July 16, 2018

Here’s Monday’s “comment of the day,” from Kendra Strecker, who sent it on the heels of Friday’s public hearing with FBI agent Peter Strzok and my suggested follow-up questions:


“Mike, I have 4 dogs, 2 cats and about 14 deer I pick up “poop” from daily and I can say this, I WOULDN’T WANT TO BE THE GUY WHO HAS TO CLEAN UP THE “POOP” IN THAT ROOM!!  Another thing I’d like to say, If President Trump (whom I support 1000%) would JUST ORDER ALL THE DOCS RELEASED, maybe we wouldn’t have to go through this “poop” at all!!”


Yes, Kendra, there was plenty of poop flying around in that hearing room, not just from the witness but from all those who were trying every legal or procedural trick in the book to help him avoid answering questions.  Never mind the smell of the testimony and general behavior in that room must have been been disgusting.  I think we can all give a hearty amen to that.


Legal expert Andrew C. McCarthy at NATIONAL REVIEW called this hearing before the House Judiciary and Oversight committees a “farce” and “an elaborate game of chicken.”  That’s an evocative choice of words, because if you’ve ever had to shovel out a chicken coop (I have), you know about bad smells.  If my readers’ comments are any indication --- and, gosh, it seems as though they would be --- it’s extremely obvious to all what is going on, and it’s making us sick to death.  Ironically, now that The Swamp has been partially exposed, its efforts to remain hidden are revealing even more of the murk.


At the same time, as McCarthy points out, Congress isn’t able to do much about it.  While on paper they have the power to compel production of evidence and to hold witnesses in contempt, that power isn’t working in practice.  They can’t hold witnesses in contempt until they have the will and the votes.  One problem is that the President keeps politicizing Mueller’s investigation by calling it a “witch hunt” and tying it to the Clinton email and “Trump/Russia” probes.  Yes, given the strong pro-Hillary taint of Mueller’s team, the term “witch hunt” seems applicable.  And, yes, the investigations ARE tied, largely through the involvement of smarmy swamp dweller Peter Strzok in all three.  But this accusation by the President gives the Democrats ammunition for their claim that in attacking the FBI and DOJ, Trump is just trying to undermine Mueller.      


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So, we have Strzok –- a real piece of work –- who won’t answer questions (though he says he would LOVE to).  We have FBI lawyers, who are directing him not to answer questions.  We have DOJ officials, who are complicit in the FBI’s order to Strzok not to answer questions.  Republicans are furious about all of this, but if they slap any of these swamp monsters with contempt charges, they know the response will be that they are just trying to stop Mueller from investigating “the attack on our democracy.”


As for Trump putting an end to this by simply firing the stonewallers and/or calling for the release of the documents being kept from congressional committees, he has no doubt been advised by his attorneys to stay away from any possible charges of obstruction, period.  (Though questionable, that advice is understandable; after all, the main justification for the Mueller special counsel was simply Trump’s firing of then-FBI Director James Comey, who richly deserved the boot.)  The committees are focused on the FBI and DOJ coverup and haven’t been giving Trump a hard time about his failure to act.  That’s starting to change, though; House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes called Sunday for him to declassify.  McCarthy points out that if the President were a Democrat, Republicans would be behaving differently –- pounding him relentlessly to just declassify everything.


It’s not possible to get to the truth without the real threat of contempt charges and the ability to get documentation BEFORE the questioning.  Strzok and all the other swamp creatures get to answer just the questions they want to, and there’s really no way to cross-examine them.  Something has to change, and I’m not sure how that’s possible unless Trump declassifies the documents relevant to the origin of the FBI investigation.






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I got another great comment from reader Paul Russ, about the need to fire Peter Strzok.  After Lisa Page’s continued testimony on Monday, I plan to address this very issue, because (if my understanding is correct) Page is no longer employed by the FBI while Strzok technically is.  We have to wonder:  does Page get to have a row of FBI attorneys sitting behind her, as Strzok had, to shield her from questions?  Rep. John Ratcliffe told Maria Bartiromo on Sunday that there were “significant differences in her testimony from Agent Strzok as it relates to these text messages, what she thought some of them meant, and she gave us new information that he either wouldn’t or couldn’t, that confirms some of the concerns that we have about these investigations and the people involved.”


The flip side of firing Strzok is that the Inspector General can question only those who are currently working in government.  But maybe Horowitz is through questioning both of them and will also obtain their congressional testimony.  Anyway, here’s Paul’s comment:


“After today’s testimony by FBI agent Peter Strzok before a congressional committee, it is obvious why Strzok has not been fired from the FBI.  He is being represented by FBI attorneys who want to control the narrative.  Strzok and the FBI attorneys are colluding with the FBI to protect the FBI.


“If Strzok were fired by the FBI, he would need independent counsel.  In this situation, Strzok would be more likely to tell the truth, to provide information about his superiors and those who worked for him and would be more likely to detail DOJ involvement.  He would do these things given his legal exposure from which he is now still protected by the FBI and others who have a vested interest in a continuing coverup.


“Time to fire Strzok.”



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  • Diane Rowlands

    07/27/2018 11:52 PM

    i cannot believe that Strozk is getting paid. This is really terrible. I hope they fire him.

  • Dennis Davis

    07/17/2018 07:49 AM

    Hi Mike,
    Love your articles and the great job you do. Love your daughter too. She is great one fine upstanding tough young woman. She is a sweetheart for sure.

    My question is why do we not get the man who gave us many leads about Crooked Hillary and much more in 2016 before and during the election Julian Assange. It appears to me that he knows much. He gave many leads and I also think he knows who murdered my Supreme Court Justice Antoni S. (as far as I am concerned he was killed until someone proves me wrong) I think it was our own CIA ordered from the WH, and I also think the Russian thing is a DNC CIA plot also. So what is the hurt of giving Julian Assange the ability to give us his findings on all that has been going on? I think it is worth every effort to get his info. and investigate it.

    Dennis Davis - Iowa

  • David Morrison

    07/17/2018 12:31 AM

    I heard that some Demoncrat said that Peter Strzok should be awarded a Purple Heart. I agree, but let's do it right. Let's send him to a active battlefield, put him on the front lines and when he gets shot or blown up we can give him or his widow the metal. If this sounds "off the wall" it is no less so than suggesting that his experience in being questioned about his illegal activities is comparable to the experiences of our military heroes.

  • Joe Analco

    07/16/2018 10:49 PM

    As a retired law enforcement officer, I am surprised (Not!) that FBI Agent Strzok was not ordered to talk and tell the truth by his superior supervisor. If he refuses then he would be fired for insubordination for not complying with a direct order. Then he would be informed of his constitutional rights and given the opportunity to make a statement or not. Through this type of procedure he would be subjected to future criminal and civil actions, requiring him to get his own legal defense. But of course, the swamp is so deep in corruption, that we the honest public, are watching the long awaited destruction of our nation, by a cabal, that put their people in all the right places of power. The proof of this opinion we must consider all the questionable actions done by the Obama Administration, The Clintons questionable financial and criminal actions, and watching a political party going so far as becoming a radical and violent action group that wants to recreate a America by only one group. No Personal Rights, No Media Truth, No Personal Financial Stability, and all information and direction subjected to One Government Control. Just look at the states that are forcing out their middle class groups, questionable liberal voting rights, increasing taxes and not fully supporting governing laws to mention a few items. Yes, the Swamp is real and the damage is being done. ????WAKE UP AMERICA!

  • toni venneberg

    07/16/2018 10:28 PM

    its time to fire him. Time for Trump to declassify all those emails. Time to get on with running the country. The Dem's are going to try to throw him under the bus no matter what he does.

  • Keith Blagg

    07/16/2018 03:49 PM

    Looks like the Mueller investigation is dragging on for another reason! The FBI and Mr. Strzok won’t/can’t answer all questions because “the investigation is still ongoing”!

  • D Katzer

    07/16/2018 03:01 PM

    Why is it that there is no "order" in these sessions? Instead of allowing people to speak out of turn, or without being "recognized", the order should be that they are removed from the room for so doing. Then the dems can't "grandstand" and thwart the answers that should be given and listened to! There are "laws of order" that are being ignored for some strange reason....

  • philip crane

    07/16/2018 02:38 PM

    When do you think Mueller will start calling any witnesses or people that were connect to the JFK assassination? After all he has unlimited powers as the faux special counsel for the faux Russian conspiracy investigation and could actually spend years going back to Christ's Crucifixion. This current investigation could be named a crusty-fiction.

  • Theresa Carver

    07/16/2018 02:28 PM

    Regarding Strzok's testimony....uh....I mean lying rant.... I was especially taken by his explanation of what "we" meant when he wrote, "We will stop it." He states that he meant the American people. If that were the case, in which previous text did he reference the American people so that the person on the other end would understand that's what he meant. If I were a betting person, I would wager there isn't any other mention of the American people. And when Strzok said he would be more than happy to INDULGE Trey Gowdy's request, I was appalled! He's a fraud and a cad. I pray God grants the American people justice and not only exposes the swamps misdeeds, but get prosecuted as well. Thanks, Governor!

  • Mary Barto

    07/16/2018 01:33 PM

    We are totally 100,000,000% for all that Trump is doing. We don't understand why it's so difficult to 'nail' Ryan the RINO and whomever is in 'bed' with him in Congress...!! Why can't Trump fire Sessions...who seems to us to be a 'do nothing' kinda guy...! ? Why hasn't the CA Rep. who is calling for violence against anyone who is a Trump supporter been excoriated by Congress? Someone needs to create a public WALL of SHAME for anyone who is trying to defeat Trump at every turn. We need Names and Offenses...!! And lastly...why can't someone make McConnell change the 'STUPID' Filibuster Rule back to the Majority of votes, so the Senate can actually get something done. The Senate can't find their 'you know what' with both hands...they can't even pass Kate's Law...!!
    Do you think we're a tad disgusted??

  • Cheryl Jongeneel

    07/16/2018 12:53 PM

    WHAT IN THE WORLD DO YOU MEAN BY THIS... "Never mind the smell of Trump supporters at the Walmart" I shop at Walmart and I smell just fine, thank you! Grrrrrr

  • Bo Ehrig

    07/16/2018 12:37 PM

    Knowing that Trump is really smart, I think he is saving declassification for the right time before the midterms. Once everyone sees what's there it will be a slam dunk in getting all the republicans elected. Trump holds all the cards and knows when to show them.

  • Virginia Cox

    07/16/2018 11:42 AM

    This makes me nauseous. It is not fair. We no longer have a justice system. This FBI agent headed up the email "matter", did not follow protocol and the list of criminal wrongdoing is just too long to type. Hillary is free to continue Pay for play with the Clinton Foundation. Soros is still funding OFA and DNC with his tentacles into our institutions of government, Church, academia and has decapitated our Republic. Our ancestors fought, bled, sacrificed all for nothing. Obama ruined this great nation. When there is no equal justice under the law, we have no law. Our ancestors are rolling over in their graves. All we can do now is pray and fast because the demons are at large and only Christ can intervene. God help us all.

  • kevin bean

    07/16/2018 11:23 AM

    I am very curious what organization, government or private, moves an employee into the HR department after they have been involved in an extramarital affair inside the very same organization. So why is Strzok still with the FBI? Obviously he is biased, and at the very least Mueller believes that any normal person would agree he certainly appears biased. Obviously given his temperament and attitude ----Feeling the need to represent the US citizens --"We (insert on behalf of the citizens) will stop them". He obviously knows better than any of us common folk.

    There is a saying from Lyndon B. Johnson -- "it's better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in" ----Obviously the FBI feels the same way

  • Jay French

    07/16/2018 11:21 AM

    Forgotten is Huber who has over 40,000 sealed indictments a few of which have been unsealed & led to arrests.
    Frankly Rosenstein needs to continue to keep documents away from Congress.
    Why ?
    Short answer is Schumer who is a Leak Machine.
    Long answer is to allow Huber to continue to root out all Deep State & former administration criminal acts & issue indictments. By not having evidence leaked, those who committed these acts are not able to destroy evidence or further push Main Stream Media to put forth a dis-information campaign.
    Has anyone noticed the sudden Mainstream Media approach to making pedophile activity more acceptable comparing it to the former struggle made by the LBGT community ? Could the answer to this be contained in the Huber indictments which may possibly include high level profile people including members of the past administration ?
    Expect the answers to become public knowledge shortly. Grab a huge bag of popcorn this may prove to be highly entertaining.

  • Mike Smith

    07/16/2018 11:10 AM

    Hi Mike,
    I keep hearing people talk about firing Mueller.
    He shouldn't be fired, he should have another prosecutor placed in charge of him, to start managing what he does. It shouldn't take very long at all before he would quit. Even if he didn't, he should be kept on a tight leash.

  • Laurie Giesler

    07/16/2018 10:46 AM

    These ‘hearings’ are in my opinion for the sole purpose of bringing a cause to declassify. If the President isn’t given a reason, it can be claimed doing so is for political gain. There are a select few who have had the opportunity to see what’s been going on (i.e., Nunes), so how do you awaken the general public without the benefit of the MSM which has not done investigative journalism since the 1970s? I feel for the ‘horsemen’ who had to sit through nine hours of that insanity. They know the answers to the questions! Those who have been awake to the treasonous actions of the last few administrations are patiently waiting for the 40,000+ sealed indictments to be released. We want our nation back! Drain the swamp, scrub it out and drain it Again! It is time the alphabet agencies be restructured to eliminate their independence of the federal government!! The Reserve, as well!! It is the biggest, secret societal leech of the Swamp!

  • Rosemarie Kaupp

    07/16/2018 10:39 AM

    "The plot thickens" as Strzok is protected by the FBI instead of facts becoming clearer. How very discouraging for our country and President. I truly pray the President will be protected and the light will shine on these misdeeds and justice will somehow prevail.

  • David dwinell

    07/16/2018 10:32 AM

    Where is the weasel Sessions in all of this. He is a perfect swamp dweller, the sgt Shultz of the DOJ. I can’t believe Trump puts up with the guy

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    07/16/2018 10:21 AM

    If it were your or me...we would have been sworn in and thrown under the bus long before this. This is the United States of America right? where ALL are created equal? Then we should have the same justice appointed to EVERYONE, not just some who have certain jobs. We recently saw this here in FL where a person from the Legislature went out at 2 am, ran through and over a stop sign, up on the sidewalk and to a Taco Bell; the arresting officer smelled alcohol on his breath; the legislator refused to blow; later, he got off stating he had taken a prescription drug and should not have been driving. He didn't loose his license, have to got to the mandatory DUI classes, attend the meetings which include the AA meetings and pay the Thousands of dollars out, like everyone else. He is a legislator and got off and got to keep his job.

  • Debra Bedford

    07/16/2018 10:14 AM


  • Carbine Williams

    07/16/2018 09:55 AM

    They should all be fired and then prosecuted for treason against the Republic

  • Kathleen Sliter

    07/16/2018 09:45 AM

    Dear Sir:
    I support our president with all my heart. I cheer when he tweets something that sets the MSM on their collective ears. I shout for joy when he talks to our Allies in a manner they may never have heard before. He loves America & the "deplorables" WE THE PEOPLE. His efforts for the protection of our nation from without are estimable & they are working; but, now he must concentrate his efforts on the survival of America from within. He must, for the safety of our nation order the FBI & the DOJ to comply with all the requests from Congress in regards to releasing documents & whatever they ask for. Rome fell from the enemies within. America was on the same path due to Obama's efforts. With "our Donald" we have the opportunity to stop the rot from the true DEPLORABLES who dwell in the swamp.