"Fear of the unknown," Part 2

March 24, 2020

Warning to everyone with a scientific background: We’re going to be talking about “anecdotal” evidence here. I realize that researchers tend not to count that and instead hang their hats on large double-blind peer-reviewed studies, but considering the Wuhan coronavirus has been in the population for only a few months (that we know of), there hasn’t been time to run those studies. We’ll get there; in fact –- thanks to the anecdotal evidence –- the kind of studies they need to generate the data they want are in the works right now. Those will guide us in the future. In the meantime, though, we’ve got to look at what a growing number of cases is telling us. And the picture that’s emerging is very positive.

Another warning: You will not get this view from the anti-Trump media, who are a complete waste of airtime and not worth anyone’s attention. They have thoroughly disgraced themselves and don’t have the sense to know it. From them, you will get stories designed to make you anxious and frustrated with President Trump and to make you think he’s being deceptive. To accomplish this, they go much further than expressing skepticism and mistrust –- they flat-out falsely accuse him of repeatedly lying about everything. These “journalists” must be working overtime to slant their stories, even with the help they get from Chinese propaganda.


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Meanwhile, Trump, day by day, has been “the rock” we’ve needed, absolutely tireless, refreshingly agenda-free (unlike congressional Democrats, who never let a crisis go to waste), and single-mindedly devoted to steering the country through this with as little long-term damage to our way of life as possible. I doubt that anyone has ever seen energy like that in the White House. And much of Trump’s focus has to do with looking into medical treatments that can lessen the risk of being out and about and, especially, going to work.

Sara Carter, on Monday’s HANNITY show, related that she had talked with American intelligence and other Western intelligence officials, who told her they were “scrambling as much as they can to find out what happened in China and in Wuhan,” which was shut down by the Chinese government on January 23, seven weeks after the first known human transmission. By January 23, 5 million people (!) had left Wuhan for parts unknown. Perhaps the media would be looking at this if they weren’t trying so hard to give the President a bad rap and second-guess everything he says and does. They don’t even seem that concerned about the Chinese government’s treatment of journalists who have been trying to report this story. If we ever find out what really happened, it will be no thanks to them.

On Monday, I related Scott Adams’ view that doctors are more optimistic about treatments with existing, FDA-approved drugs than they've let on, and the reasons why they might be keeping that opinion close to the vest for now. Later that day, Sean Hannity (on both radio and TV) featured the story of New York family practitioner Vladimir Zelenko, MD, who's had a success rate of 100 percent (success defined as not needing hospital admission) with an aggressive treatment consisting of 200 mg of the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine, twice a day for 5 days, combined with azithromycin, 500 mg once a day for 5 days, and zinc sulfate, 220 mg once a day for 5 days. One major symptom, shortness of breath, typically resolves in four to six hours, he said. “Since last Thursday,” he wrote, “my team has treated approximately 350 patients in Kiryas Joel and another 150 patients...we have had ZERO deaths, ZERO hospitalizations, and ZERO intubations.”

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We’ve already seen the results of the preliminary French study that showed a combination of hydroxychloroquine and zythromycin relieved symptoms and shortened the course of the virus. As for the critical supply chain, Israel has already stepped up by donating 6 million doses of hydroxychloroquine.

In Trump’s Monday press briefing, the way forward that he endorsed sounded much like Scott Adams’ “prescription” for dealing with the virus and the economic fallout from a prolonged nationwide quarantine. The President is optimistic about this drug regimen. While bigger studies are underway, doctors will be able to prescribe these medications as needed.

"Our country wasn’t built to be shut down,” he said. “We’re not going to let the cure be worse than the problem.” When the 15-day “shutdown” ends next week, he’ll assess how we move forward, but he’s not looking to keep the country stuck in neutral. “America will be again and soon be open for business, very soon,” he stressed. “This is a medical problem. We are not going to let it turn into a long-lasting financial problem.” He called the emerging drug therapy “a gift from God, a real game-changer.” And he talked about gradually getting people back out and in their jobs, just as Adams described.


As long as we’re talking about anecdotal evidence, here’s a look at one pattern a reader has noticed, and my response.

From Gil:

An item on Fox News revealed that approximately TWO-THIRDS OF DEATHS in China due to the Wuhan virus (covid-19) WERE MALES. And three-fourths or so of the deaths in Italy were males. If true, why would this be? Is it related to something such as smoking? For instance, do male smokers in China represent two-thirds of the smokers population? Three-fourths in Italy? We know that long time smokers have damaged lungs. Is it smoking and not longevity that is the harbinger of being invaded by the China Wuhan Virus? Potential victims want to know.

From the Gov:

It’s hard to know the reliability of the numbers coming out of China regarding this virus. But nearly 30 percent of all Chinese adults smoke, including 53 percent of men. So, yes, presumably many more Chinese men than women have lung damage from smoking. But ALL Chinese people who dwell in large cities have lung damage from the severe air pollution, which is the worst in the world. Perhaps you’ve seen pictures of the soupy, mustard-colored sludge hanging over Shanghai. (Whoever thinks communists and other authoritarian regimes take care of the environment better than capitalist countries do has apparently never seen it.)

In Italy, more men than women smoke, but smoking is popular among both men and women, particularly young adults. The virus has really been killing older people. I don’t have the stats but would imagine older Italians smoke, too. Inconclusive!

To my knowledge, there are no stats about smoking and COVID-19 in America; perhaps a study will be done. But any disease that hits the respiratory system is going to be harder on lungs that are already damaged, from whatever cause. It might be smoking, air particles, or previous damage from pneumonia or another illness. I’m not a doctor, but surely “potential victims” (everybody) should be aware that taking care of your lungs will help you recover no matter what respiratory illness you get. I think you know what I’m very strongly suggesting you do.

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  • Maynard Holtz

    03/24/2020 02:22 PM

    Great News Mike. We all know the media is corrupt along with the Left. God bless you Mike for all you are doing to inform us. We love your program on TBN. Keep it up. MAH

  • Maureen Cameron

    03/24/2020 02:15 PM

    I hope and pray it’s true
    Breaking News from CNN But you never know. What do you think?

    Dr. Li Wenliang, China's hero doctor who was punished for telling the truth about Corona Virus and later died due to the same disease, had documented casefiles for research purposes and had in the casefiles proposed a cure that would significantly decrease the impact of the COVID - 19 Virus on the human body. The chemical Methylxanthine, Theobromine and Theophylline stimulate compounds that can ward off these virus in a human with atleast an average immune system. Whats more shocking is that these complex words that were so difficult for people in China to understand is actually called Tea in India, YES, our regular Tea has all these chemicals already in it. The main Methylxanthine in tea is the stimulant caffeine. Other Methylxanthines found in tea are two chemically similar compounds, Theobromine and Theophylline. The tea plant creates these chemicals as a way to ward off insects and other animals. Who would have known that all the solution to these virus would be a simple cup of TEA. and that is the reason so many patients in China are being cured. The hospital staff in china has started serving tea to the patients 3 times a day, And the effect is finally in Wuhan "The centre of this Pandemic" has been contained and community transmission has almost stopped.

    Please Share this message to your friends and family to make them aware about this blessing in the form of TEA in your kitchen.

  • Mary W Danos

    03/24/2020 02:13 PM

    Just keep telling the truth Mike. What would we do without you? You are our true news source. May God bless you for he is the one !!!!!!!!

  • Judith Jordan

    03/24/2020 01:59 PM

    Do not smoke. Do not listen to fake news. Don’t go out except emergency or symptoms. Read the Bible and pray for America and the world. Watch Huckabee on T.V. Faith not fear.

  • Wanda S. Loyd

    03/24/2020 01:53 PM

    Since many seem to feel that Ms. Pelosi needs to retire, why was nothing done regarding the copy of the State of the Union message which she ripped up on live tv following Trump’s presentation? Had she done this to the Captain of the Mayflower during her arrival in America, she would have been thrown overboard immediately! When did America become so lenient?

  • Jimmy Humphrey

    03/24/2020 01:38 PM

    Start distributing hydroxychlorquine now. Can’t claim more lives than this CHINESE VIRUS already has claimed.
    This is beginning to sound like conspiracy theories. We’re missing something.

  • Sandra Duvall

    03/24/2020 01:29 PM

    The latest from my TDS friends is that Faucy is " not on the podium with Trump" in oress briefings so (their logic) Trump must not be listening to him or be shutting him up! Geesh!

  • Kaye Schneider

    03/24/2020 01:16 PM

    As I read comments from personal Chinese acquaintances, I realize the bigotry that is actually being shown in this country toward those of Chinese descent. They are asking for a "name change" of the virus due to bitterness and resentment being acted out in violence. I want to be sure we are sensitive to this. I insisted "Chinese" was a descriptor until I heard first hand of violence. Would it be good to call it the Wuhan...less specific or generic toward all Chinese persons? I am not known for being politically correct by any means, but this has struck home and I wonder about compassionate compromise? What say you Gov?

  • Donald Bowers

    03/24/2020 01:16 PM

    President Trump has done exactly what needed to be done regarding the coronavirus, IMHO. He has my support 100%.

    Thank you for your efforts in this matter and in general.

  • HCorey

    03/24/2020 01:02 PM

    Please tell press, NYGovenor, NYmayor, ILGovenor, ChicagoMayor to quit blaming President Trump for Caronavirus/COVID19. Itcame from China. China hid their epidemic from the world and spread the disease to the world by allowing their infected citizens to travel to NY, Calif, Italy, MiddleEast, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Latin America.

  • William Todd

    03/24/2020 12:35 PM

    Look at the novel by Dean Koontz: "The Eyes of Darkness"
    Published in 1981
    Page 312 and others
    very interesting..........

  • Floyd A Unger

    03/24/2020 12:23 PM

    As always thank you

  • Janet Underwood

    03/24/2020 12:22 PM

    Thanks again for collecting and presenting honest sources of news, Mike. Much appreciated in these times where our formerly honorable press has become nothing more than shills for Democrats and, I suspect, even more insidious parties behind the scenes. I once worked as a newspaper reporter and I'm greatly saddened by what our press has become. Although the press denies it, they HAVE become enemies of the people whom they are supposed to serve. They overstep themselves and now think their role is to tell people how to think rather than presenting the facts and letting them decide on their own.

    My biggest fear right now is that the press, the Dems, and trolls are piling on so much that people are starting to believe them. Some of the stories blaming Trump are so ridiculous, you'd think that anyone with the smallest bit of common sense would see through them. Like this morning, there's a story about a couple in Arizona who self-medicated with a fish-tank cleaning additive. The man died and the woman is in the hospital, blaming Trump for them doing such a stupid thing and advising anyone who will listen to her to not believe anything Trump says. I feel bad that she's ill and lost her husband, but how is this tragedy Trump's fault? Crazy.

    And speaking of crazy, how crazy were Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's comments implying on Tucker Carlson that elderly people should be willing to die so people can get back to work? His thinking was so convoluted on this that it's difficult to understand his logic--especially since even though older people with other health problems do appear to be more at risk of dying, younger people are dying too. That comment served no purpose other than to provide MSM and Dems with yet another way to bash Republicans.

  • Reacherfan Marmot

    03/24/2020 12:18 PM

    Having worked in the pharma industry with R&D people I can attest to their tunnel vision on 'anecdotal data'. It's all well and good with investigational new drugs, but it gets downright silly when old drugs with a proven history, known side effects, and wide use is found to have a new application for life-saving use and they want their carefully planned, statistically structured, long term double-blind study is done. People are dying, they need to adjust their thinking out that rut and remember saving lives comes ahead of 'scientific double-blind studies'. Doctors use drugs for off label applications all the time because the industry can take up to 3 years to do studies and get FDA approval. This is now drug triage. Get out of the way! People are dying and you want the studies more than you want to save lives. It may not always work of some patients may have a bad reaction, but that's true of every drug - even aspirin! Jeez, Dr. Fauci, if you'd rather die than use an off-label drug, go ahead, but stop pontificating to the nation as if you have just come down from the Mount. I've known too many people like you. I'd rather risk the drugs than wait for some double-blind and all the following reviews and approvals. You have now become part of the problem. We can't while the economy is destroyed by people like you who simply cannot climb of their secure little scientific world!

  • Marilyn Buller

    03/24/2020 12:11 PM

    In today's Fresno Bee (CA) there's an article by Andres Oppenheimer, Miami Herald, blaming Trump for high unemployment among Latinos due to the quarantine and Trump's 2 month delay in addressing the coronavirus threat. So frustrating to read this kind of biased reporting.

  • Nancy Chapman

    03/24/2020 12:09 PM

    I have been taking hydroxychloroquine tablets for many years now, for my autoimmune. I have not had ANY illness for over 10 yrs. Nada.

  • Mary "Max" Olander

    03/24/2020 11:49 AM

    Thank you for the encouragement...This is how I believe all this to be and I know our God will prevail..That is the promise of the God of Heaven and Earth..AWESOME..and God gave us all an amazing President and Vice President..for such a time as this..Hallelujah!!!!

  • Joel M Mero

    03/24/2020 11:45 AM

    I hope and pray that the fake news media pays a price for the fear mongering, and Chinese propaganda they’ve been spreading, thanks for keeping us informed.

  • Rebecca S. Graves

    03/24/2020 11:38 AM

    Gov. Huckabee, thank you for these newsletters. I trust them more than the regular news. God bless you sir.

  • Rita Pickett

    03/24/2020 11:36 AM

    Believe every word of your newsletter. Continue the good work, Mr. Huckabee.

  • Terry Borths

    03/24/2020 11:16 AM

    I can’t tell you, Mike, how much I appreciate your commentary. It gives me peace of mind to know that there is sanity in the world. I have some sympathy for the many Democrats raised in a Democratic household (mom and dad were Democrats) who are now searching for some relevance from their party. (What party?). I hope they come to their senses. There may have been some relevant Democrats 50 or 100 years ago but not today. Reagan was even a Democrat before he recognized them and the Hollywood communists for what they were. Today the Democrats are totally irrelevant, an irrelevance born of power loss, greed, and hatred. God have mercy!

  • Marcella Nicholson

    03/24/2020 11:07 AM

    Hi Mike. Just a thought this crisis hit during Lent a time for penance, sacrifice and reflection . L personally feel the hand of God in this. Maybe we will all rise on Easter wit Our Savior a new ppl

  • Richard Barnes

    03/24/2020 10:54 AM

    I keep hearing anecdotal evidence being downplayed. However, isn't statistical data just an aggregation of *lots* of anecdotal evidence? Or am I missing something?

  • Pamela Rees

    03/24/2020 10:49 AM

    I really appreciate your information and insights on what is going on with the coronavirus. It is reassuring to hear about the success of some of the drug treatments and to understand that damaged lungs from smoking make people more vulnerable to the effects of this disease. There are so many attacks on Trump regarding the virus that it is difficult to get the facts. Sometimes I wonder if there is any integrity in the Democratic Party leadership. Thank you for your commentaries. I look forward to them! It is nice to have thoughtful common sense commentary. It is a breath of fresh air!


    03/24/2020 10:45 AM

    It is time for NO press conferences!! - only the President and CDC interviews on TV!!
    DO NOT ALLOW any journalists!! - it never shows how many are in the room/ how close together they are! until this crisis is over - we only need information from those in charge!