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May 26, 2021

Recently, Van Morrison, Roger Daltrey and Johnny Rotten have all spoken out against the curse of “wokeness.” Now, add another name from the rock world: Sean Ono Lennon, the musician son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

He posted some very insightful comments on Twitter about how the “woke” left’s obsession with race and dividing people into oppressed and oppressors is setting back race relations and making things worse. He says he’s now getting far more racist attacks on his Japanese heritage than he did before all the “anti-racists” came in. And I love his observation about the “least interesting interesting thing”: that someone’s arbitrary birth status such as race might seem interesting at first, but once you get to know who they really are inside, it becomes the least interesting “interesting thing” about them.

If people are going to listen to celebrities on Twitter, far better that they follow Sean Ono Lennon than the “C-list celebrities” who are promoting violence against Sen. Rand Paul and his family, and yet who, remarkably, have not been banned from Twitter.

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  • Sonny Chance

    05/26/2021 10:10 AM

    Everyday, my PO box is stuffed with request for money. And I do mean "stuffed to the max". Each and everyone claims they need money to fight the numerous factions and atrocities of the "other team". Many are so-called conservative organizations I have never heard of. Each one pushing some emotional button, including guilt, shame,and of course, good old fear to get money from Americans. They imply that if I don't send money IMMEDIATELY, I don't care about America or the disastrous course in which it is spiraling out of control. I am sick of it.
    I got an idea. Why don't all of the so-called conservative organizations, conservative politicians, conservative talk show host, x-so-called conservative politicians and bureaucrats, and anyone else who wants our money and claims to be "fighting" for our country use their resources to "UNITE" with one common goal. SAVE AMERICA. Anyone ever heard of strength in numbers? Obviously, the "other team" has.
    We are still divided. The overwhelming issues these conservatives attempt to exploit can not be addressed without a Democracy of and for the people. All the people. People protected by our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and strict adherence to common sense Rule of Law.