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March 3, 2022

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Mike Huckabee


Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished: but he that gathereth by labour shall increase.

Proverbs 13:11

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It could be a very long war

The writer Allahpundit at the HotAir blog has a sobering article about how long the deadly war in Ukraine might drag on, and how it could affect America and other nations worldwide.

The premise is there are actually two wars: Putin’s horrific conventional assault on Ukraine, and the world’s economic war on Russia to try to make Putin stop. The longer either goes on, the more death and economic damage will be caused. And unless the Russians take it into their own hands to neutralize Putin, he’s the one who will decide how long it drags on. That doesn’t fill me with confidence that sanity and human decency will return anytime soon.

Rep. Lauren Boebert is taking heat

Rep. Lauren Boebert is taking heat from the liberal media for heckling President Biden during the State of the Union Address. He was talking about dead veterans in flag-draped coffins when she yelled, “13 of them,” out of frustration that he’d never mentioned the 13 military members killed during his botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

Toni Williams at the Victory Girls blog has some thoughts on the incident that echo my own:

1. While I absolutely understand and share her anger and frustration, it’s rude to heckle invited speakers, no matter who they are.

2. That said, the Capitol isn’t a “sacred space,” it’s where our public servants conduct the people’s business. As much as I admire the architecture and revere the history, I’m tired of people trying to convince us that government buildings are sacred spaces but churches aren’t.

3. It would be a lot easier to believe all the outrage from the left about Boebert disrespecting Biden if they hadn’t either ignored or cheered Nancy Pelosi for ripping up Trump’s SOTU speech on camera.

The harm of a Green Energy policy becomes clear

Even the leftist Green radicals of Germany are finally starting to realize how dumb it was to let Greta Thunberg shame them into doing away with vital fossil fuel and nuclear energy sources to rely on wind, sunshine and oil from Russia (in the leftist mind, if oil comes from somewhere else, it’s not dirty.) Germany is quickly shifting its policies to make accommodations with reality.

Unfortunately, America is stuck with Joe Biden and whoever’s doing his thinking for him, and Joe stubbornly refuses to take his boot off the neck of America’s energy industry, even if it means $8-a-gallon gas, crippled economies worldwide and funding Putin’s genocide. Christopher Horner at The Pipeline has a good article about how Biden and the Democrats are in so deep with the “climate change” lobby that they refuse to turn the steering wheel even if the country is about to drive over a cliff.

So what can be done to overcome Biden's suicidal intransigence, short of invoking the 25th Amendment? Congress could pass an emergency law rescinding his insane executive orders and fast-tracking the return of our energy independence and pipeline construction. Since he’s already shown that even having an anvil of reality fall on his head doesn’t faze him, Biden would veto it, but his veto could be overturned by a two-thirds majority vote in both Houses of Congress.

I know it sounds impossible, with Democrats controlling both Houses. But this is a national and international emergency, and the old guy in the White House seems utterly oblivious to it. If the many disastrous consequences of “staying the course” don’t sway them, maybe the fact that they are looking at reelection Armageddon might for once force enough Democrats to put the good of their country and its people over their Party and donors. Or at least enough of them that when added to all the Republicans, it would make a two-thirds majority.

Top Illinois Democrat indicted

Democrat Mike Madigan, who served as the Speaker of the Illinois State House for 36 years, has been indicted on 22 federal charges. He’s alleged to have abused the power of his office to engage in an array of bribery and extortion schemes.

Madigan denies any wrongdoing. He accused the government of trying to criminalize the routine constituent service of job recommendations. You can read more about the case at the link, while you ponder whether an Illinois politician being indicted even qualifies as news anymore.

Womynx History Month

If you thought Latinos hated being called “Latinx” (the condescending PC term invented by white liberals), brace yourself for something arguably even stupider. Northwest Missouri State University posted a calendar of Women’s History Month events online, only they referred to it as “Womynx History Month.” When I say that in my head, I hear it in Popeye’s voice.

After a predictable backlash, the university claimed that the term was used to “encourage inclusivity.” But there’s already a term that includes everyone who might engage in Women’s History Month: “Women.” Amid a blizzard of mockery, they eventually deleted the post.

Of course, this isn’t the first time leftists and feminists have tried to disembowel the English language in this area, with such terms as “womyn” and “womxn” (I love when they invent words that even they don’t know how to pronounce.) Then they argue amongst themselves about what they mean. That linked article includes this huffy quote from a pro-trans feminist site called, attacking feminists who don’t accept that men who “identify” as women are actually women:

"Generally, womxn is used by people who consider themselves progressive, and are well-intentioned—if not sometimes misguided—in their inclusivity. Womyn, on the other hand, has become an anti-trans term used by radical ‘feminists’ who incorrectly believe that trans inclusivity invalidates their plight. Their view of gender (that gender = genitals at birth) is reductive and harmful."

Also 100% scientifically accurate. But that’s what you’d expect me to say. After all, I’m a mxn. Or myn. Or is it myxn?

November Election Updates

Florida Rep. Ted Deutch is the 31st House Democrat to announce that he will not run for reelection in November. Deutch is leaving to take a position with the American Jewish Committee that starts in October. Depending on when he leaves Congress, that will leave Nancy Pelosi with an even smaller majority margin.

On the other hand, Texas Rep. Van Taylor also announced that he’s dropping his bid for reelection, and considering why, it’s unclear if he will stay to finish out his term. I’m not even going to try to summarize this story, you really have to read it for yourself.

After this scandal was reported in conservative media outlets, Taylor failed to clear 50% in Tuesday’s primary and was headed for a run-off anyway. Incidentally, this story broke just before Election Day, and his high vote margin was likely due to early voting before anyone knew about this. Yet another example of why I prefer voting on Election Day to early voting.

Maybe they need a test?

Who needs a cognitive test more? President Biden, who can’t seem to remember Thomas Edison’s name? Or Jill Biden, who thinks “things are so much better now” than they were a year ago?

New Dr. Seuss sketches about to be published

Some previously unseen sketches by beloved children’s book creator Theodore “Dr. Seuss” Geisel are about to be published for the first time. And you know what that means: the “woke” brigades are wetting themselves at the excitement of having something new to be offended about.

But Dr. Seuss Enterprises, anticipating the looming cancel culture assault, is taking preemptive action. It hired an “inclusive” group of writers and artists from ”racially diverse backgrounds” to vet the images for insensitivity and create “inclusive” stories to go with them. I assume this means stories that will be really boring, but have cool illustrations.

Considering that Dr. Seuss’ drawings include a sketch of three hummingbirds and an odd creature that looks like a tiny dog with huge ears, I’m not sure who would be offended by them. Dog-faced people with big ears? Mynah birds that don’t know the words?

To add insult to injury, March 2 was Read Across America Day, to encourage kids to read. Even though it’s also known as Dr. Seuss Day (and it was his birthday!), the NEA and President Biden didn’t include any of his books on their list of relentlessly woke recommended reading for kids.

That inspired the Federalist to compose a Suessian-style poem of protest called “The List With A Fist.”

Of course, this is not new. The first time they “cancelled” some of Dr. Seuss’ books, we responded with our own parody, “How the Left Stole Reading,” by writer Laura Ainsworth.

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  • Trudy Whelan

    03/04/2022 11:48 PM

    For the last few days I have no longer been receiving your newsletters!

  • Susan A Murley

    03/04/2022 10:08 PM

    I haven't received any of you newsletters since 3-2 and now my days are incomplete. Please find out why I was deleted from your list. I was receiving the morning and evening newsletter and also the prayer tree issue.
    Please add my e-mail back on to these three items.
    Thank You

  • Wendy Storm

    03/04/2022 01:14 PM

    I applaud Rep Lauren Boebert’s heckling of Biden! It’s time more people had the guts to call Biden out for his lies & hypocrisy & what better way to do it than in front of a nation who didn’t care to watch Biden stumble thru another speech full of boring, delusional rhetoric!

  • George A Reynolds

    03/04/2022 12:28 PM

    The Senate has (narrowly) voted to end the "state of emergency" for COVID. The House will probably not support it, and even if it passes the House, the President will probably veto it. The elite "progressives" don't want to give up their power.

  • dave allen

    03/04/2022 09:21 AM

    ah, inclusivity. what a wonderful concept. which brings us to Womynx History Month. can't be Women's history month. that would exclude all those who think or feel like they are women. but don't call it history month because that excludes all the other disiplines. and don't call it month because that excludes the other 11. so we're left with the inevitable result of insane "inclusion" - NOTHING. inclusion has gone from welcoming other people into your circle even if they disagree with you (that disappeared LONG ago in the groups that shout "inclusion" the loudest) to forcing everything we say or name to have to include everybody. when will they figure out that's impossible?

  • Jerry

    03/04/2022 07:22 AM

    Biden has used the Oval Office to help Ukraine the same way he has treated the us southern border the same way biden has treated our energy sector the same way he has treated our economy and supply chain the same way he treated Covid the China virus we the Americans know the failure biden has imposed on Ukraine

  • Marijane Stomberg

    03/03/2022 10:04 PM

    C'mon, Mike, if there EVER was rudeness shown by a politician, it was by Nancy Pelosi when she was sitting behind President Trump at his SOTU speech and so rudely tore up his speech BEHIND HIS BACK and made faces and noises and refused to acknowledge the wonderful honored guests our great president was honoring that night. Her actions were immature, childish, improper, and she looked and acted like a goofball. Trump was gracious and said nothing. Shame on Pelosi. I was embarrassed for her. I refused to watch the Biden speech because of her.

  • Joseph L Healy

    03/03/2022 09:56 PM

    Are coyotes native to Delaware?
    Was the anvil that beaned Biden manufactured by Acme?
    His whole administration seems to be a real-life looney tune!
    But in reality, there's nothing funny about it.

  • Kimberly B Carland

    03/03/2022 08:56 PM

    I always trust that what you print is Truth. Thanks

  • Charles Sigars

    03/03/2022 08:41 PM

    Jill Biden is absolutely correct. Things are so much better than a year ago - for the Biden's.