June 14, 2017

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen top intelligence officials, former FBI Director Comey and yesterday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions all troop to Congress and testify under oath that they’ve engaged in no collusion with Russians; after months of investigations, they’ve seen no evidence of anyone involved with Trump’s campaign colluding with Russia; and they have felt no pressure by anyone to drop their investigations. And the Democrats’ response to all this has been to accuse the officials of stonewalling and call for even more investigations of Russia and obstruction. You’d think that the party that likes to lecture us that “No means no” would understand what the word “no” means. It’s become almost comically obvious that the only obstruction that’s going on is the Democrats’ frantic efforts to keep giving CPR to this dying narrative to obstruct Trump from doing what he was elected to do: drain the swamp that they have inhabited so profitably for so long.

As I watched Sessions forcefully rebut the scurrilous accusations and unsourced innuendo against him, I couldn’t help thinking of the Jimmy Stewart movie, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” where a regular, small town American is targeted by corrupt Senators with false charges and refuses to back down, “even if they fill this chamber with lies.” New York’s Shakespeare in the Park production of “Julius Caesar” wasn’t the only place where anti-Trump Senators were ganging up for some back-stabbing, but Sessions called them out in a quote that deserves to be carved into the Congressional Hall of Shame, right next to “At long last, have you left no sense of decency?” Here’s the best part, but click the link to read more:

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“The suggestion that I participated in any collusion or that I was aware of any collusion with the Russian government to hurt this country, which I have served with honor for 35 years, or to undermine the integrity of our democratic process, is an appalling and detestable lie.”

After so many years of weasel words, pussyfooting and warm-and-fuzzy doubletalk out of DC, it’s actually refreshing to see someone look a group of two-faced politicians straight in the eye and tell them that they are peddling an “appalling and detestable lie.” Of course, the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) had their senses of decency removed with their tonsils, so they immediately began accusing Sessions of being “evasive” for refusing to reveal what he talked about with the President in confidential meetings (having backed Hillary for President, they must not grasp the concept of classified communications) and not fully answering a rambling question from Sen. Al Franken (maybe he was just taken aback and didn’t remember at first. Memories aren’t perfect, and sometimes people just forget things. For instance, Sen. Franken has probably tried very hard to forget “Stewart Saves His Family.”)

Even in the face of rising public frustration and impatience, the Democrats insist on distracting Administration officials (who, as Sessions reminded them, have real jobs to do) with this endless, expensive, destructive investigation of nothing. Of course, if they really cared about Russian collusion and obstruction of investigations in an attempt to affect the 2016 presidential race, they could look into Hillary Clinton and former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch. But they’re terrified to look into that because they might actually find something. While Sessions’ testimony reminded me of a classic patriotic movie, the Congressional Democrats remind me of an old joke: A passerby asks a drunk why he’s on his hands and knees under a street light. The drunk says he dropped his keys in the alley. The passerby asks, “Then why are you looking here?” The drunk says, “The light’s better here.” In this case, the real scandal is to the left, but the political advantage is in looking over on the right.

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Today’s Democrats are so desperate to wrest back power by any means necessary (other than actually listening to American voters) that they’ve become bigger McCarthyites than the worst 1950s villains ever depicted in a Hollywood blacklist movie. At least back then, Senators asked, “Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist Party?” Today’s Democratic Senators would destroy the careers and reputations of Trump’s aides and associates if they ever unknowingly waved “hi” back to a Russian across a crowded convention floor. And God help them if they ever petted a Russian wolfhound or ate a salad with Russian dressing!

I wish these Bernie-come-lately liberal Cold Warriors had been just a tiny fraction as tough on Russia back in the days when President Reagan stood up to the USSR and called it an “evil empire.” Their response then was to attack Reagan. Well, their attitudes toward Russia may change with the prevailing political winds, but at least they have one principle that remains consistent across the decades: Assume whatever position is expedient to attack Republicans.


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  • Charles haney

    06/15/2017 02:24 PM

    The scandal was already there dems didn't have to come up with anything trump is a scoundrel and has been his entire life

  • Margie Wateland

    06/15/2017 02:14 AM

    Mr Huckabee, on May 19th a person on the Tucker Carlson facebook page noted that he was just watching Rosenstein go into a room, his person (man) with him turned ON his phone; the display lit up, then he looked around as if to check if anyone was watching, turned his back on camera while placing the phone into his top jacket pocket, then as they walked toward the room, the man took another quick look behind and at the camera. He felt this was suspicious, and that if turning off the phone, the display would have blacked out but instead remained lighted. He was questioning if the guy was recording. I won't list the person's name here . At the time, I though Rosenstein was one of the good guys, but it seems to make more sense now.

  • Mary Jane grimaldi

    06/14/2017 10:17 PM

    Why don't we ask Hillary about her conversation with Russia when she gave them access to 20 percent of our uranium,thus reducing our stockpile should we encounter a nuclear war???

  • Mary Jane grimaldi

    06/14/2017 10:14 PM

    Why don't we ask Hillary about her conversation with Russia when she gave them access to 20 percent of our uranium,thus reducing our stockpile should we encounter a nuclear war???

  • Edith Clark

    06/14/2017 09:44 PM

    I heard Sessions say Comey was let go because of stopping the investigation on Hillary's emails. I think this is all a ruse to make Hillary's problems go away. The media doesn't want to hear truth. Just want to keep discrediting Trump

  • Samuel Smith

    06/14/2017 09:28 PM

    As I was growing up I was told that if you act on hate you would be blind to the true and you would look like very stupid.

  • Michele Hanken

    06/14/2017 09:12 PM

    Please help the President

  • Mrs Bernie Hedrick

    06/14/2017 07:17 PM

    Amen Governor,you said it right.keep up the good work,I can understand you better than any one else.

  • Lorelie Linton

    06/14/2017 05:05 PM

    Wish everyone made as much perfect sense of this as you do. Keep up the good work.

  • Patrick Flynn

    06/14/2017 04:32 PM

    Well said, governor.