September 9, 2021

We interrupt this newsletter, of necessity focused recently on the international threat created by Biden’s tragically inept pull-out from Afghanistan, to bring you some long-awaited 2020 election news.

It’s been ages since we’ve heard anything about the audit that’s been taking place in Maricopa County, Arizona. That’s the Phoenix area, one of the largest counties in the United States. (Keep in mind that Biden “won” the ENTIRE STATE of Arizona with only a 10,457-vote margin.) We’re still waiting for results of the official audit –- as we’ve reported, the auditors have run into snags in getting material they say they need to complete their work –- but canvassing efforts by a separate group have apparently been completed and what they reveal is stunning.

Of course, few news outlets will report this at all; we’ve gone to Joe Hoft at THE GATEWAY PUNDIT for his story. The headline from Wednesday says ‘ELECTION STEAL IS NOW CONFIRMED.” Let me make it clear, that’s their headline, not ours, but we are eager to take a look at what the results of this canvass tell us, and then we can all make up our own minds.

Again, this is not the official Maricopa County audit report, which is still going on and has no hard-and-fast deadline. It’s an independent effort conducted by Liz Harris and a group of volunteers, a “separate exercise” sponsored by the Arizona State Senate Republicans. That alone will give the Democrats the excuse they desperately need to dismiss this canvassing as partisan. But the methodology is transparent; volunteers went door to door, verifying the registration and voting information of thousands of voters, who make up a large statistical sample. And Democrats who scream “Partisanship!” need to understand something: this, I’m sure, is documented right down the line and can be verified for you, every bit of it. (You, on the other hand, still work tirelessly to avoid election transparency.) So read it and weep

Liz Harris tweeted this morning, “For all of those who knew the election was stolen, those who were ridiculed or labeled conspiracy theorists, you have been vindicated.”

First, let’s look at “lost votes.” These are votes that were discarded and never counted even though people actually cast them. They were cast, primarily by mail, by American citizens living in Maricopa County, and yet there is no record of them at all. This canvass brought to light 173,104 lost votes.

Then, there are “ghost votes.” These are votes cast by someone other than the voter who was assigned that ballot. The example everyone knows is a vote cast for someone who is dead and should have been dropped off the voter rolls. Someone else had to cast that vote, but who? The number of ghost votes uncovered in this canvas was 96,389.

There were other irregularities as well, though not as many, including votes cast from addresses that turned out to be vacant lots and votes recorded from people who it turned out hadn’t actually voted. And when they went door to door to gather data on 2,897 mail-in voters, 98 of those people said they’d actually voted in person.

According to their Election Summary, “Two primary categories of ineligible ballots and election mishandling, encompassing hundreds of thousands of votes, render the 2020 General Election in Maricopa County UNCERTIFIABLE.”

The report talked as well about smaller, local elections that would have been impacted by this sort of inaccuracy. Ironically, those include the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (which oversees elections, haha), which, in District 1, was decided by a mere 403 votes. Their election for U.S. Senate was decided by 78,886 votes, still well within the margin here.

The Election Summary proposes a solution with which we wholeheartedly agree: BAN VOTE-BY-MAIL. “The U.S. Mail is not meant to be a secure transactional system,” they say. This is why we don’t send cash through the mail. How much is your vote worth to you? With that in mind, do you really want to send it through the mail, knowing all the things that can happen to it? They mention that “most first-world democracies, such as Germany, either ban Vote-by-Mail outright or place very heavy restrictions on its use.”

They also provide some historical perspective: “Until the late 1800s, all votes in all states were public information.” Our country went to secret ballot to stop a tremendous problem with voter fraud. (Before then, many people had been paid to vote a certain way, and it could be checked.) History is repeating itself now with mail-in balloting, “and again we have ridiculous and frivolous arguments being put forth against common-sense legislation to secure the rights of honest American citizens to vote and have their vote count.”

For more details on why and how this canvass was conducted, be sure and go to the link provided above and read “Canvass Overview.” All the issues they uncovered impacted an estimated 5.18 percent of mail-in votes, or about 88,215.

In a presidential election where statewide, the margin of “victory” was only a little over 10,000, it’s clear that reforms are necessary if we’re ever going to trust our system again. (In such a close race, with these discrepancies, I don’t think I need to tell you what the real outcome in Arizona likely was.) But, when Texas addresses the same issues with solid legislation, the bill is condemned by the left as racist and “anti-democracy.” It is nothing of the sort. (I would say that “anti-democracy” should apply to any policy that makes cheating easier or less detectable, because cheating causes real disenfranchisement.) Here's what is really in the new Texas law, just signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott…

This is all totally common sense, to make the voting process easier to monitor.

Of course, the new law will face legal challenges, but it should be looking pretty good when it gets to the Supreme Court. Let’s hope more states follow Texas’ lead and adopt election integrity legislation, not be bullied out of it.

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Comments 11-20 of 25

  • Billie Rieske

    09/12/2021 07:09 PM

    Joe Biden is a total disgrace but he likely is being used. Obama likely running the show! A rotten shame!
    We are in big trouble I fear!

  • Beth Barthold

    09/10/2021 05:33 PM

    Well, I published not only this but the gateway article to my Facebook page and got hit again for False information by their so called fact checkers. I believe Carl the father and I believe their was fraud this past election cycle.
    But it seems Facebook has a problem publishing any article concerning the audit.

  • John J. Carse

    09/10/2021 01:18 PM

    Chris Wallace is a real piece of work, No wonder Fox is losing tons of fans.

  • Don Kreis

    09/09/2021 02:46 PM

    Great job!!! Never stop trying to reveal the fraud that happened. Get rid of DOMINION machines or secure them to the max or this country will never have a fair election. NO MORE MASS MAIL VOTING AND SHOW AN ID THAT EVERYONE HAS!!!!!!!!!

  • Barbara Kaufer

    09/09/2021 11:43 AM

    I have to say Governor, you are one of the few people who voice I trust. I am afraid that voter fraud has been going on for a very long time. It is truly a very uncomfortabe feeling. I feel that our country is sliding down the rabbit hole never to be seen again. I remember during Obam's 2nd , haha, term Hillary Clinton was the loudest voiceagainst votet ID, calling it racist. How do you wake up the people of America that we need to go back to the polls to vote?

  • Cynthia Cheizoo

    09/09/2021 11:41 AM

    The rocks are ready to cry out.

  • Debra S Broughton

    09/09/2021 11:25 AM

    The democrats are desperate to take all elections. Without that gem they can't push their agenda. Obviously. Because President Trump put a boot to their policies after Obama left office they were scrambling to get everything back in place before the fiat currency dies and stealing the election was the fastest way they could see to get there. Obviously, Trump was not supposed to win, Hillary was. My understanding is they cheated that year, but not big enough because Trump was too popular. Now everyone is seeing how badly they cheated in the election and it's only a matter of time. The fun part is going to be seeing the bad guys go to jail. Please make them go to jail!

  • Bill Mitchell

    09/09/2021 10:55 AM

    Limit the use of mail-in-ballots for what they were intended to be used for. Letting people vote from home is only asking for trouble and a boat load of fraudulent activities to take place as what happened in the 2020 Presidential election. Don't just sweep this information under the rug and continue on as if the 2020 election was free of contamination and an honest outcome. It wasn't and the whole country if not the whole world knows that it was a clean theft of a Presidency. Do not let history repeat itself by doing nothing about how the election of 2020 was stolen and allowed to stand as a certified and accepted election by those who we elected to look out for our country and it's people. These people knew in their own minds that the election was stolen but refused to say it openly and to accept any proof or evidence that was clearly there to be seen and heard to have called the election null and void. Instead those who let it slide and go on as an honest win were more afraid of what might have happened across the country by way of riots, burning and looting by those who engineered the fraudulent activities would instigate should the election results not be carried out as it appeared to be a Biden victory. This cannot ever be allowed to take place again, ever! Do not let the Dominion voting machines to ever be allowed to be a part of any public elections again. No matter what the replacement costs might be to replace them. The outcome results would not be worth the results should it be allowed to happen once again. Our federal elections are very important for our country and it's people. It must be made 100% above board and no fraudulent activities ever be allowed t take place again. Those caught trying to interfere with the outcome of our Federal elections to be imprisoned for no less than 10 years and a huge fine! To stop a snake from striking you need to cut off the head of that snake! Make the penalty for fraudulent activities so severe that it would not ever be worth the cost in penalties for doing so! Stick to it with no exceptions! No pussy footing around and letting these criminals off with a slap on the wrist and a promise not to do it again. Everyone has seen the results from the Biden administrations fraudulent win! It has been devastating to the country in multiple ways and likewise to the American people. If it looks unbelievable like the final outcome of the 2020 election then investigate it thoroughly because it more than likely is unbelievable!! It is more than worth the time and efforts to check it out as we are seeing now. Let this be a wake up call to our country's leadership as President Reagan said,"Trust but verify"!

  • Betty Morris

    09/09/2021 10:19 AM

    May our Lord touch the hearts of His people and cause us ALL to walk in the path HE has for us, which we know is Truth and Integrity ! May He forgive
    our sins and HEAL our Land!

  • Joan Taylor

    09/09/2021 09:54 AM

    I agree BAN VOTE BY MAIL. Too many fraudulent voters.