April 2, 2018

The “limited-run” “Roseanne” reboot scored such a ratings bonanza in its debut, ABC is reportedly already planning to renew it for a second season.


Only in Hollywood could the idea that a show might be successful by not relentlessly insulting half the audience actually come as a shock. But it remains to be seen whether the ratings will hold up. “Roseanne” gives a voice to more conservative characters, but other aspects of the show, such as a “gender fluid” grandson who insists on wearing a dress to school, are typical of other modern TV shows that proselytize for the latest trendy liberal causes. I have a feeling that continuing ratings for the show will be determined by how the conservative side is presented: will it be respectfully shown as a legitimate viewpoint or given the typical TV treatment as outmoded prejudice that the characters must “get over” as they “learn and grow” to embrace the leftist view (the same way liberals define the word “evolving” to describe judges who move further and further left)?

If “Roseanne” does veer left and go off the rails, at least it’s given hope for a revival of another sitcom that really did give the conservative view a fair shake: Tim Allen’s “Last Man Standing.” ABC canceled the series even though it was still a ratings hit, supposedly for budgetary reasons. But the stunning news to Hollywood that 63 million Americans would rather watch TV shows that entertain them than insult them has reportedly prompted Fox to consider rebooting “Last Man Standing.”


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While you're waiting and hoping for new episodes to appear, the cable channel WGN America announced that it’s snapped up rights to “Last Man Standing” reruns and will begin airing the series every day, starting May 2. Anyone want to bet that “LMS” reruns will draw higher ratings than the new show Comedy Central just announced, in which Kathy “Bloody Severed Head of President Trump” Griffin will play a vicious parody of Kellyanne Conway?



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  • Gayle Johnson

    04/08/2018 06:20 PM

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching Last Man Standing and was unhappy when ABC canceled it saying it was for scheduling reasons (No Comedies on Friday), I didn't buy into that reason because they could have rescheduled it for another night. If LMS gets rebooted by another network my wish is that they would get rid of the wife, Vanessa (Nancy Travis); she can be written off by dying in an environmental accident, thus opening up an avenue for romance between Tim Allen's character (Mike) and Patricia Richardson's character (Helen Potts). In my humble opinion there seems to be more chemistry between Tim and Patricia, and their characters have classic head-butting going on which makes for better comedy; they eventually get married. I can even envision an episode where Mike wakes up from a snooze on the couch and tells Helen of the dream he had where he was the star of a Home Improvement show and that they (Mike and Helen) had three sons, one whose name was Randy, and a neighbor that kept his face hidden behind the fence or other objects. The episode could begin with Mike watching a home improvement show on TV and he falls asleep on the couch and then some clips from the actual Home Improvement show flips through his dream and he wakes himself up when he does the "more power" whoa-ho-ho-ho just as Helen walks into the living room.

  • Suzanne E Wall

    04/05/2018 08:31 PM

    I did not and will not watch Roseanne's show, ever. I do not believe this is anything more than mock of me and POTUS, Christians, and anyone who is not part of the left movements.

  • Mike Bearden

    04/02/2018 07:35 PM

    Funny! I never cared for the show in previous years. Now I find myself drawn to it. Because it upsets Hollywood, I shall enjoy it now. Roseanne Barr rocks.

  • Richard Micheletti

    04/02/2018 01:02 PM

    Huckster, I live in Las Vegas, NV and one of our local channels shows Last Man Standing "TWICE" a day. I have recorded more than 100 of the episodes and continue to view the ones I have already seen. I think the show is brilliant and has some great actors and writers. I would hope all would return if FOX follows through. I am going to see Tim Allen here at the Mirage Hotel in July and cannot wait to see his show. My only dislike of the show is that the actor who portrays his wife Vanessa is married and not to me.