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February 24, 2023



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The World Bank

This is a story that will get very little coverage in the media because they think their audience doesn’t care, and they’re probably right. But they should care because it’s one of those “shifting important issues leftward behind closed doors” issues, like Biden’s attempts to hound conservatives off of regulatory boards like the FCC and replace them with radical left activists. So I’ll report on it.

The current president of the World Bank, Trump appointee David Malpass, announced that he’s stepping down a little early, as of June 30th, and President Biden (or whoever actually picks his appointees) has nominated as his replacement former MasterCard CEO Ajay Banga.

As the Daily Caller reports, on paper, Banga has an impressive resume in the business and finance worlds, but he also has connections to big name Democrats like Barack Obama and Kamala Harris. The open question is what will be his top priority as head of the World Bank? Malpass saw it as eliminating poverty, but Biden wants to shift the mission to fighting “climate change.” Or to put it in more general terms, shifting from free markets and capitalism that help lift the poor out of poverty to government control, socialism and planned shortages that harm the poor disproportionately.

“Climate change,” or as the media like to call it for maximum biased hysteria, “the climate crisis,” is primarily a First World worry, one of those issues that people obsess over when they don’t have real pressing problems to deal with. People who are dying of hunger don’t really care how much methane gas the cow burped, they just want a hamburger. You might have noticed all the wealthy people who lecture us on our carbon footprints like to take private jets to five-star resorts, where they eat gourmet food while telling the rest of us to stay home and eat bugs. They talk about human beings as if they were a pestilence on the Earth, and it would be better for Gaia if a few billion of them died (not including themselves, of course.) Their biggest fear is that impoverished people in Third World nations might achieve more comfortable lives that would generate CO2. Better that those people remain in poverty and squalor, earning pennies for mining minerals to build batteries for their $100,000 electric cars.

Naturally, these people are very concerned that Banga isn’t enough of a tunnel-visioned “green” activist for their tastes. He’s described climate change as a challenge of “humanity versus nature” that requires trade-offs. They want no trade-offs and are appalled at the very idea of considering how their policies might harm “humanity.” Personally, I hope that Banga will disappoint them keenly, even enrage them, by continuing to use the World Bank to improve the conditions of the poor rather than indulge the obsessions of the rich. Only time will tell, but let us pray he surprises us by actually being the first competent and intelligent Biden appointee.

Toxic Creepiness Spill

“Transportation” Secretary Pete Buttigieg asked to take a photo of a Daily Caller reporter who was asking him why it took him so long to visit East Palestine, Ohio, after the toxic train derailment.

Many people are asking why, and none of the possibilities are good. I suspect it’s to send to the Biden DOJ so they can use facial recognition technology to identify her, arrest her and charge her with insurrection for actually asking him a tough question.

Speaking of Buttigieg, he finally showed up in East Palestine, Ohio, on Thursday, 20 days after the toxic train derailment and one day after Donald Trump visited and actually did something to help people. Buttigieg, however, didn’t even help himself. Quite the opposite, in fact.

During his visit, Buttigieg mispronounced the name of the town. He tried to blame the derailment on train deregulation under Trump (I’ve already explained twice that the rule changes under Trump had nothing to do with this incident, and the Democrats were fully in charge for two years and could have changed the rules themselves at any time.) He seemed to make it all about himself (asked if he should’ve come sooner, he admitted he waited too long to express himself but said, “I’m trying to strike the right balance.”) Then in a Biden-level foot-in-mouth moment, he said that he’d lost his train of thought.

Just what East Palestine needed: Another train wreck.

Speaking of train wrecks that spill toxic garbage, Joy Bahar on “The View” spewed a comment so offensive that it sparked outrage and headlines and actually forced me to report on what was said on “The View,” something I usually drop into my circular “Who Cares?” file.

Swallowing the White House excuse of blaming Trump without bothering to do five minutes of research, Bahar addressed the conservative townspeople by barking, “That’s who you voted for, in that district. Donald Trump, who reduces all safety. He did, in those days.”

Obvious implication: you deserve to suffer a toxic train derailment because you voted for the candidate that I irrationally hate. I keep saying this over and over, but this is why it’s called “Trump DERANGEMENT Syndrome.”

And here’s more of it: No, Trump did NOT give the townspeople decade-old expired bottled water. You'll probably hear that on "The View" today.

Related: I don’t want to join in the blame game and try to point fingers at who is responsible (FYI: the real issue of blame should be less about who is responsible for the wheel bearing overheating than who allowed those toxic substances to be moved on that train at all), but as long as the Biden White House started it, here’s an intriguing theory they won’t like. Maybe the ultimate cause of the derailment was the “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion” insanity that has swept corporations and that Biden is forcing onto the federal government.

Investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel has been looking into Norfolk Southern railroad, and he reports that the company has proudly and completely embraced the whole DEI, “stakeholder capitalism,” “climate change” woke corporate agenda. Schachtel says it’s made clear in their 2022 ESG (“environmental social governance”) report that “Norfolk is committed to hiring its workforce on the basis of gender and skin color, and not merit.”

To be clear, this is just supposition, but what if this disaster was actually caused by an incompetent maintenance staff created by prioritizing the left’s racial quota hiring agenda over experience and competence? That would mean the cause of this train wreck is exactly the same as the cause of the train wreck in the White House.

Think it’s too much of a stretch to connect transportation disasters to the DEI push (or more appropriately, DIE) forcing the hiring of incompetent workers? As Tucker Carlson reported this week, it’s already happening in the air transportation industry.

Project Veritas update

Yet another update on the roller coaster tale of James O’Keefe being ousted from Project Veritas, the undercover investigative outlet he founded. Following massive blowback from donors, the PV board is desperately trying to put out the word that, no, of course O’Keefe hasn’t resigned, he’s just been suspended for a limited time.

My favorite observation to come out of this baffling story is that it’s hard to believe that if O’Keefe really was some kind of monster to his staff that nobody at Project Veritas ever thought of capturing it on a hidden camera to prove it.

More Of This, Please

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey gave Kansas City Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner a choice of quitting or being fired. She refused to quit, so Bailey has begun the legal process of firing her, which requires proving to a judge that she has neglected her duties and needs to be removed. That seems like a Michael Jordan-level slam dunk.

Gardner is yet another George Soros-backed Democrat prosecutor who refuses to do her job and instead lets criminals run wild in the name of social “justice.” The last straw came after 21-year-old Daniel Riley was allegedly speeding, ignored a Yield sign and struck a car and 16-year-old Janae Edmondson. She lost both legs and is still hospitalized in critical condition.

Riley was out on bail awaiting trial for a 2020 armed robbery and had reportedly violated the terms of his bond at least 50 times, but Gardner’s office did not move to revoke his bond.

Bailey said this is standard procedure for Gardner: "So a law enforcement referral comes in, she files a charge and then she doesn't move the case at all, she fails to move those cases to disposition. So these cases languish on dockets and are eventually dismissed. The circuit attorney failed to file a motion to revoke and now we have another victim in the city of St. Louis because she refused to do her job." Sounds like the modus operandi of every Soros-backed "prosecutor."

How much blood of innocents has to be on the hands of these leftist DA’s before we see state officials finally take action like this to remove them? Sadly, in deep blue cities, the voters won’t remove them. Even Nancy Pelosi admitted that in some places, a glass of water with a (D) after its name could get elected. In these cases, the voters keep electing glasses of arsenic.

And More Of This, Too:

The Forsyth County, Georgia, school district was ordered to pay over $107,500 (mostly in legal fees) to a group of moms called the Mama Bears for violating their First Amendment free speech rights by banning them from reading pornographic school materials given to their children at school board meetings.

To be fair, the board was right: nobody should be reading that stuff at a school board meeting. There might be children present.


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  • Warren Coryell

    02/26/2023 10:48 PM

    Your Bible verses are not opening in my emails. They block out. I still want verses to beable to open so can read

  • Mary Beth Spivey

    02/24/2023 07:35 PM

    After watching the poor people of East Palestine suffer from the train derailment disaster, it occurred to me why hasn’t Samaritan Purse made an effort to help. Isn’t that part of their mission, to show up and help in disasters?

  • Ron Porter

    02/24/2023 02:58 PM

    Need to squash that magit! Get Trump back here quick!

  • Jerry

    02/24/2023 02:28 PM

    The intent of democrats are to be insulting with matters that are of real concern I sometimes see clips of the truth being mangled into outrageous false rather insane responses. It is the career fool that makes a very good living falsifying real facts making false witnesses to harm ones reputation one of the 10 Cammanments that Democrats disobey thousands of times on MSM and other propaganda outlets. No shame in the disobeying the 10 Commandments the Dem loves the abortion of babies Thou shall not kill is completely ignored the mean girls of the view 10 commandments what 10 commandments not a clue nor do they care it appears the devil is their companion with all the time I pray to keep the devil away from me that is why when I see a clip of the View members when Fox or another show them I switch the channel till they are gone just so discussing being a human the devil is always sneaking around trying to get me I do use the shield of Jesus like a cross and garlic to a Vampire the Dem will push a good human into a bad human if given a chance look to our Dem run cities what do you see I see the Devil at work.


  • Anne Turner

    02/24/2023 02:03 PM

    I have no objection if air and rail wants to do some community service by giving some aspiring ex prisoners or kids needing training a chance based on their needs, however that has to include intense training and monitoring, keeping only those who are serious, pass tests, etc. Are our planes going to crash because a screw wasn’t fastened properly due to lack of training or carelessness. The lowliest maintenance person for transit of any kind, including cars and trucks, has the safety of people in his/her hands. Whether people like it or not we live in a world with other people and it is our moral duty to be concerned about their safety.

    You are absolutely right, if your family is starving you do not care about the environment, diversity, the alphabet people, or skin color. You only care about feeding your family. That is how communism creeps into countries. Look at China. The average life span of people under the warlords was late thirties. The people were ripe for Mao. Think how much better off the Chinese people would now be with a democratic government but I can understand why they supported Mao. Brutal, grasping dictators encourage communism and who can blame an abysmally poor people. If you had been a serf in Russia what would you have done. Be grateful we had foreparents with wisdom and education that allowed them to form our government.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    02/24/2023 01:13 PM

    Too bad liar liar pants on fire isn't a reality. Otherwise news programs and political speeches would be a lot more fun to watch

  • Karen Ray

    02/24/2023 12:39 PM

    You have access to many people who would like to run for office and I was wondering if you would encourage them to not throw dirt on each other in the upcoming presidential race? If they use their platform to inform the voters why they are the best candidate to vote for and save the "mud slinging" for clashes with the opposing party, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. I really enjoy your Morning News!

  • stephen russell

    02/24/2023 12:26 PM

    RR Reforms:

    Color code toxic cargo cars A-Z: Red, White, Yellow, Orange.
    X train RR crews
    Local Hazmat Teams on route
    More sensors
    Or rerun Worse next time