June 5, 2019

The government of Queensland, Australia, is paying Al Gore $320,000 to attend a Climate Week Conference to “communicate the urgency of the climate crisis.” 

This has stirred angry criticism because in Queensland, important government programs are underfunded and farmers can’t even feed their cattle, but they apparently have 320 grand to give to Al Gore to fly in on a jumbo jet and lecture everyone to stop exhaling CO2. 

The former head of Western Mining said energy shouldn’t be political; that aside from wind and solar, there are renewable sources that actually work, like baseload hydro and nuclear, but “We don’t have either of these things. We have expensive gas.”

Thanks to Al Gore, Queensland is now paying even more for gas.

By the way, at the risk of being accused by greens of not knowing the difference between climate and weather (I do: weather only proves climate change when it supports the green side), it must be pointed out that as is often the case, Gore’s appearance to talk about apocalyptic global warming was accompanied by Queensland’s first snow storm since 2015. 

The environmental activists hate it when conservatives make jokes about the weather, but they can’t stop God from having a sense of humor.     

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  • Stan Watson

    06/05/2019 05:02 PM

    We are told by the leftists that climate change is a fact and that if we don’t give up all our money the world will end. In the OT prophets who predicted incorrectly were stoned to death. We should hold these modern day fear mongers to the same standards