December 7, 2020

President Trump is threatening to veto a crucial military spending bill if it doesn’t include the removal of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. That’s the law that protects social media companies from lawsuits as long as they act as neutral platforms rather than editors promoting an agenda, a responsibility that most of them treat with as much respect as a puppy shows to your carpeting. But the military bill’s sponsors say Section 230 is not connected to this and shouldn’t be in it, since, as we all know, Congress never inserts unrelated items into large spending bills.

Trump is concerned that if he leaves office, this will be the last chance to force the social media giants to obey the law, since Democrats are benefitting immensely from their illegal politicking. However, the socials could be sailing toward a couple of icebergs they hadn’t anticipated having to dodge.

I told you already about the DOJ lawsuit against Facebook for its alleged illegal hiring practices that discriminate against American applicants in favor of foreign visa holders. Now, the Washington Examiner reports that more than 40 states plan to join an antitrust lawsuit against Facebook, seeking that it be broken up to end its monopolistic policies. It’s not yet clear what the focus of the suit will be, but aside from Facebook’s infamous silencing of conservative voices, it also has a history of using its massive cash resources to buy up new start-ups that might become competitors, such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

An interesting side issue is that if more than 40 states plan to join the suit, that means it’s not just Republican states but a lot of blue states, too. Facebook will be facing a bipartisan effort to break it up that is backed by at least 4/5ths of the states. Sounds like a lot of people are ready to unfriend Mark Zuckerberg.

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  • ken moore

    01/13/2021 01:18 PM

    section 230 needs to be removed from protecting social media without that removal we are doomed to content chosen by a view not considering another view

  • Ann King

    12/10/2020 04:11 PM

    This conservative voice left Facebook on 11/13. Unfriend Zuck? Check.

  • Don williams

    12/08/2020 02:04 PM

    President Trump is, as usual, correct. Section 230 needs to be drastically amended, if not totally deleted. These anti-constitutionalists running, FaceBook, Twitter and others, should not be allowed to use the airways and censure American speech. They are nothing but propaganda machines for foreign interests and are enemies of the USA and our Constitution!

  • Bob Grace

    12/07/2020 05:46 PM

    Facebook needs to back off their "holier than thou" attitude the "fact checkers" have. They NEVER remove or "fact check" a liberal post, although most people know it is false. They need to have a lawsuit against them for all the lame stuff they do.


    12/07/2020 05:36 PM