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March 2, 2022

Last night, President Biden gave his first State of the Union Address. At least, I think he did. I tuned in to watch, and something bizarre happened. I believe due to some weird atmospheric anomaly, my satellite dish picked up a SOTU Address by a totally different President Biden speaking from an alternate universe.

In this parallel universe, the alt-President Biden spent the past year strengthening international relations and the past few months working with our allies to get sanctions in place that have Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian invasion plans on the ropes. In our universe, our President Biden pulled a botched Afghanistan withdrawal without consulting our allies and signaled that America was an unreliable partner (there was also that business with the submarines that ticked off France.) Our Biden admitted just last week that the sanctions, which he waited too long to impose, didn’t work, as Putin enters his seventh day of ramping up his horrific assault on Ukraine.

In the alternate universe, a record number of new jobs were created last year. In this universe, people returned to their old jobs that were artificially shut down by the government, but we’re still millions short of where we were before the pandemic.

In the alternate universe, the House chamber was filled with unmasked people. In our universe, many kids are still forced to wear masks in school, despite even “Saturday Night Live” now admitting they made very little difference.

In the alternate universe, alt-President Biden promotes buying American and cracking down on illegal immigration. In our universe, Trump did those things and Biden called him a racist and a xenophobe.

In the alternate universe, inflation can be cured by ordering businesses to lower their costs while also forcing them to raise wages and pay much higher taxes. In our universe, inflation is caused by the government printing too much money, and wages and taxes actually are two of the biggest costs of doing business.

In the alternate universe, COVID is not a reason for Americans to be divided. In our universe, it’s a reason to demonize people, fire them from their jobs, and refuse them medical care.

In the alternate universe, Biden denounces illegal immigration and skyrocketing crime and calls for more funding for police and gets standing ovations from the Democrats. In our universe, Biden opened the borders, denounced our border guards as whip-cracking racists, wants to tear down the border wall, and secretly disperses illegal aliens by plane all over America under cover of darkness. And the crime waves are in Democrat-run cities where leftist DA’s have actually made crime legal while Democrats defunded the police. Democrats applauding our Biden for vowing to crack down on illegal immigration and fund the police would be like a gang of arsonists applauding their leader for vowing to do something about the problem of how it’s getting really hot in here.

In the alternate universe, President Biden will take action to reduce the cost of insulin. In our universe, Biden reversed a Trump executive order that reduced the cost of insulin.

In the alternate universe, Biden will take swift action to fix long-standing problems like infrastructure and veterans’ care that in our universe dragged on for eight long years under Obama and Biden.

In the alternate universe, “Build Back Better” and the federal takeover of elections are apparently still alive.

In the alternate universe, the Trump-era tax cut benefited only the ultra-rich. In our universe, it gave a huge amount of tax relief to the poor and middle class, with many having their income tax burdens eliminated entirely, while the rich ended up paying a larger percentage of taxes.

The alt-VP Harris stands and applauds the ideas of cracking down on crime and funding the police. Our VP Harris raised money for a fund to bail rioters out of jail.

In our universe, the people looking at an empty chair where family members used to be included the families of 13 military members needlessly killed in Afghanistan. Since they weren’t mentioned, I assume (and hope) that never happened in their universe.

And the most glaring differences of all: in the alternate universe, the state of the union is strong, and President Biden is competent, popular, gets thunderous applause and standing ovations, and can talk for a solid hour. Oh, and Ukrainians are known as “Iranians.”

Now, the big question: How do I get out of this universe and live in that one until 2024?

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  • Dianne Barnes

    03/07/2022 03:01 PM

    How does a "regular" citizen get their voice heard by Congress? I don't think it's possible to do anything at the W.H. I used to write my congressmen and senators often but it was useless...the replies almost NEVER matched my concern. IF we can't get our oil industry going, it's not just oil. There's talk of shortages of fertilizer, and then food shortages we've never seen before. The green-people are destroying God's planet and all humankind; if God doesn't do it first.

  • Roni Vollmer

    03/07/2022 11:18 AM

    Thank you once again for giving us the scoop on what's really going on both here in the US and also around the world. I seem to trust you and your writers, very encouraging, and not doomsday like the others... God bless you and yours.

  • terri Moore

    03/07/2022 09:06 AM

    Good morning! I have a request, please will you have KrisAnne Hall on your show? She is spreading the truth about our constitution and our federal government overreach.

  • Edward Laughlin

    03/07/2022 08:32 AM

    I’m simply amazed at all of Biden’s nonsense! I am beginning to have more fear for the stability of our country. Please, please, please tell this leader he is hurting are simple but basic well being to survive!

  • Stan Wendt Jr

    03/06/2022 10:26 PM

    Never look to be out of this "universe", know that you are in this world but not of this world. Besides Come, Lord Jesus, or Maranatha (Our Lord Come) as we nearing the End of Times and waiting for the Ezekiel 38 war and the start of the 7 year peace and the tribulation. Waiting just for the Rapure, or the first gathering (Christians) before the final gathering (Jews) during the Tribulation.

  • Larry Cotton

    03/06/2022 10:24 PM

    Well I guess Biden will blame President Trump for his State of the Union speech ,, cause he has blamed him for all his mistakes!!!!!!!!!

  • Judy Galetar

    03/06/2022 09:41 PM

    We Christians MUST pray daily that the Lord will light up some action in Washington D.C. that will reverse some of the policies that were helping change things for the better during Trump's administration. Since many Democrats in Congress are planning to drop out of the race in Nov., perhaps Congress will "turn" Republican and encourage any lazy Republicans into using their majority to truly turn things around. Only the Lord can help the Ukraine survive these coming months, but I pray He will -- and even Israel may cheer Pres. Zalinsky on to victory -- if the Lord protects him and the men fighting to protect their country.

  • Lisa Peterson

    03/06/2022 09:33 PM

    Dear Governor,
    What makes you think we will ever get back to reality in 2024, at the rate the Biden regime is heading, the Pelosi insanity, and the MSM propaganda, 2022 elections may prove to be a repeat of 2020 if those who were complicit in allowing laws to be broken are not held accountable.

  • Ronald Smith

    03/06/2022 09:13 PM

    As Christians we are appalled by the actions in Ukraine and lack actions by our government.

    It is time for the church to rise up and speak up. We are complicit by standing by and allowing our government condone atrocities at home and abroad.

  • Kay Duc

    03/06/2022 08:38 PM

    This is an excellent explanation of reality versus truth in Biden's wacky opposite of reality version in the SOTU speech. It scares me how addled he is and I hope and pray that the majority of Americans see through his crazy lies.