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February 25, 2023

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey gave Kansas City Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner a choice of quitting or being fired. She refused to quit, so Bailey has begun the legal process of firing her, which requires proving to a judge that she has neglected her duties and needs to be removed. That seems like a Michael Jordan-level slam dunk.

Gardner is yet another George Soros-backed Democrat prosecutor who refuses to do her job and instead lets criminals run wild in the name of social “justice.” The last straw came after 21-year-old Daniel Riley was allegedly speeding, ignored a Yield sign and struck a car and 16-year-old Janae Edmondson. She lost both legs and is still hospitalized in critical condition.

Riley was out on bail awaiting trial for a 2020 armed robbery and had reportedly violated the terms of his bond at least 50 times, but Gardner’s office did not move to revoke his bond.

Bailey said this is standard procedure for Gardner: "So a law enforcement referral comes in, she files a charge and then she doesn't move the case at all, she fails to move those cases to disposition. So these cases languish on dockets and are eventually dismissed. The circuit attorney failed to file a motion to revoke and now we have another victim in the city of St. Louis because she refused to do her job." Sounds like the modus operandi of every Soros-backed "prosecutor."

How much blood of innocents has to be on the hands of these leftist DA’s before we see state officials finally take action like this to remove them? Sadly, in deep blue cities, the voters won’t remove them. Even Nancy Pelosi admitted that in some places, a glass of water with a (D) after its name could get elected. In these cases, the voters keep electing glasses of arsenic.

And More Of This, Too:

The Forsyth County, Georgia, school district was ordered to pay over $107,500 (mostly in legal fees) to a group of moms called the Mama Bears for violating their First Amendment free speech rights by banning them from reading pornographic school materials given to their children at school board meetings.

To be fair, the board was right: nobody should be reading that stuff at a school board meeting. There might be children present.

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