August 26, 2020


Please sit down before reading this. If you’re standing up, you might laugh so hard, you’ll fall down and hurt yourself. Ready? Good…

Guess who’s decided to become a “fact-checker.” Rachel Maddow of MSNBC! That’s right: the woman who spent three years spinning ever wackier Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theories has decided that the Republicans at the convention are such “LYING LIARS WHO LIE” (trademark registered) that she just has to “correct the record” for her extremely undemanding viewers.

And what is her first subject on her maiden voyage into the uncharted territory of actually checking a fact? She claims that Cissy Graham Lynch misled viewers by calling Trump a champion of religious freedom rights because if he cared about religious freedom, he wouldn’t have instituted the “Muslim ban.”

I have to thank her because I’d almost forgotten about that hoax. That was one of the earliest examples of the media deliberately distorting what Trump said or did, and it set the template for all their "reporting" since (whatever Trump says or does, ascribe the worst possible motives to it.) If you don’t remember, thanks to Obama/Biden letting ISIS spread across the Middle East, there was a threat of terrorist attacks on our homeland. When Trump first came into office, he wanted to restrict travel from a handful of nations that had active anti-American terrorist cells and no structure for vetting emigrants. Liberals immediately misrepresented this as a “Muslim ban,” even though not all the nations on the list were majority Muslim and there were many other majority Muslim nations that were not on the list. It was really about keeping out terrorists, but the media spun it as "Trump hates Muslims."

This was the earliest example of Democrats and the media being willing to trade the safety and security of their fellow Americans for bad publicity for Trump. It would soon be followed by many more.

How appropriate is it that Rachel Maddow based her first “fact-check” of Republicans on a known partisan lie? But then, anyone who would rely on her to give them the “facts” about Trump would also probably take advice about proper Oval Office decorum from Bill Clinton. Oh, wait: that was actually part of the Democratic Convention.

She pressed on in her "fact-check" to talk about Trump’s executive order exempting the Little Sisters of the Poor from having to provide contraceptives and abortifacient drugs to employees under Obamacare. Maddow condescendingly “explained,” “The anti-abortion right has decided to say in recent years that contraception including things like the birth control pill, they've decided to call that abortion. So if you take birth control pills you're, like, constantly having abortions all the time. That's what that reference is to. And that may be very familiar rhetoric in the anti-abortion right.”

Umm, we’re not talking about the “anti-abortion right.” We’re talking about an order of Catholic nuns, who understandably don’t want to be forced to pay for contraceptives. That’s why this is a religious freedom issue.

Maybe she should just go back to the Russia collusion fairy tale and leave discussions of religious freedom rights to people who know anything at all about religion. Or facts.


The media “fact-checkers” are spinning like bald tires in a mudhole to try to depict every policy difference or arguable detail in the GOP Convention as a “LYING LIE!!” For instance, claiming it’s a LIE to call Biden and Harris leftists when everyone knows they’re “moderates.” Riiiiight! And that Trump is lying when he said he’s kept his campaign promises when he hasn’t yet kept all of them, only far more than most politicians ever do. Considering that the very people accusing him of not keeping them fought him tooth and nail through the House, media and courts to obstruct him from keeping them, I’d say the jury is still out. Let’s give him four more years and a Republican House and Senate, and then see how many promises he fails to keep.

The most jaw-dropping claim from one “fact-checking” site was that there were more “LIIIIIES!!!” in the first night of the GOP Convention than in the entire Democratic Convention. I guess they somehow managed to miss all the glaring, long-debunked lies, like Michelle Obama’s “children in cages” hooey or Biden repeating the “very fine people” hoax. American media couldn’t be bothered to call Joe on that bogus slander, but at least the BBC still had enough shards of journalistic integrity left that they couldn’t let that stand.

I also might have missed it, but I don’t recall hearing any “fact-checkers’” jaws hitting the floor over John Kerry’s claim that he and Obama “eliminated the threat of Iran with a nuclear weapon” – you know, by sending them over a billion dollars. Fortunately, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu corrected that whopper. He credited Trump with restraining Iran’s aggression and bringing peace and stability to the area. He said, “I think people should realize that the [Obama] Iran deal failed just as we predicted. Not only did it not mollify Iran’s aggression, it fueled it, it increased it.”

I anxiously await the piece from a DC or New York-dwelling “fact-checker,” telling us that Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t know what’s happening in the Middle East.


The left is trying to accuse Republicans of promoting racism at their convention. But since there is no actual racism, they have to try to find hidden racism, like “journalist” Justin Miller’s claim on Twitter that the McCloskeys gave a “racist speech,” using “code words,” like “our community” and “your family.” Those terms, you see, are “implicitly white” and position blacks as interlopers by suggesting that forcing low income housing into suburbs would “bring crime, lawlessness” and “your family will not be safe.”

That would almost be convincing if I had a single digit IQ. News flash: the mob of “protesters” who openly threatened the McCloskeys were largely white. It’s entirely possible that “your family” consists of nothing but black people. And if your black family lives in a largely black community, you probably won’t appreciate a bunch of violent, foul-mouthed, radical white college students threatening you and burning down your business any more than a white person would. This is why we allegedly racist Republicans are absolutely fine with black Americans exercising their Second Amendment right to protect themselves, their families and their community, just like we were when their biggest problem was the Democrat-founded KKK.


Attorney Benjamin Wetmore, who has fought politicized federal fraud cases, explains why it’s possible the charges against Steve Bannon and others might or might not be legitimate or deserved…but the accused’s guilt or innocence is likely irrelevant as to whether they’re found guilty, punished severely and denied appeal. Reading this might make you wonder if we still live in the United States of America.


Last night, the violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin, not only continued, it intensified, with self-styled militias reportedly getting involved to protect businesses from rioters, and a shooting that killed two people and injured one other. At this writing, it’s still not clear exactly what happened, only that order needs to be restored right now. This link has information, but I’m sure it will be updated throughout the day. In the meantime, please remember the people of Kenosha in your prayers.


I’ve mentioned before that the so-called “Lincoln Project,” a group of alleged “Republicans” who are trying to defeat Trump, dishonored Abraham Lincoln by usurping his name. If you wondered why I said that, here’s just the latest example. FYI: he was called “Honest Abe,” not "Dishonest Abe.”


Hillary Clinton’s Pre-2016 Election Definition of Patriotism: It’s outrageous and appalling to question the results of a Presidential election!

Hillary’s Clinton’s Pre-2020 Election Definition of Patriotism: Joe Biden should not concede to Trump “under any circumstances.”


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  • Gary S. Jewell

    08/30/2020 04:34 PM

    Thank you for your valuable insights.


    08/28/2020 08:15 AM


  • Robert Gauer

    08/27/2020 11:00 PM

    Who’s paying her the most for checking the facts? Those weren’t fact checks, those were fact roadblocks! WOW! Best news big money can buy. Thanks, Mike, you’re just one of my favorites.

  • Ray Cowden Witter

    08/27/2020 12:35 PM

    It appears that our political power seeking Lefties are destroying the Democratic Political Party.
    Violence, and destruction of others and public buildings reflects the ignorance of those doing it.
    It is no wonder that many major cities are losing population.
    Warm Regards,

  • Joyce Birch

    08/27/2020 10:30 AM

    I forgot to mention I saw on Tucker Carlson a video, a black woman, smacked a white woman just walking back from receiving the Host at Mass. The black woman just stepped out of her pew & smacked her twice. This action is beyond words. Are we not safe in our House of Worship? Who are really the "deplorables?" I hope she was charged with assault!

  • Harold Levi

    08/27/2020 10:27 AM

    Sir, and the rest of that story is that some reporter challenged the Wicked Witch from the West about Obama letting in all of these ISIS warriors. Her response was that the Greatest threat to the U.S. was all of the ex-military running around. I AM A NANCY PELOSI TERRORIST AND DAMNED PROUD OF IT!!!!

    Deo Vindice!!


    08/27/2020 10:18 AM

    I hope Rachel's surgery goes well. I'm pretty certain that she hurt her arm and shoulder reaching for that conclusion.

  • Joyce Birch

    08/27/2020 08:02 AM

    I love your way of words, the truth! I really believe there is something definitely wrong with the left-wing media, democrats & the Biden/Harris ticket. We know they hate President Trump with a passion & they'll to anything to unseat him, which I doubt. They are the dividing factor since the Obama administration for the unrest in this country. I along with many can not believe the destruction & lives lost because the democrats/mayors won't take action to protect the innocent. WHY????? They're taking the livelihood away! Yet, these liberal leaders are safe & have food & shelter. Since I don't watch any left-wing news, I do appreciate your take on all the fake news that they promote. I only get the clips from Fox News what they have to say. They spit venom every single minute.
    By the way, I've been watching the RNC Convention every night. I think they did an absolute terrific production about our country & the average American speakers. Unfortunately for some reason I fell asleep & missed VP Pence & President Trump. Every night was great.
    May prayers are with all those affected in Louisiana & Texas with Hurricane Laura. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • Mike Manoogian

    08/27/2020 06:37 AM

    I found it most interesting that Rachel Maddow would fact-check Richard Grenell. Ambassador and DNI Grenell has been a trusted member of the Trump administration and in the room to witness the facts first-hand. Rachel Maddow just has a narrative.

  • Nelson D Reyes

    08/27/2020 03:24 AM

    Two reasons I will vote for four more years for President D. Trump:
    1. Socialism
    2. Bette Midler

  • Joy Randolph

    08/27/2020 12:21 AM

    As I watch the liberal news media and the liberal Democrats, I have determined that they are so jealous of President Trump and our First Lady Melania! These people can never relate and connect to people - they have been around their own kind for so long and have no idea what people in the US go through with every day - they put people in boxes! I have witnessed President Trump talking with people and they absolutely love him! He talks on our level and listens to our problems - this man works tirelessly to solve our problems! I thank God everyday for President Trump!

  • Renee Kendrick

    08/26/2020 11:58 PM

    VP Michael Pence is a class act! His speech summed up the last 4 years. Loved his quote about the choice of this election is about America remaining America. This nation needs to stay a nation of morals, values, laws, order, boundaries, faith, patriotism, and loyalty. Seeing The President, VP, and their ladies talking to the veterans and others in attendance at the end was extremely heartwarming! Watched CSPAN's broadcast this week, since FOX is not available to me this week. Hearing phone calls from Democrats and Independents stating they will be voting Republican in November brings light to my week. Reagan won 525 electoral votes in 1984 for his second term. Will history repeat itself in 2020?

  • Jerry korba

    08/26/2020 11:46 PM

    The RNC Mike I think reads your newsletter and reads our comments we have commented our thoughts and The dnc repeated them I actually got excited a great set of speakers again tonite congrats to c span that carried the program will check in on the Angle

  • Timothy Broman

    08/26/2020 10:56 PM

    There is a verse : ...whoever utters slander is a fool. Prov. 10:18 & If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no peace. Prov. 29:9
    Stay above the ranting and raving. Fools and the depraved will never even attempt to know the truth. They have chosen depravity.

    We should focus on praying and doing what is right, regardless...

  • Douglas Noel

    08/26/2020 09:02 PM

    The fact that Hillary is concerned enough to declare Biden should not concede is an indication that the Democrats are rightfully worried they will lose.

  • Janis Hook

    08/26/2020 09:01 PM

    I tried to watch the Republican Convention last night!! It was so disturbing how every major station had to have a commentary in between each speech!! I would have much rather had dead air space. They were so filled with hatred for Trump they could hardly contain themselves. I changed from NBC to CBS and they were the same. I then went to ABC and they actually had former NJ Governor Kris Christie on and he told it like it is. You know that George Stephenopolis as not going to go down without a fight! I found myself going to mute and when a speaker came on unmute to listen!! Melania was very poised and elegant. I enjoyed her speech. I feel the reason that she is not out in the media is because why would she want to be? If I would get bashed and degraded no matter what I do, why would I want to be in the limelight? I would stay behind the scenes doing what I love and helping children have the best lives ever!!

  • Ray Cowden Witter

    08/26/2020 08:52 PM

    Are we seeing the Democratic Party committing suicide?

  • Bobbie Booi

    08/26/2020 08:40 PM

    .Keep reporting the Real News! We need you and your reporters so the truth is told. Thank you so much!!

  • Cherle Humphrey

    08/26/2020 08:05 PM

    Can you encourage your audience known as the “fly over country “ to hit the entertainment industry where it hurts, in the pocket book. They seem to have forgotten they owe their livelihoods to us.
    Hopefully, the majority of the people in our country are smart enough to see through the Democratic lies. May God continue to watch over us.

  • George Murrey

    08/26/2020 07:55 PM

    You know by now that McCloskys were speaking on Monday night. A left wing nut claimed there was no reason to to "brandish" their guns at a ruthless group of "nice protesters." According to that person who does not live even live close to to St Louis that the nice people, aka BLM, did not brake down their fence but walked right in. My best fact checker, I live about ten miles from them, were the local newspaper, three tv stations, and at least one radio station all reported the gate was broken down. It would behoove people to "fact check" all resources before making such claims to true. BTW I have listened to Rachel once, and she to be one the worst of....FACT CHECHERS!

  • Barbara Miller

    08/26/2020 07:53 PM

    You have to be a born idiot to work at MSNBC and CNN. Maddow fits this description.

  • J Harold Mohler

    08/26/2020 07:50 PM

    How long after November 3 2020 will it take for life to return to some semblance of 'normal'?

  • Kathy Thornbrough

    08/26/2020 07:45 PM

    Is it too much to hope that Maddow will actually see the truth when she does the fact checking?

  • Floyd A Unger

    08/26/2020 07:42 PM

    I wouldn’t even share a seat on the bus with Rachel Maddow. I wonder if she ever takes the bus ????

  • James Drury Jr

    08/26/2020 07:41 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff.