November 17, 2017

Pious liberals in showbiz and politics have long lectured conservatives on our alleged shortcomings, including sexism. But the new “speak out” culture has revealed that being a famous liberal scold doesn’t mean you don’t also have roaming hands and feet of clay. Now, they seem panicked that rules they championed for everyone else are being turned on them.

Minnesota Sen. Al Franken is the latest liberal to find himself under fire after former model-turned-radio host Leeann Tweeden accused him of sexual harassment during a USO tour in 2006. Tweeden claims Franken forcibly kissed her under the pretext of rehearsing a sketch he wrote. She also released a photo that he left for her, showing him grabbing her breasts and smiling at the camera when she was asleep on the plane.

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Franken apologized and tried to pass the incident off as part of the irreverent “Saturday Night Live” comedy he did before he entered politics. Tweeden accepted his apology.

But Franken’s Democratic Senate colleagues aren’t being so forgiving. They lionized Ted Kennedy and just last year wanted to send Bill Clinton (to whom they gave a standing ovation after his failed impeachment vote) back to the White House. But now, in the midst of the MeToo wave, they publicly have to project zero tolerance for sexual harassers. They rejected Franken’s claim that the photo was clearly meant to be funny, said that comedy was no excuse, and are demanding an investigation by the Ethics Committee.

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If there is such an investigation, it could get messy. Already, there’s a second allegation from another woman. Franken’s right, we all know that before he went into politics, he did a lot of things that he claimed were comedy but weren’t funny. But if this claim is true, his background as an unfunny comedian is really no excuse.


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  • Donald Rowe

    11/24/2017 05:46 PM

    I couldn't stand Freakan Franken when he was, what he called a comedian, I called it just stupid. How he got elected to any public office is almost more than my poor old mind can comprehend. I certainly hope that his constituents come to their senses before the next election cycle. If they don't it will be a massive admission that they are all complicit in whatever crap he thinks he needs to do from then on out.

  • Jack macdonald

    11/21/2017 06:49 PM

    Stuart smalley is now and probably always was a small minded puke.

  • Nancy shannon

    11/20/2017 10:48 PM

    Franken is still a comedian!! A real joke

  • Ann Rogers

    11/20/2017 12:46 PM

    Mike, thank you for the great tribute to Bedford, VA where I live.

    You are more than welcome to visit and you have a place to stay!

  • alicia cervera

    11/19/2017 06:59 PM

    Pres. Trump apologized for trash talking. But a big difference between him and Frankenstein is that the President didnt have anyone show up to accuse him and when called upong they did not admit to any wrongdoing by him. so it was lockerroom talk. But with Franken, there is EVIDENCE and what to say about the womanizer Clinton with rapes and payoffs???

  • john M. Kurilla

    11/19/2017 02:43 PM

    I did not like Franken when he thought he was a comedian. I hate him even worse now. The Democrats today can accuse but cannot stand to be accused for the same thing. like all Democrats, Franken can accuse but cannot stand to be accused. I have not seen such two faced
    people in my life. Franken contrite? NEVER. He is faking it because he got caught.

  • Bob Boynton

    11/19/2017 01:29 PM

    I guess there's always politics if you can't make it in comedy

  • Frank Van Kerckhove

    11/19/2017 12:16 PM

    If the Senate investigates Al Franken it will be a waiste of time. All offences of any kind including sexual should be transfered to civil courts. Just look at the history of any Senate investigations.

  • Valerie Mitcham

    11/19/2017 10:58 AM

    Everything he did was bad, but the fact that after the kiss, she tried to ignore him and he did things like drew horns on her photo, etc., and then he pulls that photo stunt while she's asleep???? To me that shows real aggression. He mistreated her to begin with, and then when he didn't like her reaction, he tormented her even more. And his brother is the one who took the picture. Franken knew that picture would hurt/torment her and that's why he did it. I wish she had released the picture and told her story at that time.

  • Kay Martens

    11/19/2017 10:00 AM

    They have put a bullseye on that informant's back. The Clinton Mafia will see to it that he never testifies and/or threaten congress members to prevent prosecution. Their evilness is beyond belief!

  • Kay Martens

    11/19/2017 09:54 AM

    The Clinton Mafia will either take him out, which is more likely than not, or threaten Congress members to keep from being prosecuted. Their evilness knows no bounds.

  • Kay Martens

    11/19/2017 09:52 AM

    The Clinton Mafia will either take him out, which is more likely than not, or threaten Congress members to keep from being prosecuted. Their evilness knows no bounds.

  • Diana Jennings

    11/19/2017 08:37 AM

    In light of these sexual harassment scandals involving not only Al Franken, I’m perplexed as to why these victims waited so long to speak out. The time to speak up and press charges against the perpetrator(s) is at the time the act was committed, not 10+ years later. Hush money isn’t going to do the trick as Confucius once said, three things cannot be long hidden; the sun, the moon, and the truth. Al Franken ought to resign immediately!

  • Cathy Kilminster

    11/19/2017 08:09 AM

    I remember when Franken won the election against Norm Coleman by only a couple hundred votes. There was some story about ballots being found in the trunk of a car, but that appeared to be ignored. Franken is a pig, and a disgusting one at that. He has no manners toward anyone. I understand he treats his staff badly. I wonder how many of the interns in his office he has sexually abused. This stuff has to stop, and Franken needs to be thrown out of the Senate. The people in Minnesota are nuts to have him represent him. Another senator who needs to go is Bob Casey of PA. He has been elected based on his name. His father, a former governor, was not allowed to speak at the Democratic convention years ago because he was against abortion. Casey does very little for the citizens of PA. In 2018, he will have some real competition, a Congressman named Lou Barletta from Western PA. He is a great guy and a fighter, not a limp hand shaker like Casey. As a former resident of PA, I had several opportunities to contact Casey regarding legislation, and all I got was a standard letter extolling the virtues especially of Obamacare. I urge the Senate to get rid of Franken now and Casey in 2018. The Republicans have a great opportunity to make gains in the Senate then as so many of the Democrats are up for re-election, that is if they don't blow it as they usually do. I am fed up, and that's why I voted for Trump and continue to support him.

  • Bill Hoglund

    11/19/2017 08:04 AM

    It's interesting that when Democrats are accused of any misconduct they are innocent until proven guilty, but when conservatives are accused of any misconduct they are guilty until proven innocent! Double standards have always been part of the DC political landscape. The only solice I have left is that God will be the judge and jury one day.

    As for the "reverend" Jackson, my faith compells me to pray for my enemies. I'll leave it at that.


    11/18/2017 11:28 PM

    I truly can't believe the torture these radicals and racists are putting on President Trump. Too much negativity to a man who doesn't deserve
    this behavior; Obama would have wrote a cease and assist memo with his poison pen !!We didn't enslave anybody and we should not take this abuse from the racist fools. We took them out of the jungle gave them a home educated them in how to work ,fed them ,clothed them;
    and this was slavery ??? How about being saving from dying in Africa, We should not be paying for our ancestor's sins if any, We are innocent.
    Obama and Soros and OPRA brought this about. & made them millions. We have given in for 40+ years. Our children suffered to have us pay for their illegitimate babies by the dozen. If you can't feed them don't Breed them. My compliments on your sweet daughter she is truly
    a Godsend to us and especially to Trump. I pray WE TAKE BACK AMERICA AND MAKE IT GREAT AGAIN !!!!

  • kathy chiappetta

    11/18/2017 10:42 PM

    I love your newsletters and your daughter is adorable. I receive emails of them from friends even though I get your newsletters directly. Generally, I read them right away. Sometimes I squirrel aside to savor with my coffee. Your comments are clear, rational, and calming. I also trust you, like Charles Matthews. Keep up the good work.

  • Sheri LIlly

    11/18/2017 10:34 PM

    I read this. Thank you for informative commentaries.


    11/18/2017 09:35 PM


  • Dolly Palacios

    11/18/2017 09:31 PM

    Is it true the Senate ethics committee is pretty much just formality where 'charges' go to die?

  • Gil Bellamy

    11/18/2017 09:26 PM

    He is NOT a Reverend. He makes a living shaking down corporations.

  • Rose Howell

    11/18/2017 09:22 PM

    Hi Mike!

    Yes, I really think our President should follow through on prosecution of Hillary Clinton. She is a blot on the history of our nation and her husband as well. They both need to be in prison. BTW, had I not attended a private high school she and I would have been in the same school at the same time. Additionally Barry Sotero is a fraud and the scheme to elevate him to the "Presidency" went on for decades and it continues. He is an enemy of and a threat to our nation. He is not an American and it makes no difference where he was born. He went through our schools as a foreign exchange student from Indonesia. Ask the mailman that delivered mail for years to the parents of Bill Ayers in a Chicago suburb. This kind of treasonous activity must be punished. Our founders would not be pleased with our condoning this and of our being complacent. We The People are are clearly awake and aware now and we will not let up until the job is accomplished.

  • Bill Ollis

    11/18/2017 09:05 PM

    The hardest thing to watch today is the people in politics.The lives they live and there ungodly behavior.They make decisions that affect the peoples lives and never think of the consequences.I know it grieves the Heart of Almighty God and wonder how long He will tolerate it.You probably don't remember me but we sat at breakfast at Collingdale First Baptist Church getting ready for a Paul Jackson crusade.You asked me what you get when you squeeze a lemon and I said lemon juice and you asked why and I said because it's a lemon.You then said no because it's filled with lemon juice.And what you fill yourself with is what comes out of your life.We're seeing this every day with our congress our colleges and society.We need to turn to God and beg Him to forgive us and heal our land.
    In love of Christ
    Bill Ollis

  • Charles Matthews

    11/18/2017 08:46 PM

    It's just another day of good vs. evil. Governor, recently I read about federal funds (read: Congressional slush fund) that are used to quietly settle sexual harassment claims against our elected members of Congress. Sir, could you elaborate on this? I follow you because I have a lot of trust in you.

  • Morris Steen

    11/18/2017 08:11 PM

    Al Franken, typical left wing scumbag, "respects women and doesn't respect men who doesn't respect women". A scumbag is a scumbag and that is all he will ever be!

  • Jeffrey G Gura

    11/18/2017 08:03 PM

    ...poor Franken

  • Helen Corey

    11/18/2017 07:16 PM

    Ask why Franken all of a sudden got religion. Long goal is to impeach President Trump 4 his rumored acts. Franken has graciously apologized, as if that should exonerate Franken.

  • pat mc redmond

    11/18/2017 03:23 PM

    Donald is in the white house, now send HilLIARy to the big house

  • Richard A McKean

    11/18/2017 01:25 PM

    As I understand this incident happened during a USO tour. Why is the DOD not involved. As a retired military member I have seen them quick to come down on military personnel. Why not Mr. Franken?

  • Richard A McKean

    11/18/2017 01:24 PM

    As I understand this incident happened during a USO tour. Why is the DOD not involved. As a retired military member I have seen them quick to come down on military personnel. Why not Mr. Franken?

  • Brent Eaton

    11/18/2017 11:51 AM

    Al Franken is one of the Democrat members of the Senate who enrages me the most. He was first elected to the Senate, by a liberal federal judge, in a Democrat scam during a recount in Minnesota. Of course, once "elected", he had all the advantages of an incumbent for an easy re-election. Whenever I have observed Senator Franken questioning a Republican leaning person during Senate hearings, he has loaded the questions with numerous lies that cause the person to need to argue the validity of the questions rather than getting to the heart of the matter. Franken quickly argues back and runs out of time before the questions can be answered properly. The person being questions appears to be upset or incapable of answering. He is simply an evil tool of the Democrats! God bless you Governor Huckabee! Please run for president.


    11/18/2017 09:06 AM

    Al Franken is a bad joke.

  • Martha Sullivan

    11/18/2017 08:59 AM

    For one if that bothered this "Lady" soo much then why?? keep the picture?? and why wait all this time to hang Mr.franken out to try??perhaps she could not get any more favors out of him ?like for a better job??etc.If one is sexually harassed as a woman than take care of it yourself.I can think of many ways to do that.For one he would not like to sit for anytime after getting my drift?This is a money scheme that has been around for a long time.Myself ? no truth to it.Martha S.

  • Michael Walters

    11/18/2017 05:16 AM

    Well Gov., I like your style! I must admit that I have always liked your style! When I read your commentary I don't have to decide if it's true or false, which is quite refreshing for a change. All the MSM has gotten so "fake" and left leaning that before you can decide the accuracy, you have to do a complete analysis of the source, the author, the publisher, and any unknown sources, lurking in the shadows. I have no doubt that your new TV show and online commentary will soon been a treasured goto for honest and up to date news of the day. Please keep up the excellent work! God Bless You!

  • roberta adrian

    11/18/2017 01:56 AM

    Your sins will be found out.....Whatever is hidden will be exposed... pride goes before a fall.... repentance before God is the answer and ask forgiveness of those that have been harmed.

  • Vicki Marler

    11/18/2017 12:05 AM

    The fight over Roy Moore is about Abortion. He is Pro Life and Doug Jones is abortion anytime anywhere any place.

  • Robert H. Reese

    11/17/2017 10:46 PM

    One of the women speaking in support of Judge Roy Moore in Alabama today called upon President Trump to do away with the slush fund of tax payer dollars being used to pay legal judgements against legislators proven to have assaulted females during their terms in office.

    Another women called for the President to put an end to the "Cadilac" health insurance coverage currently enjoyed by members of the House and Senate and NOT AVAILABLE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

    Please bring these respectful demands to President Trump's attention.

    Thank you for giving us this forum. .

  • Evelyn Kubanka

    11/17/2017 10:43 PM

    American Action News and Great American Daily News letter have videos of Vice President Biden groping girls and women. You should go on their sights and watch them! Will there be outrage of Joe just being Joe? I always wondered how that expression was enough to excuse him from all his obnoxious comments; and now will it be the excuse for his actions?


    11/17/2017 06:54 PM

    I'm sure sexual harassment has been going on for quite some time both sides of the aisle, however; many of the accusers come forward during election cycles only and make people wonder whether they are being paid to do this. The incidents which involve former President Clinton and Sen Franken involve evidence ( the DNA on the famous blue dress and a picture) that which depicts that these incidents actually occurred and they should be held accountable.

  • Susan White

    11/17/2017 06:37 PM

    Al Franken needs to go! Women are not sex objects. It is time these actions are brought out and the people responsible punished.

  • Richard Bennett

    11/17/2017 05:51 PM

    Bill Cosby was a Comedian but that didn't stop the Left from ruining him; bet they won't go after Al, he's still useful to them.

  • jim ethell

    11/17/2017 04:19 PM

    i always believe that the enterment industry was a perverted bussiness. i worked in the biz for 3 years and had to quit. the best thing i ever did.

  • Stephen Russell

    11/17/2017 03:35 PM

    Rename Hollywood , Pervert wood
    Name names, from DC.and DC=Corruption and Tinsel town A-Z name names, take down time

  • C.L. Walstad

    11/17/2017 02:23 PM

    It's another 'Clinton-ism'... Do as I say and not as I do! This simply has to stop as we are losing the very fabric of our culture- right in front of our eyes! Al Franken needs to go! Congress must act, NOW, and force Al Franken out of the halls of Congress. Those who are members of this elite group must act to rid itself of the nasty, obnoxious, Al Franken! The public image of Congress is as low as it gets, and this lowers it to the very bottom of respect of the American people!

  • Glenn Gipson

    11/17/2017 01:32 PM

    Republicans WILL NOT circle the wagons. The will kill their wounded. Especially those outside their establishment. All of them, even the outsider Ted Cruz who I voted for in the TN primary last year, are calling for him to step aside. Probably colluding with the liberals. Democrats always circle their wagons around their wounded. Knowing that they will get over their wounds with time. Just vote the way we tell you and you'll always get money for your reelection. Democrats are calling for an investigation of Franken (todays circle of wagons) after photographic evidence of his charges. Republicans are calling for Roy Moore to step down over allegations that are 40 years old with only sketchy evidence of a yearbook signature. I don't hold much hope for Minnesotans voting out Franken (historical voting) but I do hope Alabamians do vote in Moore and he indeed brings his firebrand conservatism to our nation's capital.

  • Mark Gietz

    11/17/2017 01:17 PM

    There is a context that has not seen much light. I am comfortable with the direction the national conversation is taking. It would seem that this likely will resurface the allegations of impropriety raised about the President in recent years.
    This cleansing may wind up being far more outreaching than anyone suspects.
    God bless you dear brother.

  • Edgar Tucker

    11/17/2017 01:07 PM

    I don't know for sure whether its a side show from Frankin or a side effect from president Trump not going along to get along?I think justice would prevail of frankin was replaced by the governor of minnasota even though it would be another democrat.Frankin never was a funny man to me and I have allways thought he stole the election when he won the first time!

  • teresa Dickerson

    11/17/2017 12:41 PM

    It is so funny that all the dirt is coming out on the left, and some of the right. Allegations is one thing, I dont believe Moore did anything to anyone. Dems have been setting up good Republicans for a long time. They want to control us and put in NWO, which is what Hitler did. I hope they open up Flynns list, and the information that the NY Police department have. It is sad to know that some of the elites on down have molested, prob murdered, which that has been reported on the news. It is a shame that our world is so bad. That young men, women, children have been raped and tortured by so called educated people. It is time to take the corrupt down like the Clintons. Podesta, Obamas, George Soros who backs them all, and many more. GOD SAID, "We would be worse than Sodom and Gomorrhea, and he would destroy us by fire. " I believe that. Please keep up the good work Mike Huckabee. The truth is coming out!! Drain the swamp in Hollywood, Drain the Swamp in Government. GOD said, Man was made for woman, not man and man and not woman and woman. GOD said it is abomination unto the Lord.If I were these sick people I would be scared to go to hell and burn forever. Thank you Mike for your good works. GOD BLESS YOU!

  • Rick Stanley

    11/17/2017 12:34 PM

    Roast Al Franken and kick him out of the Senate or demand his resignation in a BIPARTISON effort. There is actual proof of this troubling action, not false claims as in the Judge Roy Moore situation.

  • Edwin Wright

    11/17/2017 12:10 PM

    First, let me say that sexual harassment in any form is not funny and it is cruel. I have some thoughts on the Judge Roy Moore case that are very troubling. Whether the alleged incidents actually happened, no one knows except the accused and the accusers. What is disturbing is the accused, Roy Moore in this case is found guilty by the media and people in Congress who should know better. The fact that the “Mob” has appointed themselves judge, jury and executioner without knowing the truth makes me sad for America. I hardly recognize the great nation in which I was born and raised.