thank you for defending our President! It seems like all everybody wants to do is tear him down, no matter how good his intentions are. I think that the republican party should be ashamed of themselves! We have a majority in the house and the senate and due to their willful disregard and holier-than-though self absorption, President Trump can't get as much done as he wants. But, he is still getting the job done, as promised, only he has to do it without the help of his party. I am a registered republican and I supported President during his election. But I have not and will not send another dime to the republican party until such a time as they see fit to stand behind our President and quit acting like the crybaby democrats! Evet Trantham, North Carolina

  • sherry haddox

    10/20/2017 04:33 PM

    I have not been on fb for months and I lol when I see this stuff. Still trying to ruin him. Ridiculous.

  • Miklos Paradi

    10/20/2017 03:46 PM

    This is truly inspiring. It's refreshing to hear about good deeds in a world where the news only seems to focus on negative gossip and the bad in the world.

  • Linda Young

    10/20/2017 03:43 PM

    Governor Huckabee, I thought I had read somewhere that President Obama did not (as general practice) call the families of fallen heroes. I wonder if that is true.

  • Lois Carver

    10/20/2017 03:37 PM

    Why are the LIARS allowed to print to the public as being the truth? Brian Williams lost his job because he added to the story. Who is responsible for letting them LIE to the public? Why can't they be punished and not allowed LIE to us? I AM VERY OFFENDED!! I DEMAND THEY APOLOGISE TO ALL CONCERNED, AND BE BANNED FROM PUBLISHING ANYTHING. I DEMAND MY RIGHTS! I AM A CHRISTIAN!! I DON'T BELIEVE IN LYING. IT IS THE 9th 0F 10 C0MMANDMENTS.

  • Patti Daigle

    10/20/2017 03:24 PM

    Amen. I’ve heard of countless instances when President Trump has quietly, privately given money to people who are struggling for whatever reason, long before he even went INTO politics. It’s NOT Pres. Trump who leaks it, either. It’s the recipients; I think they’re stunned by his sincerity and generosity.
    We can also bet that if hussein obama did it, HE would have been the one to publicly broadcast it. I seriously doubt we’ll ever find THAT out though!
    Keep up the good work, Gov. Huckabee! God bless.

  • Woody Savage

    10/20/2017 03:08 PM

    Intelligent people know Trump is doing the right thing! People and the media who only want to find fault with every move Trump makes obviously have nothing better to do with their lives!