January 11, 2018


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Today's Commentary: Cutting deals with Democrats -- Abuse in California's schools -- Judge blocks Trump's rescinding of Obama's DACA program -- Helping Veterans -- Businesses react to minimum wage hike  -- Kudos to comic Roseanne Barr -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries



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Say what you like about President Trump, but he doesn’t let anyone get too comfortable in their assumptions. For instance, just as his critics were settling into a nice liberal-bubble bath to read that ludicrous new book that confirms all their cherished fantasies about him being a dementia-stricken, moronic grandpa who can’t understand simple concepts or remember his friends’ names, he dumped a big load of freezing cognitive dissonance in their bath water. First by giving a lengthy, extemporaneous speech on farm policy, then by taking the startlingly rare step of allowing TV cameras in on a meeting with Congressional leaders of both parties. Even the usual anti-Trump yapping Chihuahuas on cable news channels were forced to admit that he ran the meeting like a CEO who was on top of all the issues discussed. It was also a lot more transparent than anything that Obama’s “most transparent Administration in history” ever did.


Mike Huckabee


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Abuse in California's schools

By Mike Huckabee

The California Board of Education is requiring publishers of textbooks for students as young as fourth grade to promote LBGTQ acceptance by including “information” about the sexuality of historical figures. For instance, claims that Julius Caesar, Alexander Hamilton, Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman and even George Washington might have been gay – claims that legitimate historians say are attempts to impose contemporary concepts of sexuality on historical figures and that may be based more on the wishful thinking of gay activists than on facts.

California school officials are so ultra-sensitive and on the alert for any form of child abuse that I can’t help wondering if they’ll ever realize it’s becoming a form of child abuse not to homeschool your kids in California.


Judge blocks Trump's rescinding of Obama's DACA program

By Mike Huckabee

Another federal judge (surprise: in San Francisco) has put a temporary block on President Trump’s rescinding of Obama’s DACA program. The Justice Department said the judge’s order doesn’t change their opinion on the legality of Trump’s order, and they’ll continue defending it and expect the judge to be overruled on appeal. Meanwhile, Trump and Congress are currently negotiating a legislative compromise to deal with people who were brought to the US illegally as children and grew up here.

I just want to note how interesting it is that for eight years, Obama repeatedly usurped the Constitutional authority of Congress by writing executive orders that altered or created laws, and federal judges made nary a peep. Now, they’re falling all over themselves to declare that Trump has no Constitutional authority to write executive orders that reverse executive orders that Obama had no Constitutional authority to create in the first place. I wish that somewhere in their learned opinions, these judges would point out the clause in the Constitution that says the separation of powers applies only when a Republican is in office.


Helping veterans

By Mike Huckabee

This is the type of news that tends to get overlooked while the media are chasing scandals and innuendo, but it should be the lead news on every broadcast: This week, President Trump signed an executive order expanding mental health care for veterans transitioning out of the service. It has been estimated that on average, as many as 20 veterans a day commit suicide. That’s not just a massive tragedy, it’s also an inexcusable scandal and failure of the VA health system that has already let down veterans with too many scandals and failures in recent years.


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Businesses react to minimum wage hike

“We’re From The Government, And We’re Here to Help You” Dept: Businesses are reacting quickly to the January 1 implementation of higher minimum wages in 18 states and 20 cities. Latest example: restaurants operate on thin profit margins, and casual burger chains can’t raise prices without driving away customers. So the Red Robin chain is eliminating bus boys at 570 locations. But I’m sure the thousands of newly-fired bus boys are grateful to the government and to liberal activists, knowing that if they still had jobs, they’d be making higher pay at them.


Kudos to comic Roseanne Barr

By Mike Huckabee

Kudos to comic Roseanne Barr, who stood up to the anti-Trump reporters at a press conference to promote the limited-run revival of her ‘80s sitcom. The alleged journalists just kept pressing her on why Dan and Roseanne Connor will be depicted in the show as Trump supporters (Roseanne’s sister Jackie voted for Hillary, which will provide comic friction reflecting the current polarization in America.) The press had come loaded for bear because of Roseanne’s personal Twitter comments in support of Trump, and it was all they wanted to harp on.

Instead of backpedaling and apologizing, the usual Hollywood celebrity response to accusations of not toeing the liberal line, Roseanne told them that she wants her show to reflect reality; that millions of lower-middle class working people like the Connors voted for Trump, and for good reason: their problems were being ignored. She told them, “I feel like half the people voted for Trump and half didn’t, so it’s just realistic.”

And that’s why so few people trust the media anymore: Not only does a comedian have to give reporters a lecture on what reality is, but her sitcom is likely to reflect reality far better than their news reports do.


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