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November 20, 2023

“The new video that’s being released is as misleading as all the other video released,” said bestselling author and persuasion expert Scott Adams on his podcast Sunday, speaking of the video just released by House Speaker Mike Johnson.  “The initial video from the January 6 committee focused on all the violent stuff that was happening, mostly outside the doorways --- and they were truly violent, and we should know about that.  The new video being released shows the opposite narrative...people being let in by the security guards; there’s fist-bumps...[we hear] people saying they’re undercover agents.  Like, basically 100 percent supporting the Republican version of events.”

“But just assume those are out of context,” he said, “just like the other side’s is out of context.”

He wasn’t through:  “However, just their very existence is making people think that they were lied to about January 6.  Which, of course, they were...It was obvious there were intelligence people, FBI.  It’s very obvious that everything from the courts to the Democrats to the news, it was just an op.  None of that was legitimate.  So now that’s obvious, but of course it’s only obvious to the right.  Will the left come to understand that January 6 was always an op?  I doubt it.”

Adams believes the Democrats’ J6 narrative is falling apart, along with the other narratives that form what he calls the “architecture” of the Democrats’ anti-conservative message.  Whether or not the facts surrounding J6 have changed, he says, our interpretation of them is changing.

“I would watch Bill Maher to see if he changes,” Adams said, “’cause he’s sort of the canary in the coal mine.”  Adams doubts Maher can change his mind, because’s he’s in a “full-on TDS sort of situation,” and unless he does, he says, the left won’t move.  “But still,” he said, “you can see the architecture of that story has changed immensely since Day 1.”

In the beginning, Adams said, it looked as though Trump had “done some bad stuff,” but “the longer you go, the more it looks like that was just bull-(bleep).  So, time is helping Trump there.”

Of course, we don’t (yet) know the full extent of the involvement of our own intelligence people, but there’s no question they were there, so the left should just stipulate that.  Now that we have the rest of the video, we’ll take it from here.

Kash Patel has said essentially the same thing in different words.  Thanks to the release of these videos, he said, “the January 6 truth finally has entered the American bloodstream.”

He also noted that in the trial of President Trump on J6-related charges, “selective inclusion of evidence is unconstitutional,” accusing DC District Judge Tanya Chutkan of “setting up a disinformation campaign on the narrative that Donald Trump committed an ‘insurrection,’ even though Special Counsel Jack Smith has refused to charge Donald Trump with the crime of insurrection.”  In that, this blatantly anti-Trump judge has gone even further than Smith dared to go.  No wonder they’re trying to hurry the trial through; if they could’ve stalled the release of this J6 video until afterwards, they would have.

It’s painstaking work to go through thousands of hours of security video, but interesting tidbits are dropping in the meantime.  For example, remember that for Nancy Pelosi’s J6 committee hearings, video “evidence” was creatively edited for emotional impact by an ABC network news producer?  Apparently, the Democrats took even more artistic license with their video for public consumption, because we can now hear the same audio clip being played behind TWO different visuals.  One --- the version that CNN showed on-air --- has Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley in it; the other does not.  We have no idea what the intention was in making Sen. Grassley a non-person (pardon the Orwell reference), but it does show that for whatever reason, they took some shall-we-say creative liberties.  What the hey?

After Pelosi tried to deflect attention from the newly-released “peaceful” video with an edited montage of “violent” video, Nick Arama at REDSTATE commented that “no one is saying that there wasn’t violence.  What they are saying is that the whole picture was kept from people, and that the Committee didn’t release the video because it showed something other than the narrative they promoted to attack Republicans before the 2022 election.”  Their narrative, as you know, was that Republican Trump supporters --- all who dared question the election outcome --- were “violent insurrectionists.”

Sen. Mike Lee accused the committee of hiding the more peaceful scenes to make sure all people saw was violence.  When Sen. Lee asked on “X” how many people involved on January 6 were “feds,” Liz Cheney responded by calling him a “nutball conspiracy theorist.”

Lee wrote back, linking to a story that the FBI had “lost count” of how many informants they had at the Capitol that day and would have to do an audit to figure that out.  “Shouldn’t the J6 committee have been demanding answers to this question?” he asked.

Lee also commented on a fascinating video clip in which a “protester” is un-handcuffed in a side hallway and then fist-bumps security police, as an undercover agent might do.  Lee is no conspiracy theorist for bringing attention to this.  If there’s a reasonable explanation for such odd behavior, we want to know it.  If there isn’t, we want and deserve to know that, too.

J. D. Rucker at LIBERTY DAILY wrote about this bizarre image as well, after former J6 detainee (let’s just call him a political prisoner) Derrick Evans posted a still frame, saying, “This was sent to me.  Is this person flashing a badge?  If so, this would prove there were undercover agents disguised as MAGA.  I was thrown in solitary for peacefully protesting.  I just want the truth to be known.  Please [re-tweet] so we can get the truth either way.”

Sen. Lee responded that he would ask FBI Director Chris Wray but expected his answer to be “97% information-free.”

NBC NEWS posted a response to add “context”:  “The person in the photo is Kevin Lyons.  He has been sentenced to 51 months in prison for his illegal activities inside the Capitol on J6.  He is not a police officer and is not holding a badge.  He is carrying a vape and a photograph and wallet stolen from Pelosi’s office.”

Even with “context,” we still have questions, because under the circumstances it’s hard to imagine handcuffs being removed, let alone fist-bumping.  But here’s the story from July of this year about Lyons’ sentencing.  Lyons did lift a photo and wallet from Pelosi’s office, was interviewed by the FBI five days later and arrested two days after that.

To those who criticize Sen. Lee and all who raise questions now:  this is exactly what NEEDS to happen.  You kept the full picture of the protest from us in an attempt to paint everyone at that rally --- indeed, everyone who supported Trump and dared to question the election in any way --- as an “insurrectionist.”  That’s a lie, and your lie is crumbling.

Jeff Charles at REDSTATE elaborated in a VIP column; we’ll include the link in case you’re signed up and summarize in case you aren’t.  “Now that the rest of the J6 footage is being released,” he wrote, “the American people can see what we already knew:  The so-called ‘insurrection’ was anything but.”

We don’t want to gloss over the violence and have never excused it, but many who were there that day still face charges and convictions, some for just sauntering peacefully around the building as Capitol Police stood by quietly or even encouraged them.

The Democrats showed only images of violence, trying their best to tie Trump and his supporters to what was mislabeled an insurrection.  So Charles suggests a turn-about.  “If anything,” he wrote, “a Republican select committee could break the Democrats’ J6 narrative by focusing on the footage the Democrats left out during their political circus.”

“The fact that there are currently people in cages for walking through a building is an egregious display of tyranny that should be exposed,” Charles wrote.  “If another select committee is the way to bring this to light, then so be it.”  Then maybe the voters will actually do something about that abuse of power.



RELATED READING:  Jonathan Turley has an excellent update on the lawfare against Trump, noting that “none of these cases are truly slam dunks.”


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