November 16, 2020

Good article by Derek Hunter that touches on several questions we’ve discussed here about the suspicions and accusations swirling around this election.

For instance, if there really is no evidence of voter fraud, why are the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) trying so hard to block investigations and refusing to do any investigative reporting? Don’t they want to prove that the election was on the up-and-up so Joe Biden won’t have a cloud of suspicion hanging over him for the rest of his life? This reminds me of Sherlock Holmes’ observation that the curious fact about this case is that the watch dog didn’t bark.

Why have so many people signed sworn affidavits that they witnessed voter fraud on penalty of perjury if there wasn’t any? Like these

Why did black voters in only three key cities vote for Trump in lower numbers than the rest of the country?

Why are there no accusations of vote fraud to help Trump in cities where everything is run by Republicans?

And why have we gone so long treating vote fraud as a joke instead of rooting it out? To answer that one, I don’t think anyone is laughing anymore.

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  • Dennis Conlen

    11/19/2020 08:31 PM

    Why did all the voting anomalies favor Joe Biden. That to me is the biggest anomaly

  • Evan Moore

    11/16/2020 11:03 PM

    I'm a Republican, and I have, for months before the election, wondered why no other Republicans got in the race and ran against Trump. I got to admit that I completely do not understand how my fellow Republicans could vote a man whose favorite saying is, "You're fired." Trump isn't a politician and he doesn't really know how politics is operated. And that is what makes me think why he got elected. Oh, yea, better than a Dem., but Gov. Huckabee, my brother in the Lord, this is why you were voted for as a write-in.

  • James Sexton

    11/16/2020 01:50 PM

    This is so true