May 3, 2018


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Today's Commentary: Broke, angry witness explains long-term goal of Mueller probe -- Hate speech on Facebook -- Tax cuts are more than crumbs -- Kudos to The Hill newspaper  -- The "Blue Wave" theory has many holes -- Evening Edition - May 2

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Imagine an America in which the intimidation factor is so high that no one in his right mind would dare work for a Republican candidate.

Unless things change, that’s where we’re headed, and the first to say publicly that he will never do it again is former Trump campaign communications advisor Michael Caputo. In an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s FOX News show after his three-hour interrogation before investigators from the special counsel’s office, he made it clear that Mueller is still looking very seriously into Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. When asked if there was any such collusion, Caputo replied, “Of course not.”

Nevertheless, the Mueller team appears to be scrupulously prepared to conduct an anal exam on Trump. “I’ll tell you, they know more about the Trump campaign than anybody that worked there,” Caputo said, “and they know more about what I did in 2016 than I do myself.” He hesitated to elaborate, though, saying he’d been “warned” by them not to say anything that might interfere with their investigation. Tucker wondered aloud if Caputo was being intimidated against exercising his freedom of speech. “I’m not gonna be friending them on Facebook today, if that’s what you’re asking,” Caputo replied.


Mike Huckabee

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Hate speech on Facebook

By Mike Huckabee

Tuesday, my social media tech guy and I were burning up the Internet with emails, trying to figure out why a completely inoffensive story I shared on Facebook was suddenly slapped with a banner asking readers to vote on whether this was “hate speech.” I won’t go into whether our emails contained any hate speech directed at the Facebook admins. But turns out they weren’t just targeting me: a new feature that’s still in testing got turned on by mistake, and everyone’s stories were suddenly up for votes on whether they should be flagged as “hate speech.” Fair enough, that explains what happened yesterday, apology accepted.

Now, on to the next question for Facebook: “Are you out of your ever-loving minds?!!”

Do you seriously think that a reasonable way to identify stories containing “hate speech” is to let the general public vote on it? You do realize that...



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Tax cuts are more than crumbs

By Mike Huckabee

Sen. Marco Rubio is backpedaling from his claim that there’s no evidence yet that the tax cuts aimed at corporations are benefiting workers. The comment was seized on by Democrats, who love tax cuts about as much as Dracula loves garlic arranged in a cross pattern under a sun lamp. Rubio’s spokesperson “clarified” his criticism, saying the Senator does support the corporate tax cuts to make America more competitive, but just wants to balance the cuts for business with lower taxes for families.

I can certainly agree with him on that. And many companies are using their tax savings for stock buybacks and shareholder dividends. But it’s hardly accurate to say that the corporate tax cuts aren’t benefiting average Americans.

Over half of Americans own stock, so higher dividends are good news for retirees and people with 401Ks. Also, it’s only May; the tax cuts have barely gone into effect. Aside from the bonuses, raises and benefit increases announced by many companies right after the bill passed (and dismissed as “crumbs” by Nancy Pelosi), corporations are moving money and jobs back to the US. In the past year, 14 states have hit record-low unemployment, with a number of states chalking up jobless numbers below 3%. Black and Latino unemployment are at decades-long lows. That doesn’t just mean people who spent the Obama years either looking for work or holding down three part-time jobs can now find decent jobs. It means that businesses now have to compete to attract and keep the best workers, instead of hundreds of applicants competing for one job. That means better pay, benefits and other inducements for all good workers.



Kudos to The Hill newspaper

By Mike Huckabee

participate in the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner unless major changes are made to insure that it is “non-partisan and done without hostility and personal animus toward the party that occupies the White House — regardless of who is in power.” Hill Chairman James Finkelstein said there’s simply no reason for the paper to participate in something that “casts our profession in a poor light.”

He also reminisced about previous dinners, where the jokes were good-natured and bipartisan, and compared them to this year’s event, in which he noted the “comedian” was so offensive and vulgar that for the first time ever, C-SPAN actually cut off its radio broadcast.



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The "Blue Wave" theory has many holes

By Mike Huckabee

There’s been a lot of talk about how the Democrats are going to take back Congress in a “blue wave,” but I keep noting the many holes in that theory. For one thing, the main motivating force behind their voters’ passion seems to be that they hate-hate-hate Trump. But even party leaders such as Nancy Pelosi know that impeaching a President for no reason other than you’re mad that he beat you in the election is a loser, and they’re trying to downplay that possibility. Otherwise, the party’s platform so far consists of (to tally up a few things I’ve heard lately) taking away people’s guns; raising taxes back up; opening the borders to illegal immigrants and disbanding ICE; guaranteeing everyone a government job at a time of record low unemployment; and restoring the same brilliant foreign policy that gave us ISIS and a nuclear North Korea, two things Trump has managed to bring to heel just in his first year. Sound like a winning message to you?

With that for a platform, we’ve understandably seen another tactic arise: the “stealth Democrat.” The Party has recruited young, attractive, moderate military veterans who buck the party line by professing support for the Second Amendment and claiming they won’t vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. I’ve already explained the two big problems with that: First, they have to defeat the far-left “progressive” radicals in the primaries. Second, the minute they get to Washington, they’ll be told that if they want a decent committee assignment and a political career, they will get in line. And that line forms behind Nancy Pelosi, who just made it clear she expects to be Speaker again. So a vote for any House Democrat will be a vote to hand back the big gavel that she used to crush public opinion like a walnut by shoving Obamacare down our throats. Is anyone seriously eager to see another round of that?



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Evening Edition - May 2

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


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