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April 21, 2021

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  • Norm Ross

    05/26/2021 07:59 PM

    My wife, Mojgan Rahbanoff, would like to send Governor Huckabee a copy of her book ESCAPE TO TEHRAN, what address does she send it to?

  • Syd Bates

    04/22/2021 02:16 PM

    The left is controlled by a Jezebel spirit. They are blinded by the lying, deceiving spirits that infest governments everywhere.
    Where abortion is concerned, no one seems to understand the power behind abortion. Pro-Choice is a demonic spirit, not an ideology. That spirit went by another name in ages past. It was even worshiped by some wayward ancient Israelites. Its name was Molech. I'll leave to the reader to check out what Molech represents. Simply stated, the left worship at the altar of the demon Molech who now calls itself "Pro-Choice".