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October 24, 2022

Some Republicans are concerned that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi keeps saying that the Democrats are “in great shape” to keep their Congressional majorities. She told one interviewer that they’re going to win and you can “take it to the bank.”

Of course, after a couple of years with them in charge, nobody has anything to take to the bank anymore. But there are worries that Pelosi was telegraphing that “the fix is in.” Maybe with early voting falling on Halloween, they’ve arranged for all the dead people to rise from the graveyards and vote Democrat. While I wouldn’t discount that possibility, it’s worth noting that Republicans have passed more voter integrity laws and there are many more volunteers ready to watch polling places this year. After 2020, they know what to look out for, what to record, and to refuse to leave when they have the right to witness what’s being done.

Also, Pelosi has a history of predicting Democrat victories before every election, even ones where they’ve been wiped out. Let’s hope she’s just whistling past the graveyard, in hopes that dead people will take it as a sign to rise up and vote.

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  • Ed Thompson

    11/01/2022 11:32 AM

    For years we have listened to Nancy’s rhetoric no matter what position she held, speaker of the house or walk on on the View, her words, stuttered, sputtered, scrambled, slurred , delivered with more hand gestures than a street mime at the invisible window picking off flies, and yet in all these years not half an ounce of common sense out of that mouth. Now her husband is recovering from a horrible home invasion done by someone who first of all should never have been in America in the first place, and secondly, thanks to liberals in California, was free to roam the streets and do as he felt he wanted to do. Now we have to listen to the liberal Democrats cry out against everything that they have kept promoting, like it now is a problem but only because one of them got a taste of what so many other people have to live with day to day in cities run by their liberal ideas. VOTE THESE PEOPLE OUT— America can not survive long with these people making rules for everyone else but not for them! Our future, our children’s future, even their children’s future depends on how we vote next week, and in 2024. Stop the madness.

  • Tom Wendt

    10/31/2022 12:16 PM

    Mike, you can’t monitor digital data bytes. They win by “just enough”. You watch.

  • Pat Brewin

    10/31/2022 09:23 AM

    Thank you for your insights given. It is my hope that persons who make, or who allow large mistakes, or errors in their State ballot mailing systems are fired, and brought into a greater scrutiny to be charged on these national and federal matters. It would have been appropriate to have laws in place of activity of treason or fraud in the voting process for both government, and civilian workers to be removed and jailed not with just a slap of the hand. As with drugs the only way to stop corruption is a high penalty of cost.

  • Lynn Taylor

    10/31/2022 07:56 AM

    I live in NC & NC does not require Voter ID. I read this week that in the NC early voting days allotted so far, that mail-in early voting ballots quadrupled compared to in-person early voting . That’s not good! Its known to be true that mail-in voting allows voter fraud. And, I voted early in-person and I realize that anyone who knows my name and my address can vote in my stead. I’m told that because I was able to submit my ballot into a machine and it was accepted, that no one has voted using my name or my ballot would be rejected. How would I know? This is another opportunity for voter fraud! I do not feel this election will be any more legal than the 2020 election was. I just don’t feel good about our elections in America being accurate and fraud proof. All our states should be using paper ballots with in-person voting with rare exceptions for mail in ballots. So far, NC has more mail in ballots than in-person ballots. Why? We’re not experiencing a pandemic any more!
    I pray with all my heart that Nancy’s words surmising “the fix is in” is not what will happen, again! I love my country and we need fair & accurate elections.

  • Paul Kern

    10/31/2022 07:27 AM

    I saw the interview with Nancy, the wicked witch of the west! I am also concerned. Enough is coming out to see the hand of Big Brother behind her. With other stuff going on I pray fervently for God to deliver us I see a government if demoniacs now in charge! We must be watchful like the sons of Issachar and bold like Daniel Joshua and other saints.
    Lord help us!

  • Daphna Yurfest

    10/31/2022 04:20 AM

    If democrats win the coming elections it will only prove their corruption and cheating… there is simply no way the could win without cheating, they did it once, they will do it again. They are so high on deceit they are blind.

  • James Miller

    10/31/2022 02:20 AM

    Well Mike... I guess I'm an election denier!

    10/2022: Democratic operatives caught sending out more than 255,000 mail-in ballots to unverified voters in Pennsylvania, a crucial battleground state in national races.

    09/2022: Democratic operatives caught sending out over 30,000 mailers to noncitizens residing in Colorado. The recipients were targeted when they were awarded a CO State driver's license. The mailers were designed to persuaded them to register to vote and to only vote via the mail. Democratic candidate for Secretary of State Jena Griswold (D) placed the blame for the mix-up on a simple “error.”

    08/2022: Democrat operatives in Pinal County Arizona were caught on election day when constituents were disenfranchised — Pinal is the third-largest county in the state, and more than a two dozen polling places ran out of ballots on Tuesday. County officials acknowledged they failed to print enough ballots to meet the demand for in-person voting on Election Day. Pinal County Attorney Kent Volkmer (R) issued the county's Mea Culpa at a Wednesday afternoon press conference, where he blamed "human error." However, after it became known the county printed about 900 different styles of ballots for the primary, and didn't order enough of any iteration, the recently hired (March 2022) Elections Director- David Frisk (D), was fired for gross negligence.

    07/2022: Democrat operatives in Pinal County Arizona caught after over 14,000 voters were mailed ballots with missing Republican candidates names or inaccurate local races. Arizona Democratic Party Chairwoman Raquel Terán issued a statement blaming Pinal County's blunders on "years of underfunding elections and the counties that run them," as well as "dangerous conspiracy theories perpetuated by the AZGOP!"

    And the list goes on and on and on....


    10/31/2022 12:34 AM

    The next voter fraud will be greater than the previous one. Bill and Hillary Clinton wondered WHY she lost primaries 2008. I know about because Mike Evans from the Jerusalem Prayer Team mentioned it 10ys ago or so.. Paedo Bidet has installed a SYSTEM of voter fraud on all fields possible too much to mention all possible ways to rig the mid terms. DEMS seem so sure that is not good. FUCK THE BIDET. INSTANT DEATH TO THE TYRANT by the hand of God Yahweh without help of men acc. Scripture in Book of Job and as God done in the Bible and in recorded history.

  • Carol Mathews

    10/30/2022 10:38 PM

    It is her job to keep saying they are winning, however, we do know the fix is in many places and in many forms. The only reason that there is "no proof" the press keeps writing about, is that no judge was brave enough to listen to the evidence and the Supreme Court cowards would not take up the state lawsuit. They knew the suit was correct and that the evidence was there of broken laws and they cowarded out because according to their othes and the law, the election would have been overturned and either a do over or null and void. Either would have caused riots all across the country so pretending that everything was okay and not hearing anything to the contrary was a way out. I do hope and pray that there will be more oversite this time.

  • Eleanor Early

    10/30/2022 10:05 PM

    I too am very worried about Pelosi’s statement as she said the very same thing concerning the 2020 election whereby “Trump will never be the President” in so many words, & look what happened! What can we do to prevent this same thing happening once again in the 2022 midterm elections?? She has too much power!