October 4, 2019

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News about Trump and the attempts to undermine him is blasting like water from a fire hose. But we won’t let you drown; here are the highlights for today:

First, for those of you who (like me) have always suspected Rod Rosenstein was doing much more behind the scenes to facilitate the Mueller investigation, there’s new evidence that our suspicions were on target. Judicial Watch has obtained Justice Department documents that include an email from Rosenstein to Robert Mueller advising him that “the boss and his staff do not know about our communications.” On May 16, 2017, the day before Mueller’s appointment, he emailed former deputy Attorney General Mark Filip to say, “I am with Mueller. He shares my views. Duty calls. Sometimes the moment chooses us.” He also kept in touch with a number of strongly anti-Trump media contacts. There’s much more...this press release from Judicial Watch is a must-read:


With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

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The AOC townhall story

By Mike Huckabee

A woman showed up at a townhall by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and told her the Green New Deal didn’t solve the CO2 problem fast enough. She said the world was going to end in seven months if we don’t reduce the population now, and while a Swedish professor said we should eat dead people, that’s not fast enough, so "we got to start eating babies! We don't have enough time! ... We have to get rid of the babies! ... We need to eat the babies!"  She eventually took off her jacket to reveal a T-shirt reading, “Save the planet, eat the children.”

Some conservative commentators made sport of the display, which frankly sounded like a piece of satirical political theater to me.  They also criticized AOC for letting this go on and not making it clear to the woman that the solution to cleaning the environment was not to kill and eat babies (well, not to eat them…killing babies apparently is a big part of the left’s overall plan.)  AOC tweeted, “This person may have been suffering from a mental condition and it’s not okay that the right-wing is mocking her and potentially make (sic) her condition or crisis worse. Be a decent human being and knock it off.”

She has a point.  Although it’s also a bit self-serving because if we’re not allowed to criticize leftwing activists just because they might have mental conditions, that puts an awful lot of our opponents off limits for discussion.   


“The Anesthetic Effect of Ukrainegate”

By Mike Huckabee

In an excellent piece at American Greatness called “The Anesthetic Effect of Ukrainegate,” Julie Kelly observes that the phony “outrage” over President Trump’s discussion of investigating Joe Biden’s pressure on Ukraine to fire its prosecutor (i.e., “doing his job”) is meant to do more than gin up bogus grounds for impeachment.  It’s also intended to distract the public from the coming revelations of real corruption in the previous Administration and its covert targeting of Trump and his campaign and Administration, and to anesthetize the public from being too angry when they finally learn the truth by creating a false equivalency: "Okay, so the Obama Deep State did use Russia and other foreign actors to try to sabotage Trump’s campaign, but Trump tried to get Ukraine to look into Biden!  See?  They’re all the same, everyone does it, nothing to see here, time to move on…"

They desperately hope that by the time the ugly truth about their own side's actions is revealed, you’ll be so tired of hearing about this fake scandal that you won’t pay attention to a very real one, possibly the worst abuse of power in American political history.

You might want to bookmark this article so when your friends – or if you’re on social media, your “friends” – try the “everyone does it, it’s all the same” feeble defense, you’ll have it handy.  She does a good job of comparing the two scenarios apples-to-rotten apples, and shows that they are not equivalent in the least.

And if some of the names and details are fuzzy and confusing after so many twists and turns, remember, “Huckabee” writer and singer/song parodist Laura Ainsworth made it easy for you to catch up by setting the entire plot and cast of characters to the tune of “American Pie.” Enjoy and share.




Interesting Hunter Biden story

By Mike Huckabee

This is an interesting angle on the Hunter Biden story I haven’t seen anyone else bring up.  Let’s pretend we’re the mainstream media and we see nothing fishy whatsoever about Hunter Biden being given a job he has no qualifications for, finding Waldo while sitting in on board meetings at Burisma energy company in Ukraine during a period when his dad was Vice President and could block or open the flow of US money to Ukraine. Just imagine that’s a perfectly normal business arrangement.  But how normal was his salary?

At the link is a chart comparing the annual revenues and board member compensation for a number of oil and gas companies.  Those in the size range of Burisma pay their non-employee board members $285-$330,000 a year, with most offering about two-thirds of that in stock (and remember: most of them have actual qualifications.) At $50,000 a month (some accounts have it as high as $80,000), Hunter Biden, who had no relevant experience and didn’t even speak the language, was paid at least $600,000 a year, all in cash.

But remember, if you think that maybe merits a second look by corruption investigators, you are a crazy conspiracy theorist and a political partisan.  And if you’re the President, you’re committing an impeachable offense, apparently by not being willfully blind and possibly brain dead.



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##Appellation##, I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:

My latest op-ed on the Fox News site, comparing the Trump economy to the Obama economy.  Spoiler alert: there's no comparison. Anyone who claims the current economy is just an extension of the last Administration’s must’ve been in a coma between 2008 and 2017.


Show of hands:  Who’s surprised that the Freedom From Religion Foundation has already launched a judicial conduct complaint, claiming that it was inappropriate and unconstitutional for the judge in the Amber Guyger trial to give Guyger her personal Bible, a hug and some encouraging words of faith after she was sentenced to ten years in prison – that is, AFTER the trial had ended, and her role as a judge was completed?

Not seeing any hands out there.  I guess this is my kind of crowd. 

Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

"The Lord bless thee, and keep thee:

The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:

The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace."

-Numbers 6:24-26Did you miss reading a newsletter recently?  Go to our archive here.

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  • Robert Reese

    10/05/2019 10:16 PM

    Dear Governor,

    Again, I ask why no discussion of what Hunter Biden did with one-third of the $1.5 Billion he received from China? Please check with Mark Levin of Fox News for the answer.

  • Sharon Rojas

    10/05/2019 07:49 PM

    You know as well as I do that President Trump is never surprised. He probably knew all along about Rosenstein and released it when it would hurt their cause the most. Bravo!

  • Gladys Hizer

    10/05/2019 02:41 PM

    Everything is so negative and hateful at times but reading your comments brings some balance. I believe your verses makes me, at least, aware of a higher power who allows this madness to go on so we pray harder and change what we can. Prayers have been keeping our president healthy, extremely productive, positive, focused on our country and most of all, his people, including those who hate him. I believe many have come around to his way of thinking and I, for one, love the fighting spirit. He has his detractors where he wants them, in my opinion, and hope the prayers from many continue. For the record, when I hear something in the news, I look for your views for my balance. I do watch a couple shows on Fox which do tell us what the other networks are saying so I can be in the know.

  • Ronald Gustine

    10/05/2019 11:41 AM

    Remember Jonathan Swift's writings of "The Modest Proposal". English writer of long ago on eating babies.

  • Bruce Moore

    10/04/2019 06:58 PM

    We love you Huckabee. WELL, I know I do!

  • Amelia Little

    10/04/2019 06:10 PM

    In the police woman's trial, the JURY had rendered a verdict and determined the sentence--the judge had nothing to do with either--and at no time said she didn't agree with them. IMO, after it was all over, including the victim impact statement by the brother, the only on whose opinion of what the judge did and said that matters was--the brother's. What she did was not inappropriate, illegal or anything else. Freedom from Religion really needs to re-read the Constitution regarding religion, anyway. They are bozos and their whining doesn't matter.

    About the whistleblower travesty. So, when reading the timeline about who knew what and when, it would seem that, AFTER schiff and friends knowing about the complaint was when somebody (ies) rewrote the part about a whistleblower has to have first hand knowledge of an incident? Seems that would have been written just for this complaint? One thing the democrats seem to not be aware of is--all these little changes they make (or demand) to fit their agenda to bring down President Trump AND the American people is, when the shoe is on the other foot, they would be subjected to all the changes they made. Well, except, of course, if that would happen they would try to change things back to what would benefit them.

  • Diane St.Aubin

    10/04/2019 04:42 PM

    You are the only news source, I've been reading lately. Thank you

  • JoAnn Levy

    10/04/2019 01:50 PM

    Hi Mike. Would you mind if I used your Washington Compost reference? Just checking..I don't want any copyright problems. It sure fits!!