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June 23, 2022



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And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good,[a] for those who are called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28

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Florida's almost-Governor now being defended by Marc Elias

Ron DeSantis has been such a success as governor of Florida, it’s easy to forget that Democrat Andrew Gillum came within 38,000 votes statewide of winning that office. We should all thank our lucky stars, whether we live in Florida or not, that DeSantis made it and got the opportunity to show the nation how conservative principles translate into practical solutions. That's especially true now, when Gillum is once more in the news, this time for his indictment on numerous corruption charges.

We don’t want bury the lede, so let us just say: Gillum’s attorney is Hillary-connected former Perkins Coie lawyer Marc Elias. More on that later.

Recall that after losing in that election, Gillum –- once a rising star in the Democrat Party –- was caught in a drug-fueled sex orgy with a male escort who almost died from a drug overdose. Yes, Florida, this was almost your governor. Missed it by THAT MUCH.

Project Veritas captured video of one of Gillum’s employees saying he was very far-left, had to lie to win, and was “crazy, crazy, crazy.” Gillum himself remarked that Ron DeSantis supported slavery. He called DeSantis and Trump “pigs.” Lovely person. From 2018:

This guy was actually the mayor of Tallahassee, which might seem hard to believe until you hear that Tallahassee has the highest crime rate in the state. As reported by INDEPENDENT SENTINEL, anyone who brought this up was called (of course) a racist.

And, yes, Democrat “superlawyer” Marc Elias is defending Gillum against his 21-count indictment for conspiracy, fraud and making false statements. (What, Michael Avenatti wasn’t available?) He'll have his work cut out for him, as the indictment is reportedly accompanied by copious bank records and informant testimony.

As the WASHINGTON FREE BEACON reports, Elias is “a strange choice” for Gillum’s legal team. “Unless being friends with the Clintons counts, Elias has little apparent experience with federal criminal defense,” they say. As you know, in recent years his efforts have been concentrated mostly on election law at the state level, getting judges to eliminate safeguards that would have helped ensure the integrity of mail-in ballots. In the summer of 2020, he and his team of attorneys criss-crossed the country to use the legal system to pressure targeted “battleground” states to change the rules –- even if it meant going around state legislatures. These changes were ruthlessly exploited that November.

I would think it would be highly unusual to be friends with the Clintons without having at least a nodding acquaintance with criminal defense.

Gillum is accused of siphoning political contributions into his personal accounts after DeSantis won, accepting unreported gifts, and working with donors to conceal high-dollar contributions. One unintentionally humorous note in this story: Gillum might actually have defrauded GEORGE SOROS of up to $137,000. The way Soros throws his money around to leftists, I’m surprised he didn’t just GIVE Gillum the money for...well, whatever.

“That accusation is especially awkward for Elias,” the WFB continues, “because Soros is a longtime ally.” They were both major players on the Hillary team. After Trump beat Hillary, Elias even joined the board of a Soros-funded super-PAC. It might be no accident that Elias has these connections to both sides of the Gillum case; perhaps he has some way to leverage his unique position.

Elias released a statement that was the standard attorney blah-blah: “The government got it wrong today. The evidence in this case is clear and will show that Mr. Gillum is innocent of all charges. We look forward to putting this case to rest and giving Andrew and his family peace once and for all.”

See details of the indictment here.

According to the indictment, the FBI, looking into corruption in the city of Tallahassee in 2016, were “steered to” then-mayor Gillum and his mentor, Sharon Lettman-Hicks, who currently heads the National Black Justice Coalition and calls the investigation “racially motivated.” (And with DeSantis in the governor’s office, she sees “democracy in peril.”) So, the FBI must have been investigating Gillum while he was a candidate for governor. NBC News says Gillum “had been under federal investigation for years.”

Gillum was the kind of candidate Democrats sadly flock to: he checked a diversity box –- the first black candidate for governor in Florida –- and was a dynamic speaker, as if that alone could actually solve problems. His stated goal was to “turn Florida blue.” After he lost the governor’s race, he became (surprise!) a CNN commentator, Harvard University guest lecturer, and frequent guest on Bill Maher’s HBO show.

With elections this fall and Gillum’s upcoming trial, Marc Elias must be racking up the billable hours. NBC News has much more detail on the Gillum case..

Democrats in a nutshell

Here's the Biden Administration – indeed, all of the modern Democratic Party – in a nutshell: “Never let a crisis go to waste, even if it’s a crisis you have to create yourself.”

Praying for a full recovery for Senator Kevin Cramer

North Dakota Republican Sen. Kevin Cramer suffered a serious injury to his right hand over the weekend while working in the yard. He underwent surgery, and is staying close to medical care due to a high risk of infection and possible amputation. He will be away from the Senate until after July 4th.

As you can see, he’s in good spirits and keeping his sense of humor. I hope you’ll join me in sending prayers for a full recovery.

"Gender transition"

Republicans in the House and Senate have introduced bills that would allow people who undergo “gender transition” (there's no such thing, but that’s another issue) surgeries as minors to sue medical providers for damages if they later regret it. The bills would also bar federal laws that force doctors to provide such surgeries and prohibit federal funds from going to states that do so.

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton explained, "Gender-transition procedures aren’t safe or appropriate for children. Unfortunately, radical doctors in the United States perform dangerous, experimental, and even sterilizing gender-transition procedures on young kids, who cannot even provide informed consent. Our bill allows children who grow up to regret these procedures to sue for damages. Any doctor who performs these irresponsible procedures on kids should pay,"

Of course, the push by the Biden Administration and many school officials and trans activists to block parents from having any say over whether their kids undergo these surgeries deprives them of the traditional protection by the only people who are looking out for their interests without ulterior motives. They’ve swiftly “transitioned” from asking us to show tolerance and compassion for gender-confused minors to separating them from their parents and pressuring them to agree to dangerous, life-altering drugs and surgery, administered either by quack doctors playing God or reluctant doctors being forced to do it.

These bills have no chance of getting through the current House or Senate, since the Democrats have adopted unfettered abortion and mutilation of children as their two tent-pole issues. But maybe that will soon change.

In the meantime, for anyone who might be working up a furious tweet over this story or claim that gender transition surgery is a wonderful, helpful “best solution” in all cases, I’ll direct you to this very disturbing story from the New York Post. They talked to teenagers who felt extreme media, political and peer pressure to believe they needed these procedures and who are now trying to “detransition” after suffering a living nightmare and damage to their bodies that can never be undone. As one put it, “I was failed by the system. I literally lost organs.”

By the way, it also quotes a clinical psychologist who is very concerned that kids are being pressured and rushed into irreversible medical procedures instead of first addressing personal or mental health factors. And before she gets branded as a transphobe, it should be noted that she’s a transgender woman herself.

Move to ban trans women in rugby

First it was swimming, now the International Rugby League is moving to bar trans women from competing in women’s rugby leagues. It’s a long-overdue return of sanity and recognition of the biological reality that post-pubescent males have physical advantages that make it not only unfair for them to compete against women, but also dangerous in a rough contact sport like rugby.

Declining trust in media has nothing to do with "Trump's lies"

The media love to flatter themselves that “Trump’s LIES” are the reason people don’t trust them to be honest and objective. But before Trump ever came down the Trump Tower escalator to enter politics, I’d already published a book, “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy” (, warning media and political elites in NYC, L.A. and DC that they were completely out of touch with the rest of America. They spent so little time visiting or talking to 90% of the nation that they arrogantly referred to their own target audience as “flyover country.”

Their arrogance and ignorance sprang from their lack of interest in finding out what the people really thought. So no wonder it came as a shock when Trump won the presidency. They thought he had brainwashed all those voters when he was actually just saying the things they’d been saying for years, but the elites in the media and political capitals just weren’t listening.

Now, all these years later, and they’ve still learned nothing from Trump’s rise or my book. A new Rasmussen poll reveals yet again how hopelessly out of touch they are with the vast majority of Americans.

The pollster asked likely voters to rank the issues of most importance in the midterm elections, and asked members of the US legacy media the same question. Here’s what voters said was most important, in order from #1: Gas prices, inflation, the economy, violent crime, election integrity, school issues, election cheating and illegal immigration.

Here’s what the media members said were the most important issues, in order: Climate change, abortion rights, the January 6th Capitol riot investigation, COVID-19, LGBTQ issues and Ukraine.

As Monica Showalter at American Thinker points out, that’s a perfect score for the media: not a single issue that they think is most important appears on the list of the public’s concerns, nor do any of the public’s concerns appear on the media’s list. And they wonder why their ratings are in the outhouse? But as Ms Showalter writes, the media are undeterred by the public’s lack of interest in their obsessions and just keep hammering away, thinking they can force us to care about what they care about. In fact, all they’re doing is driving away viewers and readers and putting themselves out of business.

A new Pew Research Center has more proof of the disconnect between the major media outlets and the American public (as well as reality.)

That survey found that media members think they’re doing a great job in these five areas: covering the most important stories of the day, reporting the news accurately, serving as a watchdog over elected leaders, giving voice to the underrepresented and managing/correcting misinformation (i.e., the laughable “fact-checkers.”) The public, however, begs to differ. The biggest gap was in “Reporting the news accurately.” 65% of media members think they’re doing a very or somewhat good job of that. 35% of the public agrees.

Question: if you owned a restaurant and were convinced you served really good food, but only 35% of the public agreed, how long do you think you’d stay in business?

"Stop complaining" lectures out-of-touch, elite, media member

Speaking of stunningly out-of-touch media members, Washington Post columnist Michelle Singletary is getting major blowback for her appearance Wednesday on MSNBC in which she arrogantly lectured Americans to “stop complaining” about inflation and high gas prices because “Overall, many Americans are not suffering as much as they think they are.”

She said a lot of Americans are “uncomfortable that they’re spending more, but they are not gonna go under…There are Americans who did extremely well in the last two years in the market. You still have your job. And yeah, it’s costing you more for gas, but guess what? You’re still going to take that holiday, that Fourth of July vacation, you can still eat out, so I’m gonna need you to calm down and back off.” Yeah, how dare you peasants complain when you're not totally bankrupt yet?

She also accused them of “thinking” a recession into existence with their negative attitudes.

As reported at the link, conservative commentators suggested that the GOP run this as a campaign ad to show working Americans exactly what "progressives" in Washington think of them.

Joe Biden's seems focused on transitions

President Biden seems fixated on facilitating “transitions,” whether it’s promoting gender transition surgery or transitioning us from gas to electric cars and from a boom economy to a bust economy. So you might be interested to know that we’ve just transitioned into a new phase of dealing with a possible recession.

His spokespeople have transitioned from “the economy is strong and inflation is transitory” to “inflation will be here a while, but the economy is still strong” to “the economy is having problems but a recession is inconceivable” to “a recession is conceivable but not inevitable or imminent.” Now, the latest transition: Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre assured us that all the great things Biden has done for the economy, like passing the American Rescue Plan, are “going to help us deal with a recession.”

Personally, I suspect that the transition from bad to worse will only be reversed when we transition from Democrat “governance” to Republican.

BREAKING NEWS: SCOTUS ruling on guns

In a 6-3 ruling, the Supreme Court has struck down New York’s requirement that citizens prove to the government that they have a specific need to carry a weapon for self-defense outside their homes.

Writing for the majority, Justice Thomas said the Second Amendment right to bear arms for self-defense is not a second class right subject to an entirely different body of rules than other rights. For instance, you don’t have to prove to the government that you have a need to voice unpopular speech or freely exercise your religious beliefs.

Justice Alito concurred, writing, "Today, unfortunately, many Americans have good reason to fear that they will be victimized if they are unable to protect themselves. And today, no less than in 1791, the Second Amendment guarantees their right to do so.”

This is a major victory for gun rights, but if you follow the Constitution, it’s hard to imagine it going any other way. The law was obviously unconstitutional from the start, and with each passing day, as New York’s liberal policies hampered police responses and allowed crime to flourish, the need for self-protection wherever you went became increasingly urgent. Personally, I don’t know how the Justices could keep a straight face listening to lawyers from New York argue that nobody needs to carry a weapon to feel safe…in NEW YORK.  


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  • Margaret Johnson

    06/25/2022 09:50 AM

    On your article about Senator Cramer…you mentioned the Washington Examiner’s interview…that said Toomey didn’t vote?? All the reports I’ve read on who the 14 Republicans were that voted Yes, he’s listed as one of them? I take it the Examiner is not a ‘reliable’ source. Just wondering…??

  • Jerry

    06/24/2022 08:12 AM

    Does a majority of American citizens still read watch or listen to the msm I do not remember the last time I watched a local news cast I will occasionally check on local weather I do not care about our professional sports teams if I am concerned about a issue at the state level I send the governor mostly get unlikeliest Outcome a note of why his policies will not be best for all. I feel at least I tried I live among a lot of communists loving democrats in Minnesota I am only miles from its hub in Minneapolis it seems a lot of CCP infused ideas are in that city poor schools, crime unsavory behavior corruption the only thing I miss about not entering the city is fogo de chow restaurant, our major sports teams are CCP influenced so I watch amateur sports I purchase as many concessions as I can while watching small town sports and support the businesses while in town I can only wish the 20000 people that watch the twins or the t wolves would focus on amateur programs or small college programs I had supported the major leagues haven’t for 3 years now and probably will not be back I can get a good hot dog at the smaller venues and a great group of people to watch a game with

  • Anne Turner

    06/23/2022 06:17 PM

    I am 81 years old and never in my lifetime, except for .Nazi Germany, and genital mutilation of girls in Muslim countries have I heard of deliberately mutilating young children. Certainly this has been true in this country. How can any moral,ethical doctor think that this kind of treatment should be determined by a child. There is no doubt in my mind that troubled children are being talked into this as a cure for problems they may be having. I have seen a short lived trans situation with my own eyes. Thankfully the parents did not follow a doctor’s advise to give the girl hormones. The next thing I knew she was in heels and a beautiful party dress with a big smile on the way to a party. She has some issues a may be bi polar but she is not a boy. I don’t care how clever the surgeon, these mutilations render these folks dysfunctional so far as having children and normal sexual relations. How can we know what long term effects these drug treatments willl have on disease and life span? We know an over abundance of estrogen can cause cancer. Are these trans men who have to always take estrogen going to get more breast cancer for example? This is child abuse plain and simple. These children, when they reach an age of reason will have no recourse. How can we possibly do these things to children. But then, how can we abort a developed fetus with a brain, organs, feelings arms and legs, fingers and toes?

  • George Reynolds

    06/23/2022 05:54 PM

    The leftist lecturer said, "And yeah, it’s costing you more for gas, but guess what? You’re still going to take that holiday, that Fourth of July vacation, you can still eat out, so I’m gonna need you to calm down and back off.”

    Well, my wife and I are retired, in our 70s, and on Social Security, and we do not eat out as much as we used to, we are not going to take a 4th of July vacation, and we try to minimize our driving, to save on gas. We spend more on food than ever, and some food items are not even available any more in our local grocery store.

    I wish that elitist "bubble" would burst.

  • Paul Kern

    06/23/2022 02:39 PM

    Michelle Singleterry must be the new Marie Antoinette.
    Also I am reminded of the book and movie" The Isle of Dr. Moreau" in the end the mad doctor was destroyed by his own" creations" Don't fool with Mother Nature.