July 2, 2018

Democrats who are dreaming of beating President Trump and retaking the White House in 2020 have a fundamental problem: who will they run? A new poll from Harvard CAPS/Harris asked their preferences, and the top names aren’t very inspiring. Three of them have already run for President and lost the nomination. One lost the nomination, then finally got it and lost the election (that’s right: her AGAIN!)

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And here’s something the linked article doesn’t go into that says a lot about the self-described party of youth, forward-thinking and new ideas: the top four choices alone, who garnered a total of 76% support, have a combined age of 290. On Wednesday, America itself only turns 242. Two-hundred-ninety years back was 1728, the year Cotton Mather died. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he joined the Democratic race, too, except I doubt he would approve of today’s Democratic Party. Even though he probably votes a straight Democratic ticket in Chicago to this day.

Speaking of Presidents...what in the world?!?

Memo to DNC Chairman Tom Perez: No, Barack Obama is not the “real President of the United States.” He’s the “former President of the United States.” Donald Trump is the real President. And despite what the media might lead you to believe, there are many millions of Americans who are thrilled about both of those titles.


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  • Mary G Barrow

    07/02/2018 10:52 PM

    Your remark about Cotton Mather voting a straight Democratic ticket in Chicago to this day is hilarious, still laughing about it. Thank you, Mike!