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December 28, 2021

"My 32-year old son is a cancer survivor who had renal cell carcinoma when he was 13. He found a lump on his collarbone that turns out is a concern with his lymph node. The biopsy was inconclusive and there were some abnormal readings that could point to lymphoma. He has surgery on 12/28 to remove the lymph for further testing to determine if it is cancer. His name is Dustin, please pray for him to be free of any cancer concern with this lymph node."

"I recently turned 70. Four months ago, I was hospitalized with pneumonia for five days. When I got home, I recovered physically in about three weeks, but I worry I may have suffered permanent cognitive damage. I wander around sometimes not knowing what to do. I have no appetite. I'm very forgetful. I don't sleep well. I get restless occasionally where I just pace back and forth. I've been asking my insurance company for an appointment with a neurologist. They finally consented, but it isn't until next March. I can't wait that long. I found a treatment for depression, sleep issues, and memory loss called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). Please pray that my insurance will cover this. I also have a serious hearing loss. I went to church yesterday and I was practically in tears because I couldn't hear the message. What frightens me is the known connection between hearing loss and dementia. I'm actually really scared about that. Please pray for me. Thank you."

"Please pray for our close friend David -- he is in the hospital with COVID -- on a ventilator. Please Heavenly Father, heal this sweet, kind, selfless, gentle man."

"My daughter Molly, battling cancer for two years, treatments are taking a toll. Please pray for hope, comfort, and easing of pain."

"Please pray for me. I've had stomach problems and headaches for almost a year. They are getting worse with no diagnosis to get relief or healing."

"Steve K, my partner in life, is scheduled for open heart surgery on January 3rd. Please pray the surgeons hands are able to do their job and that Steve will recover quickly. Thank you and God bless each and every one of you."

"Please pray for Wade who has been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer."

"Pray for healing for the entire world. Pray for me and my family to have a healthy year, and for things to work out and settle down."

"Please pray for Laurie who has metastatic breast cancer to her lungs. Pray that the chemotherapy she was put on last week begins to work. Pray for salvation."

"Please pray for pastor Jim Claypool in Phoenix, AZ. Has Pancreatic Cancer. Jim ministers to the homeless, those addicted and otherwise disenfranchised. He is has been faithful for over 30 years doing what few are willing to do, and all to the glory of God!"

"My sister Patty who went into the hospital for a heart ablation, during which her heart tore, had emergency open heart surgery and now has a trach and is unable to walk or speak."

"January 6th defendant, Chris Quaglin, has lost 10 lbs. in 10 days and is in solitary confinement. Reportedly, he has celiac disease and is being denied medical treatment. Also, reportedly, he tested positive for Covid and is very ill. Please pray for him and the other January 6th defendants who are, reportedly, being treated horribly in the jail."

"Please pray for Jane R., a prolife and prayer warrior who is hospitalized and has had two surgeries for a serious intestinal problem. She is suffering greatly."

"For my oldest son who has been in jail I pray he will stay away from the drugs this time and straighten out his life."

"For my son who has gotten Involved in drugs that rehab and prayers will bring back the person he was."

"Please pray for my mom, she just turned 89, was exposed to a positive covid at church on Sunday, so far she is fine, pray it stays that way. Jeff Allen"

"Pray for my family and myself (77) as my daughter-in-law Carol who came to my home to celebrate Christmas and birthday just tested positive for Covid. Pray that NONE of our family members who were present come down with this virus. My son Matt (who didn't come) thought he had a bad cold but has also tested positive for Covid. Pray that Matt & Carol heal quickly and that their 6 children stay safe and protected, God willing. Thank you."

"My daughter—making dangerous life choices and has turned from God. Prayer for repentance and realization that her choices are pathway to death."

"3 members of my family are struggling with cancer; my daughterinlaw with breast cancer, my niece with breast cancer and my nephew with a serious skin type of cancer plus he lost is only son ,age 25 with a baby , just 3 years ago, My only 2 brothers are struggling; 1 with heart problems including 9 stents and a recent pacemaker and his wife with beginning dementia and the other brother has parkinsons and sleeps quite a bit with his wife as his caretaker. I would appreciate prayers for all of the above and I would appreciate prayer too.....just feels like my family circle is falling apart. I know that God is in control of it all and I rest in in that truth......however it is still extremely difficult. Thank you,"


"Our last surviving parent, Mom, died from COVID on New Years Day, 2021. My only sibling, my brother, and his family now exclude my husband and myself. Our small family is disintegrating. In addition to remembering my Mom, this prayer request is also for healing for our family."

"I am grieving for my husband. Covid took him very quickly. He was gone too soon. ??"

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  • Anthony Drabik

    12/28/2021 07:41 PM

    Great idea to include the Prayer Tree......Wife & I met the Gov at one of his weekly shows being taped for TBN in Hendersonville TN. We are from Buffalo NY and he mentioned to us that we were from the home of the Anchor Bar (and the world famous chicken wings). What a great guy!

  • Cheryl Baxter

    12/28/2021 07:24 PM

    Born again Christian, who has a new poetry website. Love Mike Huckabee and would love to so a link exchange by adding his website link to my links page. After you check out my site which is very God honoring, please let me know it this is possible. Go to my site:

    Your Sister In Christ,
    Cheryl Baxter

  • Tina Meyers

    12/28/2021 02:26 PM

    My husband is in kidney failure and has diabetes, a previous stroke and was just denied a kidney transplant. Please pray for both of us. He's at the end of his life and I'm exhausted and depressed. I know I'm going to lose him soon

  • Dan Pope

    12/28/2021 09:26 AM

    My friend and cousin, Mike is scheduled for surgery tomorrow to remove a tumor from his bladder. I pray his surgery has no complications and he can begin to heal. Amen.

  • Martha Bott

    12/28/2021 09:06 AM

    Please pray for me as my health issues are taking their toll.