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March 20, 2021

Speaking of states stepping up to oppose the radical left agenda from Washington, on Wednesday, a Florida House committee passed the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, which would require anyone participating in girls’ sports in the K-12 or college levels to be biologically female.

It passed 13-4, with all the “no” votes coming from Democrats, who made the usual arguments that it would demonize and stigmatize transgender students, and that it’s inspired by hate and transphobic hate, which is ludicrous. It’s inspired by biological reality. Nobody is arguing that transgender students should be discriminated against in any way. They should be free to participate in any sports they want, as long as they’re competing against students of the same biological gender. Schools could even start a sports league for transgender students if they want. But it’s undeniable scientific fact that a biological male has inherent physical advantages over a female, such as height, muscle mass, lung capacity and bone density, that no amount of hormones, surgery or wishful thinking can alter.

If identifying as the opposite sex makes you the same physically, then why are male-to-female transgender athletes smashing all records, while female-to-male transgender athletes are not?

One of the bill’s sponsors, Rep. Kaylee Tuck, pointed to Allyson Felix (pictured above), the fastest woman in the world with six Olympic track and field gold medals. Tuck said Felix’s personal best in the 400 meters could be beaten by hundreds of high school boys. Allowing transgender athletes to compete in girls’ sports would insure there will never be another Allyson Felix. This bill isn’t anti-transgender athletes, it’s pro-female athletes, pro-science and pro-common sense.

The Florida bill still has to make it through the legislature, but Mississippi just passed a similar bill, and one in Idaho has been blocked by a federal judge while a lawsuit challenging it proceeds. Let’s hope this swiftly makes it to the Supreme Court and that the Justices there, both male and female, have the sense to affirm that biology is real.

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