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October 26, 2021

Reading Mollie Hemingway’s new book RIGGED, about the 2020 election and the factors that tweaked the outcome, one might start to wonder what the Hillary/DNC attorney and activist Marc Elias is doing these days –- besides dodging subpoenas, of course. But if a process server from the special counsel’s office is having difficulty finding him, I know where he is, and his army of attorneys.

They’re in Virginia, for the razor-close gubernatorial race! The Elias Law Group, the new firm he started to elect “progressive” Democrats after leaving Perkins Coie, filed suit on Friday on behalf of the state Democrat Party against the U.S. Postal Service, citing delays in processing and delivering election-related materials. Over the pasts few months, the Virginia General Assembly has also repealed voter ID, allowed 45 days of “no-excuse” absentee voting, and set up automatic voter registration as part of getting a driver’s license.

The election will be over in a week –- not necessarily the counting, though. An Emerson College poll taken a few days ago shows candidates Terry McAuliffe, the Democrat and huge Clinton crony, and Glenn Youngkin, the Republican and businessman, tied at 48 percent among very likely voters. (Accuracy plus-or-minus 3.2 percent.)

Youngkin held a big rally in Suffolk on Monday evening that was attended by Republicans, independents and even apparently some Democrats who, according to FOX NEWS’ Sara Carter, are "here as a referendum of what they say is a dangerous leftist agenda that is not only growing here in Virginia, but across America.”

McAuliffe let a little too much of that agenda slip recently when he said parents shouldn’t be telling teachers what they should teach their kids. Oops. He could still win, though, even now; the clueless Democrat faithful do support their jackasses.

But the election is seen by many conservatives as the start of a “red wave” of parents fighting for kids, a national referendum on Critical Race Theory, the teaching of which has, sadly, put Loudoun and Fairfax Counties on the map in recent weeks. One dad interviewed by Carter on the HANNITY TV show said, “It’s everywhere right now. But Virginia is somewhere where we can do something about it, right now. People are charged up; all eyes are on us...We don’t want it in Suffolk, we don’t want it in Virginia, nobody else wants it in the rest of the country. We want our country back, our state, and our city.”

Carter heard one refrain over and over: We want the government out of our kids’ education! We want to be in charge. We don’t want to be called “domestic terrorists.” We’re tired of mandates. Let us talk to our school boards. We want a voice!

Former President Obama is campaigning with McAuliffe, and he might be making it worse for the candidate. He brought up that old saw, voter suppression, saying Republicans are trying to keep some people from having their voices heard. The only ones whose voices we don’t want heard are the fraudsters. We conservatives are tired of having our own voices silenced.

And who else would be on the podium with McAuliffe but Stacey Abrams, who never conceded her failed run for governor of Georgia and still maintains that voter suppression kept her from winning that race. As if voter ID and signature verification kept anyone from voting who wanted to. It’s fraud that suppresses the vote of honest people, and that’s the message that needs to be communicated far and wide.

When McAuliffe brought Abrams to the stage, he said, “She would be the governor of Georgia today had the governor of Georgia not disenfranchised 1.4 million Georgia voters before the election. That’s what happened to Stacey Abrams. They took the votes away.”

Which brings us back to Marc Elias and the discussion of just whose votes get taken away. The great Margot Cleveland has a new piece in THE FEDERALIST in which she accuses Democrats in Virginia of “working to make elections sloppy again” as we go into 2022.

In this election that’s essentially neck-and-neck, Cleveland says “the more important trend for Americans to consider...lies not in the tight election, nor even in the party affiliation of the eventual victor, but on efforts by local election officials to violate state law to profit their preferred candidate.”

There’s a lawsuit in Fairfax County right now, filed by a REAL voter integrity group called the Virginia Institute for Public Policy (VIPP) against the country registrar and three members of the local elections board, over allowing unauthenticated mail-in ballots in violation of state law. A provision is supposed to be in place requiring the last four digits of a voter’s Social Security number, but apparently it’s not being followed.

According to the state constitution, officials aren’t supposed to just suspend a law they don’t like. The Anti-Suspension Clause provides that “all power of suspending laws, or the execution of laws, by any authority, without consent of the representatives of the people, is injurious to their rights, and ought not be exercised.” If the state legislature requires the last four digits of one’s Social Security number to verify a ballot, then so be it.

As of October 14, this suspension of law had affected at least 339 ballots, according to the filing. Now, 339 ballots might not sound like a lot, but when you’ve got two candidates in a dead heat, it can mean everything. And unauthenticated mail-in ballots should not be deciding this or any other race.

The VIPP has already prevailed in one similar lawsuit, stopping the Virginia State Board of Elections from counting ballots that arrived without a legible postmark as many as three days after the polls closed on Election Day. But even though they won, Cleveland says, the fact that they have to file suits like this at all tells us something very important:


Virginia, she says, is a perfect case study. But I would add that in 2020, Maricopa County was another one, as we saw how Elias and his vast army of lawyers, marching into Arizona in a way that would make Kim Jong-Un swell with pride, got rules changed to make it easier to cheat. No matter what lip service they give to election integrity, counting “every vote,” stopping voter suppression and protecting “our democracy,” they could not actually care less about any of that, as long as they win. Their actions tell it: They’d suppress your vote in a heartbeat if it meant more leftists in office. The top Democrat attorneys like Marc Elias are showing them how it’s done.

In the movie THE RIGHT STUFF, as the U.S. is competing with Russia to be first in space, our lead scientist (who is German) quips, “Our Germans are better than their Germans.” We have to think similarly in fighting the left. Our lawyers have to be better than their lawyers.

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  • Rosemarie Kaupp

    10/28/2021 12:05 PM

    Who pays Mark Elias & his army of lawyers? My bet is George Soros & Co. Always follow the money. I have lost all confidence in the integrity of our elections. If a Republican wins, it will be a miracle because somehow Democrat fraud wasn't sufficient. I will never, ever again, believe a Democrat won an election without massive fraud. The DNC means Deny National Compliance.

  • Floyd A Unger

    10/27/2021 02:39 PM

    Thank you. We gotta fix it, we just gotta

  • Rick Emmertson

    10/27/2021 11:15 AM

    The new definition of insanity. When the left is always right, because they can’t be wrong. God help us, AMEN.

  • tom jeffs

    10/27/2021 09:13 AM


    you say you read them but I don't believe it so try this ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    SECTION 230 should apply to one and all UNTIL UNTIL UNTIL UNTIL UNTIL . . . . . . .

    UNTIL UNTIL UNTIL the judicial branch of government FORMALLY determines a user to be a MONOPOLY - - - - - - -

    upon being designated to be a monopoly that user loses all section 230 rights - - - - - - -


    for the record I am an Israel Experience 2012 alumnus - - - - - - -

    I am also 1 of 4 Huckabee Show "regulars" per Jennifer Ruhle - - - - - - - -

    AND I'm the guy who sent you all those red "Huckabee" polo shirts you wore in Iowa for those years - - - - - - -

    have you read this Mike ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • Lynn

    10/27/2021 07:41 AM

    Governor Huckabee,

    WHY is no one in the media talking about Terry McAuliffe close ties to China & the Clintons?

    He also sent his kids to private schools.
    Look at this Terry Mcauliff sent his 5 kids to private schools.! /

    There are MANY articles, Here are a few articles:

    Look at what Terry Mccauliff let the Chinese get away with, $1.4 million dollars of the Virginia taxpayers money. / This article was in 2017 /

  • Carol J Mathews

    10/26/2021 09:55 PM

    I am in GA. Wherever Stacy Abrams goes the laws are broken. This is what she advocated and got done in GA for the 2020 election and she is in VA now and the voter last 4 digits of their Social number has been deleted even tho it is they law there. This is how it is done and how the election was stolen in 2020 and unless it is stopped, 2022 and 2024 will go the way of 2020. They only win by changing the laws to suit their outcome, therefore, many understand this and will not vote because they say and believe it is rigged and even the Supreme Court are cowards in taking up the suits that would have proven that. Dams are keeping AMerica sick by letting the covid ridden aliens coming over the border to be sent all over AMerica. Keep America sick and mail in ballots will again be the next way votes are stolen and elections rigged.

  • Stephen Matheny

    10/26/2021 08:59 PM

    WAKE UP AMERICA We are under attack from the Left. I'm 73 so I can probably weather the storm but I am worried about my kids and grandkids. We need to take our country back before it's too late.

  • Gregg Lewis

    10/26/2021 08:53 PM

    Just a quick thought on your coverage of AOC in your MH Morning Edition: If AOC feels so terribly unsafe in the Capital, she is free to resign and leave at any time! No hard feelings!

  • Gregg Lewis

    10/26/2021 08:33 PM

    Just a quick thought on your coverage of AOC in your MH Morning Edition: If AOC feels so terribly unsafe in the Capital, she is free to resign and leave at any time! No hard feelings!

  • ronald E smith

    10/26/2021 08:24 PM

    A O C and 37% of Americans are full of Manure !