September 17, 2018

While going through more reader comments over the weekend, I found a couple of them that would be especially good to highlight, as, taken together, they make their point even more strongly than either does alone.

The first is from Sheila Wiegman, about the President’s tweeting:


“Mr. Huckabee, if you get a chance to talk to President Trump, could you pass along my plea to him to stop tweeting about Puerto Rico?  We get it, he disagrees with the numbers that were arrived at using an algorithm.  I have been a supporter since day one and I'm concerned all his negative tweeting will continue to overshadow all the wonderful things that he has achieved and could continue to achieve.  He's being tough where he doesn't need to be. Let us defend him with our votes. If the Dems get back in power we are done for.  Also, please let him know I pray for him and our country every night.  Thank you.”


And now, here’s the comment from reader Edgar Doleman:


“I think it might be a good idea for the White House to take some concepts from FDR's ‘Fireside Chats,’ your ‘Evening Edition,’ and Dick Morris' ‘Dick Morris Reports.’  Tweets can point things out and are good for slap-downs and slap-backs, but they're pretty useless for making arguments.  What if every Friday, say, the President or VP taped a ‘Fireside Chat’ of 3-5 minutes providing background, principles and rationales behind issues, both to sort of educate as well as make the arguments ‘we're right and they're not’ and ask the media to broadcast but also put on YouTube and distribute?  Your ‘Evening Edition’ is both humorous and so well written, that it would be a great model to build on.


Read together, these comments point out both the problem and a possible solution.  The President really does need a more effective strategy than tweeting.  He’s had some spot-on tweets, to be sure, but others really miss the mark.  (You and I might know what he was going for, but the words can be too easily misunderstood or twisted by his political opponents.)  There’s something about the very act of tweeting that tends to cause a bypass of the “filter” most people have in their brains, and the results can never really be taken back.  Just ask Roseanne.


But the idea of a relaxed ‘fireside chat’ --- it could be just the thing.  Maybe a sort of ‘week in review’ that summed up the most important things that were going on, citing various accomplishments on the economic and foreign policy fronts.  Or he could start the week with it, looking forward to what’s on his plate for the next several days.  Maybe do both!


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It would give him an opportunity to counter the barrage of media spin, and he could get his message out in a much more thoughtful, carefully considered way.  If the Democrats do manage to (shudder) control Congress next year, he’s going to need to be able to do that, more than ever.


Certain media outlets would just ignore it, of course, or else try to pick it apart and tear it down, but in this age of multiple channels of information, the unedited video would still be easy to obtain.  I’d love to see the President take this suggestion.  Both of these suggestions, in fact.  In other words, tweeting NO, ‘fireside chat’ YES.


Mr. President, you’re a busy man, and off-the-cuff tweets are faster, to be sure, but you’ve got talented people who could help you put this together.  When you feel the urge to tweet, just use those fingers to tap out a quick “note to self” to save the idea and think about for your next ‘fireside chat’!



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  • Ardena DeSpain

    12/02/2018 07:09 PM

    I have been saying for quite a while that President Trump should have something like fireside chats to get his thoughts and messages out and cut down a bit on the tweets tha some supporters love. We want to hear directly from him, because we do not trust the media and congress. We need to keep him in 2020 and let congress know they should support him and the policies the people want and voted for.

  • Sister Mary M. Rosberg

    09/18/2018 03:53 PM

    I concur with both of those recommendations -- I hope the President will heed this wise advice. God bless you!

  • Jeanne Osterhout

    09/18/2018 03:37 PM

    Are you aware there is a daily e-mail called The White House that to my thinking does pretty much what you are hoping to accomplish by the weekly release?
    I, too, wish the tweets would cease. But I do know people who relish them and encourage their continuation. I, too, pray for the President, his administration and family, and for our government, the upcoming elections and our churches! This nation has God-sized problems only God can solve.

  • Hattie L Huff

    09/18/2018 12:58 PM

    Absolutely love the Fire Side Chat idea. One thing it would do is tear up the left News Media playhouse. It would really be a way I believe the President would have a larger audience of really hearing what is getting accomplished, what the President is working on as well as how that is going, totally a larger picture. Can you imagine how the bias News Media would report on this kind of format? It actually could eliminate some of the Fake News.
    While I am commenting I just want you to know your TBN show every Sat. night is a weekly hi-lite for me. Your guest are awesome, so many good things are going on in our country through these wonderful people you have on your show we will never hear about anywhere else. I am uplifted every Sat night rather than feeling depressed & sometimes angry listening to the daily news. May God Bless you..Keep up the good work.

  • Annelle D McDuffee

    09/18/2018 12:16 PM

    I like the idea of the "fireside chat" as opposed to constant tweeting. I cringe each time another tweet comes out from Trump. Especially those chastising members of his administration, which should never be done publicly. It seems so petty. Too often his tweets are a "knee jerk" reaction to something he disagrees with. These tweets add to the chaos and take attention away from the actual accomplishments that have been made. We hear too much negativity as it is. Take the high road and replace the constant rancor with positive and thoughtful discourse. It would also be nice if he eliminated the bragging and embellishment and shows a little humility. What he is doing now just feeds the fire of the biased media. Rise above their pettiness and guide the debate to the actual issues, such as what the Republicans propose for the benefit of the country, as opposed to what the Democrats are offering. There is actually a huge difference in philosophy and what it means for the future of this country. I am so weary of the politics of personal destruction, and I believe most people are anxious to hear positive proposals on which to make their decisions as how to vote.

  • Tricia Kennemer

    09/18/2018 12:00 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, the idea of fireside chats is truly inspired.
    I love our President. I don't know a single soul personally who doesn't. (Polls are the most inaccurate measurement on the planet, and akin to opening a Christmas present and having no idea what it is, what it's used for, and no amount of explaining it's purpose will convince one of its usefulness.) The tweets were a great temporary quick response system but need to end. The President Trump I saw respond to the Judge Brett Kavanaugh debacle was the true leader of this country.
    He was 100% in control, fully informed, stern, yet still open minded and fair. His method of delivery has changed for the positive. Now it needs to be as sincere, measured, informed, and straight forward, fair minded and professional as it has been recently all the time. Fireside chat style would suit him perfectly if it remains focused and informative yet personable.
    Also, this country does not hear enough of the great things he has and is accomplishing. It is drowned out by corrupt media.
    Educating our country, and getting back to the basics of our foundation is critical.
    Openly exposing the corruption of the past and
    sharing information with the people of this country is the answer to ending this corrupt media circus of misinformation.
    The media has proven it cannot be trusted with truths.
    So cut out the middlemen and women and bring it straight to the people. Make it the absolute policy of this administration to explain the who, what, when, where and why of everything that is going down. Back it up with documentation as well. Expose it all. Bare naked government.

  • Karen Ignatius

    09/18/2018 11:42 AM

    Tweeting-NO; Fireside Chats-YES!!!

  • Phyllis Smith

    09/18/2018 09:05 AM

    I agree with both of these comments. Given the colossal amount of negative media President Trump has received, I can understand his use of Twitter to “fire back” at times. However, there are times when a lengthier comment might be better understood. Also, there are those who do not use Twitter or YouTube like my parents who are older and huge Trump supporters. Many people would enjoy hearing from Mr. Trump in his own words, straight from his mouth in a “Fireside Chat”. His supporters already know that nothing that comes from most media outlets are true. Who knows, maybe a liberal hearing what he actually said would be a turning point. Whatever he decides, if anything, I am proud to call him my President and he and Mr Pence are constantly in my prayers. Thanks for all you do Mr Huckabee to get the truth out!! I pray for you and Sarah too!

  • Athina V Campbell

    09/18/2018 08:41 AM

    Sounds good...

  • Marc Menasco

    09/17/2018 11:24 PM

    Governor Huckabee,
    I can't agree more with the thought of curtailing President Trump's tweets. I'm sure a great deal of his supporters agree. I've left comments on the WH site about this very subject. I have never thought that the first thing that comes to mind is the best way forward. And I believe many, if not most, of the people who choose to communicate through social media do just that. If there is anything you can do towards a more thoughtful communication channel from the President I would certainly support it.

  • Barbara Campbell

    09/17/2018 10:18 PM

    Fireside chats seem like a really good idea. The President needs to continue to highlight his many achievements and let us know what is coming up. I still like that he posts his daily schedule. It will be a really big challenge to prevent the media from twisting his words. During the campaign and at the beginning of his Presidency, it was so refreshing that he seemed to be really communicating with us often.

  • Catherine Stewart

    09/17/2018 09:55 PM

    I luv the suggestion of prerecorded “fireside chats” or “Evening Addition” to address issues and inform Americans without midstream media attacks interrupting and skewing the content.

    I would luv to see more positive Presidential updates available in every possible form available to more Americans as I fear with so many attacks by leftists perpetuated by so many media sources that many are being misled and misinformed. We can’t afford for the Democrats to control Congress if we want to see President Trump succeed in his great efforts at making our country great again.

    I too pray for our President, Vice President, and leaders for protection and success in restoring a return to God’s laws in the U.S.

    Thank you Mike Huckabee for the outstanding and spot on real news we all need to hear these days especially! Blessings to you too!

  • Beverly Starr

    09/17/2018 08:31 PM

    Mike, I definitely agree with the fireside chat suggestion. As President, he doesn't need to engage in high school banter. The chats would give him the opportunity to think before he comments. He would get much more respect from the chats instead of 'off the cuff' negative comments and remarks, and people could appreciate all of the positive things he has done since he has been in office.

  • Wendell

    09/17/2018 08:24 PM

    I was looking forward to the election of Mitt Romney in 2012, and hoped that he would start presenting Fireside Chats to teach the American people how an economy works, to bring people on board with an effort to address the national debt. I was disappointed that it never happened, but we managed to elect someone with enough chutzpah to address matters that a more careful politician would be afraid to take on.

  • Denise A Wright

    09/17/2018 07:20 PM

    Fireside chats it is!! What a winner this would be...We would be elated and totally supportive of this with our Commander in Chief President Trump or our Vice President Mike Pence. Great suggestion!!
    Even though it might be way too hot for most of the country since we are experiencing above normal temperatures, a "fireside" chat could skip the roaring fire and just eagerly listen to their "weekly review" about our great nation and what is going on. Thanks to the great readers of Mike Huckabee's newsletters. There are a lot of intelligent people out there who love the Lord, and our country.
    Denise and Bob Wright - Indiana

  • Billie R Hayworth

    09/17/2018 06:22 PM

    We love our president and we believe he's doing a fabulous job in spite of the obstructionist in WA. What a guy! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you, president Trump and will vote for you in 2020! Hang in there because God has your back! HE will vindicate you before the world and let those who have and are digging a snare for you....they themselves will fall into that snare and be caught in their own device! God will protect you and we pray every morning for you! God richly bless you.......

  • Larry Trebelhorn

    09/17/2018 06:16 PM

    I think doing Both tweets and fireside chats would be better as tweets do meet some people’s needs for information. I think to put a little PRESSURE on MSM Trump should mention at the end of each fireside chat which ones DIDN’T edit his fireside chat and which ones DID, especially in a way detrimental to his presidency. Thank you, Mike Huckabee, God bless you and God bless America

  • Jeanne Mills

    09/17/2018 05:45 PM

    Fireside chats ... absolutely !!! PLEASE stop the tweets. I’m a solid supporter but, the tweets do more damage than good .

  • Anne turner

    09/17/2018 05:42 PM

    Right on about the tweeting. Let’s have a more grown up forum. If the Dens get House Control, they willl get absolutely none of the people's work done. It will be day after day of impeachment proceedings, it matters not what Mueller says, they will find reasons to being impeachment charges. You think it’s nasty now, we haven’t see anything yet if they get in. They are determined to get him out one way or the other.

    Yet Hilary, who has really done some really nasty and illegal things gets a free pass. For some reason the Clintons are protected no matter what they say or do. You can be sure that if the Dems get in, absolutely nothing will be done about the Clintons or any of the high level people in government jobs who worked to elect HRC. They seem to be immune, also. Having control of the press is super powerful.

  • Deborah Lemons

    09/17/2018 05:26 PM

    Fireside Chats, actually not a bad idea. Kind of a straight on face-to-face and everyone can see and hear the demeanor, inflections, facial and body language. Hard for media to ignore, but no doubt they would dissect it to death, like a bug. I am sure it would not totally stop the tweeting, because he likes to keep the media off balance and their "underwear tied in a knot". LOL

  • Ronald J Bangert Jr

    09/17/2018 03:43 PM

    If the President has a strategy in his Tweets, as keeping the Media chasing their own tail or keeping their underwear in a knot, so be it. Entrap them in there own mire. Eventually they will implode.

    The concept of 'fireside chats' is brilliant!, where the President does his best 'to speak with folks' in plain, straight, common sense talk, concerning the topics that are important to those who elected him, and will elect him again. 5" a day with topical success stories, and a longer time on Sunday, perhaps, after the dinner time when families would be together.

    We forget that the previous President championed the use of Social Media and reach people, especially the 16 to 30 age group across the spectrum! The Tweeters, the Chatroom kids, Bloggers, and the like. Able to send a message and organize in seconds. Also vulnerable minds, untested, open to Ideological views appealing to 'feeling' and 'emotions', bending ears and hearts. I am all for Mr Trump using those strategies and more to reach our young people with conservative views, (moral and ethical), with the data to support.

    I am a retired high school IT teacher (Cicero, Illinois) who watched first hand the dummying down of students in our History Dept to American Democracy, Republic, and the Constitution. Only to be supplanted with progressive views and social agendas. This began in the 90's during the Clinton presidency. There is a great need to bring balance to our thinking and understanding to our consciousness as to who we were intended to be as a nation and to drive the conversation.

    I believe President Trump is the best man for the hour, and has the best background to bring our Nation back to center. Personally the are greater things in life than politics, the Left does not believe so, and wished us to be entangled in their petty discussions while the lifeblood of the people is being drained. Fireside chats can drive the conversation with common sense topic points.


    Ron Bangert

  • Donald Eileen Lupkes

    09/17/2018 03:30 PM

    We are unable to "tweet". A fireside chat would be wonderful and more complete ideas.

  • John Gerbracht

    09/17/2018 03:12 PM

    Fireside chats would not work for President Trump. He has lied about so many different things, I can’t trust anything he says. This isn’t media spin either because I’m listening to the words coming out of his mouth. When FDR did his chats people needed his reassurance because of the times they were going through. They helped the country. So far, President Trump’s actions only benefit the rich, he isn’t acting like the President of the whole country.

  • John Gerbracht

    09/17/2018 03:12 PM

    Fireside chats would not work for President Trump. He has lied about so many different things, I can’t trust anything he says. This isn’t media spin either because I’m listening to the words coming out of his mouth. When FDR did his chats people needed his reassurance because of the times they were going through. They helped the country. So far, President Trump’s actions only benefit the rich, he isn’t acting like the President of the whole country.

  • Marc Olson

    09/17/2018 03:10 PM

    YES, a much better idea than Tweets... I'm NOT a Social Media person at all. I appreciate understandable communication... period. Thank you.