May 8, 2017

 Some conservatives have been as dismissive as liberals of President Trump’s religious freedom executive order issued last week.  But I would argue that Trump’s critics are mistaken on two levels. 

First, they overestimate how much power the President has in this arena.  Maybe they forgot after eight years of Obama, but the President doesn’t write legislation.  Trump can only issue executive orders; but since that’s how most of the assault on religious freedom in the last term came about, simply ordering a little executive branch attitude adjustment might make a surprisingly big difference in the overall climate of religious freedom.  Second, they forget that Trump thinks like a businessman, not a politician.  When he issues an order to a top subordinate, such as the Attorney General, he expects it to filter down and be implemented throughout all departments, and that might take any number of forms.  Like a pebble dropped in a pond that creates many spreading ripples, that small generalized order may reverberate throughout the government, causing changes yet unforeseen. 

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Here’s a more in-depth look at exactly what the religious liberty order does and doesn’t do.   READ MORE.

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  • John Baxter

    05/08/2017 02:56 PM

    I agree wholeheartedly. POTUS Trump's executive order shores up our religious freedoms and helps to reverse the disturbing trends put into play for 8 years by Obama who tried to destroy religion by regulation. It is indeed NECESSARY for Trump to do this so that our religious freedom can be restored and strengthened. America for too long has been the proverbial frog in the slowly boiling pot with many of its people not realizing that little by little their religious freedoms were being dissolved daily. Thanks be to God, POTUS Trump is restoring our Constitutional guarantees, rights that Obama and the intolerant liberal left tried to destroy.

  • florence, michael vitiello

    05/08/2017 10:08 AM

    I would think as a representative of All the people you would have spoken to the historic significance of Cinco de Mayo ( same era as our Civil War 1862). A small town, Puelba, stood strong against the oppressive of the French Army.
    History repeats itself when oppression of the people becomes normalized by a government.