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December 13, 2021


Good morning! Here are some stories from me that I think you will want to read. Topics include:

  • January 6 Update
  • Tornado Update
  • COVID Update
  • Prayer Tree
  • And Much More


This verse was recommended by Rita G.

5 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

Jeremiah 1:5 KJV


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1. Important Jan. 6 updates --- including where to send mail:

Sometimes our readers have the most wonderful ideas. Last week we received one from Jeanne W:

“I wonder why no one has considered demanding [Nancy] Pelosi’s texts/records of her calls and communications during January leading up to the ‘riot’ on the 6th. I fully believe she is behind it; she made it very obvious that she hated President Trump and would do anything to get rid of him and keep him from running for any office again…I want to see the TRUTH come out on what really happened that day and justice served to the guilty parties. Keep up the good work, Mike, and thanks again for keeping us informed!”

Calling for texts and call records of Pelosi and her cohorts --- I would say for all of January --- is a fabulous idea. If I were one of those being threatened with subpoenas, my response would be, “Why, Madame Speaker, I’ll be happy to submit all this information voluntarily, no subpoena needed, but under one condition. You, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler must do the same. Let’s see what YOU were talking about regarding the January 6 rally. Deal?”

Whether Democrats were working behind the scenes and even infiltrating the rally to maximize the impact of the Capitol Hill security breach is still an open question. We can’t prove it, but there’s evidence to suggest it.

“Now hold on!” Pelosi might say. “No bargaining! The commission has subpoena power, period, and you don’t, so just shut up and hand over your records.” Um, Nancy, YOU hold on. This might not be a legitimate commission at all, and if so it has no subpoena power. As superlawyer Margot Cleveland noted in her December 10 column, Trump’s former chief of staff Mark Meadows has filed a federal complaint against the Select Committee as well as the individual committee members, alleging the subpoenas are invalid, most importantly because they were not issued by a “duly authorized” commission.”

Section 2(a) of House Resolution 503, which created the commission, requires Speaker Pelosi to “appoint 13 members to the Select Committee, 5 of whom shall be appointed after consultation with the minority leader.” But Pelosi appointed only 9 members, and only 2 of these are Republicans (the worst anti-Trumpers she could find; more about them below). “None of these members was appointed from the selection of five GOP congressmen put forth by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy,” Meadows’ lawsuit states. The commission was never properly constituted. (Once again, the Democrats fail to comply with their own rules.) Because of this, it says, the commission lacks authority to act under Resolution 503. Translation: NO SUBPOENAS.

Pelosi’s refusal to seat any of McCarthy’s choices shows what a political ploy this “investigation” is. “Once in focus,” Cleveland writes, “one can see there is a strong interest in preserving executive privilege, and none in pushing a partisan dog-and-pony show trial."

Recall that Meadows has been informed by the chairman of the commission, Mississippi Democrat Bennie Thompson, that they would pursue criminal contempt charges against him. Here’s another write-up on Meadows’ lawsuit, by Joel B. Pollak for Breitbart.

Meadows has already turned over some material to this commission, including a PowerPoint presentation that is the left’s Obsession Of The Day. They say it’s the “smoking gun” showing Trump’s inner circle was planning to take over Washington. Au contraire. Some apparently examined the idea of declaring a national emergency because they suspected the election REALLY HAD been interfered with. But, obviously, this idea went nowhere. There is no evidence Trump’s legal advisors, let alone Trump himself, even saw this, let alone might have acted on it. Where did it even come from? We don’t know.

To give you an idea of how the left is blowing this up, here’s the (blatantly slanted) report from The Guardian.

Moving on...It’s been gratifying to hear from so many readers who want to send mail to the detainees. We included a link in our story of December 11 to a website that gave contact information for them. Here it is again, for the Patriot Freedom Project.

Important: We’ve heard from a few readers that when they tried to post this link on Facebook, they were blocked. Please let us know if this happens!

Finally, this from Gloria Jean B:

“Can we request Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham start talking about the injustice being done to the Jan. 6th prisoners. Maybe their names could be announced every night. We have to do more than send cards. I have been praying for these people for months. This is an example of Nazi Germany! We have to help these people now!!”

Thanks for writing, Gloria. Some at FOX News have been paying attention, especially Carlson, who produced a provocative show for FOX Nation called “Patriot Purge.”

You can stream it with a free trial membership to Fox Nation.

Some at FOX, notably Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg, have even left the channel over this show, saying it’s irresponsible and promotes the conspiracy theory of a “false flag” operation on Capitol Hill. Now, we can’t say definitively that the breach was or wasn’t “helped” by FBI agents infiltrating pro-Trump groups, but viciously anti-Trump Illinois “GOP” congressman Adam Kinzinger has called the show “pure evil,” which makes me think it must be pretty darn good. Wyoming anti-Trump congresswoman Liz Cheney hated it, too. Personally, I’d wear those critiques as badges of honor.

By the way, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are the two “Republican” members of Congress appointed by Nancy Pelosi to the January 6 commission. She even made Cheney the co-chair.

One thing I’d love to see FOX News report on: the difference in how the January 6 “domestic terrorists” and the REAL terrorists detained at Gitmo have been treated by the legal profession. As Allison Schuster reported in The Federalist a couple of months ago, at least 50 high-powered law firms went out of their way to defend actual Gitmo terrorists –- pro bono –- but have ignored the plight of the Americans being held without bail on charges related to January 6. We’ve learned that most of these detainees have not been allowed to see their lawyers; maybe they don’t HAVE lawyers. This piece is a must-read.

The January 6 commission tries to paint the events of that day as an “insurrection,” but absolutely NO ONE has been charged with insurrection. For when you have time –- and to cleanse your palate after that last story –- I’ll leave you with a transcript of the lecture given by Roger Kimball in September at Hillsdale College. It superbly summarizes not one but two hoaxes: the one about Trump-Russia “collusion” and the one about “insurrection.”


2. Sadness and politics over the weekend:

The toll of death and destruction from this weekend’s outbreak of Midwest tornadoes continues to mount. Among the hardest hit was the town of Mayfield, Kentucky, where aerial photos of the devastation make it look as it were hit by an atomic bomb. This link has more details and photos, but I warn you that it’s heartbreaking to look at.

Gov. Andy Beshear said that initial fears that the state’s death toll could top 100 may prove incorrect, as many people who were thought killed in the collapse of a candle factory were rescued. Still, Kentucky’s deaths may top 50, and 14 more are known dead in other states. I hope you will join me in praying for the victims and in donating to Samaritan’s Purse, which is already rushing to help those affected. They also need volunteers, so if you can help in any way, please go to to give and for more information.

Unfortunately, in these times when human decency is at a low ebb, some people quickly tried to use this unspeakable tragedy to advance their political agendas. President Biden suggested that “climate change” was to blame for the tornados, although he admitted, ”I can’t give you a quantitative read on that.”

His FEMA director Deanne Criswell was not so cautious and dived headfirst into global warming panic mongering by declaring on CNN, “This is going to be our new normal. The effects we are seeing of climate change are the crisis of our generation,"

And some went disgustingly political, using the suffering of victims in Kentucky to attack their political opponents. Like Rep. Eric Swalwell and various low-tier Hollywood and media figures, who took to the ignorance-displaying platform of Twitter to blame Kentucky voters and Sens. Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell for blocking the Democrats’ multi-trillion dollar spending bills to fight “climate change.” Because the Midwest never had tornados before (wasn’t “The Wizard of Oz” filmed in 1939, based on a book written in 1900?), and only by passing massive spending bills can the government finally control the weather.

As for whether it’s true that tornadoes are related to a changing climate, Rebecca Downs at looked up what actual weather scientists have to say, and the correct answer is, “Nobody knows for certain.”

There’s evidence that tornadoes have gotten stronger in recent years, and there have been more of them occurring in “clusters” of multiple tornadoes. But there are no studies linking that to climate change, we don’t know if that trend will continue, and there has been no increase in the number of strong tornadoes over the past few decades, just more of them striking at once, leaving fewer on the other days of tornado season.

Also, the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions notes that it’s hard to gauge long-term trends because tornado records rely on subjective eyewitness accounts and have only been kept since the 1950s. There are more records now for the same reason there’s more damage: population growth and development have put more people and buildings into the paths of tornadoes. This is also an often-overlooked factor when people claim that hurricanes are becoming costlier and more destructive: are the storms really more powerful and frequent, or are our coastlines just much more crowded and developed than they were decades ago?

These are all questions that require deep thought, objective scientific study and serious debate. Unfortunately, it’s a lot easier to blame bad weather on your political opponents.

3. Pray for the victims of drive-by shooting in Baytown, TX: 

Prayers also today for the victims of a drive-by shooting in Baytown, Texas, a Houston suburb.

It was a particularly vile crime. A mother was holding a celebration of life gathering for her son who died a few weeks ago when an unknown assailant drove by and opened fire. Fourteen people were injured and one killed. At this writing, not much more is known, but please keep the victims in your prayers and pray that the police swiftly find the person who did this.

4. COVID News Roundup:

The World Health Organization reports that the Omicron variant is outpacing Delta in its rapid spread, having already been detected in 63 countries and at least 30 US states.

However, most people who have contracted it have had mild or no symptoms. And so far, only one death has been attributed to it, in Great Britain, even though it accounts for 40% of the cases there. Up until yesterday, there had been no recorded deaths anywhere in the world from it.

While health officials still urge caution, this seems to back up the South African doctor who suggested that Omicron might prove to be a good thing on balance, a mild, fast-spreading version of COVID that gives people natural immunity without causing much harm, sort of like a natural vaccine.

And whether it’s because of vaccines, Omicron or just being fed up with all the hysteria, even Colorado Gov. Jared Polis, a liberal Democrat, has had enough and said, “The emergency is over.”

Polis said everyone’s now had plenty of time and opportunities to get vaccinated, and if they don’t and get sick, “it’s almost entirely their own darn fault,” but it’s their choice and “I respect that.” As for mask mandates, he added that it’s not the job of public health officials to tell people what to wear any more than they have the power to order people to wear a coat in winter, and “If they get frostbite, it's their own darn fault.”

Sounds as if he might have stumbled onto the cure for being a liberal Democrat!

5. Biden faces the press, well sort of:

President Biden has been taking flak for not holding press conferences and having the least transparent Administration in decades. So he finally addressed that Friday by going on national TV to face a really tough interrogator: Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. Even then, he needed note cards.

Joe Concha at The Hill was not impressed, noting that Biden told some typical whoppers, like that his “Build Back Better” bill wouldn’t add a penny to the deficit (the CBO says it would from $160 billion to $3 trillion depending on whether its “temporary” programs become permanent, so $3 trillion.)

And of course, he wasn’t challenged on that because…well, Jimmy Fallon. Fallon’s thing is to obsequiously praise his guest, and he went above and beyond for Biden. I suppose we should count our blessings that the satellite interview format prevented him from playing a round of beer pong with Jimmy.


Images of America's cities, landscapes and people.

6. A Simple Christmas

One of the books I wrote is called a “Simple Christmas.” It was one of my favorites of the 14 books I’ve written in part because it isn’t a political book at all. It’s a series of personal stories that illustrate how the most meaningful Christmases of our lives are often the simplest ones. It’s not having the most elaborate tree or decorations, or setting the perfect table with the perfect menu, perfectly cooked and served. That rarely happens anyway. The best Christmas is usually the one that is most like the very first one—very simple. A young pregnant unmarried teenage girl probably about 14, ended up in labor while taking a trip with her fiancé, a young Jewish carpenter named Joseph. They were in a sleepy little town called Bethlehem, but there was no place for them to seek refuge and for Mary to deliver her baby other than a borrowed cave where animals were kept and fed. In a feeding trough that was designed to feed sheep and goats, she placed her newborn son. It was nothing like the scene depicted in church pageants where things seemed so…well, so clean and holy, and angelic. This was a nasty, smelly place fit for farm animals not intended to be a delivery room for a human baby. But when God wanted to reveal Himself to mankind, He didn’t choose to come in a chariot of blazing fire surrounded by angles and choirs and wonderous miracles. He came in the most humble of circumstances and in a way that identified with the lowliest people on earth—not the wealthiest or most powerful. He still is doing that. He shows up to bring comfort and love to the people who the world views as the unlovable and untouchable. No place is too low and no person is too lost for Him. It’s why I think of Christmas in simple terms. Simple memories of playing checkers with my Uncle Garvin, a lifelong bachelor who came and stayed at our house every Christmas. Or my Aunt Mary’s popcorn balls that she made every year and brought to the family Christmas dinner. They were so chewy and sticky from the Karo Syrup she made them with that it’s a miracle any of us had teeth after eating one. And my mother made chocolate chip cookies with chocolate chips and pecans that came from the pecan trees in our yard. They are still the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had. At least that’s how I remember them.

I remember some of my Christmas gifts from childhood, especially the electric guitar that I begged for 3 Christmases in a row, always being told we couldn’t afford it, so what else did I want? After 3 years of getting “what else,” I finally declared I wanted an electric guitar or nothing. Only when I was an adult did I found out how close I was that year to getting the nothing. But that year, my parents ordered for my Christmas my first electric guitar from the JC Penney catalog. The whole rig, amp and all cost $99, which to them was a fortune. It took them a full year to pay for it, a little each month and they didn’t do much Christmas for themselves that year. But it was a simple guitar that changed my life. Not that I was ever good enough to make a living at it, but learning to play meant learning that for every hour of performing, there are hours of practice—a good life lesson for every endeavor. And playing in front of people helped me overcome what was an incredible shyness that you wouldn’t probably recognize today. So as you prepare for your Christmas, keep it simple. God did. And it sure has made a difference in our lives that He did.

7. Smollett Case Update:

Actor Jussie Smollett hasn’t even been sentenced yet on his five felony convictions for concocting a fake hate crime, and his legal problems still aren’t over. The city of Chicago is now suing him for $130,000 to recoup the police time and resources he wasted.

It’s unclear how he will pay, since his acting career was derailed and he’s facing up to three years in prison. But I’m sure a creative guy like Jussie will think of a clever way to get a raise.


Thank you for reading today's newsletter. 


Today's Christmas carol is recommended by Sue Z.


Star of the East, Oh Bethlehem's star,

Guiding us on to Heaven afar!

Sorrow and grief and lull'd by thy light,

Thou hope of each mortal, in death's lonely night!


Fearless and tranquil, we look up to Thee!

Knowing thou beam'st thro' eternity!

Help us to follow where Thou still dost guide,

Pilgrims of earth so wide.


Star of the East, thou hope of the soul,

While round us here the dark billows roll,

Lead us from sin to glory afar,

Thou star of the East, thou sweet Bethlehem's star.


Star of the East, un-dim'd by each cloud,

What tho' the storms of grief gather loud?

Faithful and pure thy rays beam to save,

Still bright o'er the cradle, and bright o'er the grave!


Smiles of a Saviour are mirror'd in Thee!

Glimpses of Heav'n in thy light we see!

Guide us still onward to that blessed shore,

After earth's toil is o'er!


Star of the East, thou hope of the soul,

While round us here the dark billows roll,

Lead us from sin to glory afar,

Thou star of the East, thou sweet Bethlehem's star.


Oh star that leads to God above!

Whose rays are peace and joy and love!

Watch o'er us still till life hath ceased,

Beam on, bright star, sweet Bethlehem star!


Written by:  George Cooper and Amanda Kennedy

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"Pray that Linda will stay well enough to avoid dialysis. My cancer is in remission, but the heavy chemo ruined my kidneys. I am caregiver to my mother and husband and must stay well to help them. I do not have time for more medical problems. Thank you God, for remission of cancer. I am very grateful."

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"Fred, I have a enlarged prostate."

"Prayers for my son & family. He's straying outside his marriage. He claims his wife doesn't care. She refuses to honor her vows to him & clings to her parents (even others have seen this ). Pray for the woman that has come between them - her two young sons are mentally challenged. She needs prayer too because of her own sexual immorality. My granddaughters need prayers of protection from all of this. My Daughter needs healing of her mental illnesses. She is in assisted living due to her mental status. I was widowed last summer for the second time and since then my husband's adult children and grand children have all abandoned me. My husband and I were very happily married for almost 27 years after both being widowed. I would ask prayer that they honor their promises to see that I am cared for & taken care of. I ask that the husband of my stepdaughter be healed from what he has suffered from & be restored to health."

"My sister MaryAnn had a glioblastoma tumor removed and now she can no longer speak and is paralyzed on her right side. We need a Miracle ????????"

"My husband was brought tothe ER with stomach pain, for a CTscan. A pancreatic cyst was discovered, and since he had a low grade fever of 100, a PCR test was done. Positive. Suddenly, nothing else mattered. The CT scan & his pain were largely ignored, and his gastro dr refuses to see him for 14 days. He can't eat or sleep well. Then, I developed symptoms of either flu, cold or C*vid. Praise God for my daughter who helps me, as I am caregiver for my sister. Please pray God heals all concerned, and uses this for his glory."

"Please pray for my husband who has serious medical problems. Thank you all so much."

"My daughter has 4th stage lung cancer, cancer in her hip, she has COPD, kidney disease, diabetes, bronchial problems. Please pray for healing."


"My daughter Tonya,taken by Fentanyl overdose,not self inflicted.(thank you Cartel!)"

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  • Joseph L Healy

    12/13/2021 10:17 PM

    Weren't St. Joseph and the Blessed Mother, Mary married by the time of Jesus' birth? Didn't an angel speak to Joseph in a dream telling him not to be afraid to take Mary as his wife?

    Also, I think that if someone is shot, but not killed, by gunfire, the accurate term is to say they were "wounded", instead of "injured". The Purple Heart is awarded to those wounded in combat, not injured.

  • Jerry Korba

    12/13/2021 07:46 PM

    I am not concerned about fight with Russia China They are smart enough to let Biden and the Congress Leadership destroy America by themselves why use nuclear bombs some of the cities need to be blown up and rebuilt I do not fear nuke warfare the cleanup takes to long and has lasting effect so if need to blow up our outdated grid the railroad tracks and build the pipelines and continue building the pipelines the china boys are just smarter than biden the consrevatives will be lost the Democrat will make good slaves as they will not rebel and will conform without a struggle as they do not like freedom they like to be controlled. So seniors enjoy whats left of Bidens America it won't be ours for too much longer

  • Jerry

    12/13/2021 06:51 PM

    With both leaders of congress and a president that are compromised by the CCP how secure does one feel about defending Taiwan with these lame brain money grabbers that has been financed from China to defend the American interests. If I were a billionaire I would be buying private islands myself If anyone feels Biden is capable of being a real commander in chief you belong in the loony room with Biden. Our generals milley and Austin I could let them command an Alpaca farm these two zeros are shameful at best they both are cowards and ignorant and that is the Biden way

  • Sharon Faulkner

    12/13/2021 05:34 PM

    I am sorry to say this but I am done with the Graham family. In a recent Decision magazine article Crissy Graham referred to the "storming of the Capitol". I wrote (a few times) and blasted that. She is playing into the hands of the Blue Reich . I got no response at all. No more support from me and Billy would be ashamed.

  • Hartline Bon B.

    12/13/2021 05:18 PM

    They might also look at the great tornado of March 18, 1925. Much worse than the current tornado. Many more deaths. Before the Great Global Warming???

  • Christine Pfeiffer

    12/13/2021 04:16 PM

    Someone please direct Adam Kinzinger to the story about the shooting in Baytown, TX. THAT is what pure evil looks like.

  • Judy Radley

    12/13/2021 04:05 PM

    I agree the whole 'insurrection' narrative is another hoax put on by the Democrats. They love to photo shop documents to make them look legal, when they themselves are behind the Big Lie as they're the ones who stole the election and orchestrated the 'riot', they were the ones who planted BLM and ----'fa operatives to dress up and look like Trump supporters on camera. The Democrats are like the human form of 'living liars' with their deceptions and attacking the faithful, God-fearing, religious and U.S. Constitution abiding Conservatives. They're whole image is made-up and photo-shopped as fake authenticity. Their lives are based on lies. They have no conscience of the truth. Truth irritates them and caused them great pain, so they avoid it and/or cover it up at all costs. And when you call them on it, you are considered a 'domestic terrorist' because you believe in the truth, and they don't want the truth to ever see the light of day. They use extremes to cover up the truth from ever being revealed. But...Truth always wins in the end.

  • Jerry

    12/13/2021 03:20 PM

    I really like a simple Christmas the true meaning is needed to be brought to society’s forefront. Our past Christmas have been filled with family with a great dinner with all members helped to bring to the table. I am more thankful for being able to provide the costs I take time to thank Jesus for allowing me to provide for our gathering watching all putting the festivities together warms me and that takes me back to Jesus and He chases all my negativity from this president’s choice of trying to rid Jesus from America I need to thank Jesus every day that will help keep Biden away and I can rid my negativity I just don’t do well with negativity

  • Sharon Faulkner

    12/13/2021 02:35 PM

    GOOD for Tucker Carlson. We need MORE like him and to hell with the Goebel media traitors and collaborators.

  • mauricio lopez

    12/13/2021 12:36 PM

    Very informative letter, indeed we are living on the later days!