April 26, 2019

From The “Well, Duh” Desk: After larding taxes onto everything, especially gasoline, California officials launch an investigation to find out why California has the highest gas prices in America.

They bet it's those evil oil companies!  Yeah, that's gotta be it!


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It was announced today that in the first quarter of 2019, the economy grew by 3.2%.  That far exceeds the 2.5% predicted by economists.  That’s the fastest first-quarter growth in six years.  There’s more good economic news at the link.

But sure, let’s impeach the President because he allegedly thought about firing the guy who was endlessly investigating him for something he knew he didn’t do.



Last night, President Trump called in to Sean Hannity’s Fox News show for an exclusive interview.  If you missed it, the video is here:



“As The Swamp Drains”: Here’s something I’ll bet you never expected to see. Embattled Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein blasting the Obama White House and former FBI Director James Comey.



Welcome to the Presidential race, Joe!  Here’s what you have to look forward to, and this is just from your own side.


Cartoon of the Day: One picture is worth 1,000 very bitter words…


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If much of the news media had not abandoned their integrity to become the left’s PR agency, they would be up in arms over California politicians conspiring with Planned Parenthood (a major donor to many of their reelection campaigns) to weaponize the legal system against pro-life undercover reporters who dared to expose alleged trafficking in baby body parts by Planned Parenthood clinics.  Instead, there was mostly silence or tacit support as the defendants, who did nothing but practice the investigative methods that all undercover reporters use, were persecuted with multiple felony charges and barred by a liberal judge from having access to exculpatory evidence.

Then last week, a Good Friday miracle occurred: California Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye sent out an order indefinitely suspending "all further proceedings" in the criminal prosecution against the two defendants.  That means preliminary hearings at which all the evidence was to be presented – including the undercover videos that officials have tried to suppress – were canceled.

(As a hint to how bogus these charges are, note that a similar case filed in Texas has already been thrown out of court, and the California charges include an absurd 15 felony counts for breaking the state’s “anti-eavesdropping law” plus a “conspiracy” charge.  This in a state where prosecutors let illegal aliens with violent criminal records go free into the streets.  But then, we’ve recently seen numerous examples of how Planned Parenthood and its supporters will go to any lengths to keep the public from learning the truth about what they actually do.)

The Thomas Moore Society, which is representing the pro-life reporters, was grateful for the win, but still hopes to get the state Supreme Court to “hear and decide the extremely critical issue raised in this appeal, namely, whether a prosecutor may exercise his or her powers to enforce the criminal laws on a selective, politically discriminatory basis."  One could draw a parallel between this and the “Russian collusion” case: leftist officials make false accusations against someone of opposing political views, and it comes back to bite them when it becomes apparent that the real wrongdoing was their own abuse of power. 

One other thing worth pointing out: while this kangaroo court case has been pressed largely by the incredibly biased and compromised California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, it was originally filed by his predecessor: Now-Senator and would-be US President Kamala Harris.  We recently had a White House that allowed federal law enforcement agencies to be weaponized against political enemies.  We don’t need another one.



As I’ve repeatedly pointed out, the left can’t win arguments with reason, facts or history, so they use emotional appeals and redefine terms.  For instance, if you simply want to enforce existing laws to stop the flood of illegal aliens into the US, then you “hate” (emotion) “immigrants” (redefining a term to mean something it was never meant to mean.)

Well, that works among their friends in the elite bubbles of politics and the media, but it appears that most Americans still have the good sense to understand that words mean things and that policy decisions should be based on thoughts, not emotions.  So after years of browbeating people into being afraid to say what they really think about illegal immigration, it appears that most Americans still think the same way even if they don’t say it out loud for fear of setting off tantrums and Twitter mobs.

A new poll by Monmouth University – which, by the way, was slightly skewed in favor of Democrats – found that by 51 to 41 percent, Americans think that asylum seekers should have to wait in Mexico rather than being let into the US while they are vetted.

Forty-six percent think asylum claimants are just trying to get around the immigration system, while only 37% think they’re legitimate and 17% aren’t sure.  And here’s the kicker: by 46 to 43%, Americans approve of President Trump’s suggestion of shipping detained illegal entrants to “sanctuary cities” that claim they welcome them.   

That’s the policy that (between the two of them) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and California Gov. Gavin Newsom have sputtered was “cruel,” “cynical,” “despicable,” “criminal,”  "unserious," "illegal," "asinine," "sophomoric," “ludicrous,” “petulant,” “insulting,” “immoral,” “pathetic,” “demoralizing,” “un-American” and “illegal.” 

And a plurality of Americans favor it. As do 31% of Democrats!

Also, a new Rasmussen poll found that only 36% of Americans favor the community where they live declaring itself a “sanctuary city,” and just 31% oppose Trump’s plan to send illegal aliens to those cities.

I notice one of the few pejoratives Pelosi and Newsom didn’t use was “out of touch.”  Maybe they were reserving that one for themselves.

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No Viewpoint Variety in Variety, or Anyplace Else in Hollywood”  


From “Huckabee” writer and resident pop culture guru, Pat Reeder


As a longtime radio comedy and news commentary writer, writer/guest researcher for the “Huckabee” TV show, author, and head of the indie label that releases my wife and fellow writer, Laura Ainsworth’s, award-winning retro jazz albums (you should definitely support a rare outspoken conservative in music by buying them all at the only site that guarantees she’ll be paid a royalty: ), I work in what I call a “showbiz-related field.”  Consequently, I get a lot of offers of very cheap insider subscription rates for showbiz and news publications.


I usually stick to the Internet, but last year, I got one too good to refuse: a year of Variety, the “Bible of show business,” for only five bucks.  Variety is a very swanky publication: 10x13 inches, stiff cover, high quality paper, color photos, etc.  At $5 for 52 issues, that wasn’t even a down payment on the postage.  I figured I might glean something useful for our record label or the TV show, so I gambled the cost of a McDonald’s lunch.


But I soon discovered that aside from the occasional interesting review or historical feature, the magazine mostly consisted of insider L.A. studio news of no interest to me and a lot of anti-Trump editorializing.  Just as with Entertainment Weekly (and as Laura has written, women’s magazines), Variety never misses an opportunity to slip leftwing political comments and insults about Republicans into the most inappropriate places (seriously, I don’t need to hear your thoughts on gun control when I’m just trying to find out if “The Lego Movie 2” is worth more than a matinee ticket price.)


I began to refer to arrivals of new issues of Variety as the “weekly dispatch from the world’s richest socialists.”  Eventually, they started piling up unread. When the subscription automatically renewed for $5, I called and canceled it and got a refund.  I thought of Mr. Burns on “The Simpsons,” who saw an ad promising the secret to happiness for one dollar, and he said, “I’d rather have the dollar.”  That was in January.  Indeed, the mailing label says my subscription ran out in January.


Yet, here it is nearly May, and I’m still getting Variety!  Someone is losing money (and Hollywood environmentalists are killing a lot of trees) still sending me this slick, heavy magazine for free.  Maybe it boosts their ad rates to keep sending it even to people who no longer want it.  That has to be their business model, because I can’t imagine anyone paying for stuff like this (and here we come to the crux of why I futilely canceled my subscription.)


A couple of weeks ago, Gov. Huckabee referenced a review I pointed out to him by critic Owen Glieberman of the movie “Unplanned” which read more like a Planned Parenthood PR release.  Well, last week, Variety let him review the new faith-based film, “Breakthrough.”  What he wrote is a lab specimen-worthy example of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  You know that elderly relative at family reunions who can’t talk about any subject for more than two minutes without launching into an angry rant about Richard Nixon?  Well, this is that experience in print.  To save you having to spend five dollars and throw away a copy of Variety every week for the rest of your life, here it is online:


“Breakthrough” is a true-life story of a mother’s faith that her son will recover from a seemingly terminal coma following an accident.  It’s about hope, faith, adversity, miracles, medicine and lots of other things -- but definitely not Donald Trump.  Yet check out the last three paragraphs, where Glieberman steers his review so sharply to the left that he drives it into the ditch. 


He veers from the Affordable Care Act to climate change to an anti-Trump rant (“…given that the current leader of American conservative politics, Donald Trump, is a rage-fueled narcissistic demagogue who, measured by his words and deeds, is no more a Christian than he is a Martian…”).  He calls it a “movie of the Trump age” (this is a close relative of the annoying cliché, “Trump’s America,” which pops up in these magazines more often than semi-colons.)  He also defensively claims that dragging all these attacks on Republican policies into a review of a movie about faith is “fair game, and hardly irrelevant.”  For the record: no, it isn’t; and yes, it is.    


I don’t know whether it’s the coastal bubble effect (i.e., the legend about New Yorker movie critic Pauline Kael not understanding how Nixon could’ve been reelected when nobody she knew voted for him) or a sincere belief that anyone who disagrees with Hollywood’s approved political views must be a knuckle-dragging deplorable so they don’t care about those people’s patronage.  But it does explain why all those leftist last night shows bring in a fraction of Johnny Carson or Jay Leno’s ratings, yet no network ever thinks to grab 50% of the potential audience and bring back the millions who’ve tuned out simply by putting a funny conservative on the air. 


If you would like to have a source for conservative-oriented show biz news and reviews, try Hollywood In Toto, which pretty much has the market to itself.  In this article, Christian Toto explains that it’s not enough for Hollywood liberals to dominate pop culture, they must also destroy anything, such as the movie “Unplanned,” that presents an alternative viewpoint.


I figure there must be tens of millions of Americans who are just as weary as I am of this endless, inappropriate interjection of politics into entertainment writing.  It’s no wonder they have to sell this stuff at a loss or give it away for free.  If Variety's editors don’t tell their writers to climb down off their soapboxes, I might demand that they start paying me $5 an issue just to allow it into my mailbox.


Oh, and by way, I wasn’t kidding about buying Laura’s albums.  They really are fantastic, and you have my guarantee: you won’t find a single word about politics on any of them. 




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  • Amelia Little

    08/27/2019 12:41 PM

    Regarding the undercover reporting on planned parenthood--how can a judge determine that a defendant isn't allowed to view exculpatory evidence? I'm thinking there are cases that have been overturned or retried for the very reason that exculpatory evidence was withheld. I think that judge should be removed from the bench because he seems to have forgotten (if he ever knew) about defendants' rights.

  • Linda Lindsey-Hayes

    04/27/2019 12:32 PM

    Mr Huckabee, Thank you for your blessed and relentless time sharing your information and sharing what others feel. I worked as a civil servant and understand how events take place in the political world and us out hear in the regular world do not really see nor understand what is happening. But- my comment is about our veterans and how they are supposed to have benefits and be helped with trauma. Yet many illegals and others are pampered just because. My son is an Iraqi veteran with PTSD. We live in California but his exwife and two boys not almost grown live in Kansas City MO. She has remarried to one of Warren Buffets pilots and they are doing fine. 15 years ago when he came back from battle with PTSD she disappeared for 4 years without any of us being able to find her and the boys. The grief has been devastating to my son. He is still under care with the VA. Thank goodness there are good people out there. But she has hounded him for child support and not Missouri has a statute that makes anyone with a considerable amount of back child support a felon with prison time. REALLY? My son is not a bad person. Has attempted to take care of this to the best of his ability. But he is 80% disabled with an unable to work clause, which has crippled him to a great degree. So....what I am looking at is our justice system and how it is so very out of wack. This is like the Flynn court action. What can be done here? I have pleaded with everyone I know, we have a laywer in Kansas City. But he can only do so much. How can people put these kinds of laws into effect without realizing the consequences. Well, I don't know what else to say. But, thank you for being available. Wishing you and yours the best always. Linda and Joseph Daryle Lindsey.

  • James Hoppe

    04/27/2019 08:05 AM

    I've just fiinished reading Secret Empires. Now that SLEEPY JOE....should be CORRUPT JOE....has announced he's
    running, when will the media INVESTIGATE the conflicts of interests that he and John Kerry's sons made millions...
    no BILLIONS from following Joe and John around in the Ukraine...etc?????????????? Hunter and his buddies have
    sure capitalized on their DAD"S POSITIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then...let's also investigate...Nancy and the Governor of CA!!! goes on and on! THEN...McConnell's wife....and her CHINA shipping contracts!!!! About time THIS IS ALL
    BROUGHT TO LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Judi Molini

    04/27/2019 12:19 AM

    I am a California resident and more specifically the San Francisco Bay Area. I was pleased to see you posted the results of people that were polled regarding the illegal immigrant debacle. It would be just desserts if illegal immigrants were dropped off in the San Francisco. Many of us here in California do not agree with the agenda of many of our politicians. Thank you for your "Evening Editions". I read them everyday.

  • Charlotte Breez

    04/26/2019 11:55 PM

    I hope to see more comments on GOOD movies in your newsletters & nightly editorials. It's the only way I have of knowing what's good out there. Unplanned is a GREAT movie. I'm 76 yrs old, & I, along with my 54 yr old daughter, cried.

  • Jerry Korba

    04/26/2019 11:38 PM

    As for Joe Biden the only job he will be good at is greeter at a Massage Parlor in our Liberal cities and states your not VP any more you won't get away with all your sniffing and rubbing men and women unless your in the massage parlor you may want to stop the sniffing unless your customer likes that or you could work at a dog kennel lots of sniffing going on. Joe and most of the candidates running for President should be running away from that position most of you are not very smart Obama will not endorse any of you he knows your dumb plus you may not be able to pass a drug test Sparty, Harris, just admit you are long time users that's why you don't want to stop the drugs from coming in; open borders? Are you users or are u getting kickbacks? something for the voters to think about as to why you want open borders and the voters guns a lot to think about, it would make your life style a little easier if Americans could not defend themselves against the drug dealers and the gangs MS13...

  • Jerry Korba

    04/26/2019 11:08 PM

    I am amazed how the people (voters) of New York, California put up with the Mayors Governors of their cities and states on the West Coast the further North you go the same lunatic personality appears and the East coast its seems to become a bit more sane at the Mason Dickson line. The Yankees with their decision to take out God Bless America the dumb Flyers play monkey see monkey do mentality. In Philly You have that idiot Mayor dancing; NYC Mayor wants to ban hot dogs and skyscrapers what this imbecile De Baliso needs is a good old blanket party (snow flakes don't ask) one other option is to get DeBlasio in the ring with a Golden Glove Champ for an exhibition for charity 15 rounds, please no count out and the winner would get the mayors salary for its charity. No we do not want to knock his brains out we don't want any fines for pollution only body punches allowed. It seems people need to pull their heads out of the place where feces pass thru you should not get that close to that stuff it is toxic see what it did to your Mayors and Governors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kristina Muinos

    04/26/2019 09:59 PM

    Bravo Governor Huckabee!

  • Edward Vanover

    04/26/2019 07:32 PM

    I'm surprised, Governor, that it took you so long to disconnect yourself from Variety. I got one issue, sent them a message that unless they renamed their magazine "Vomitus", any future issues would find their way into the trash bin which is where they belong. (It seems that even the puppies being housebroken wouldn't use their pages.)

  • Pamela Fancil

    04/26/2019 07:26 PM

    Today, I voted on your site’s-sent survey on mandatory vaccinations. I would have loved to have seen a comment option there.
    This very morning, I was speaking with two wonderful, caring mothers who have children who were negatively and permanently impaired as a result of an inoculation.
    It reminded me of Robert Kennedy Jr’s fight to expose the CDC which knowingly battles to get those immunization injections into every living being at the earliest possible point in their dear little lives, and the media which withholds the evidence of the hundreds of thousands of individuals who have and are suffering from this practice.
    President-elect Trump promised to to aid him in this battle against the power of pharmaceuticals to dictate what is not reported within the news and to have such a stranglehold on the CDC. However that support was withdrawn. Obviously, my vote was “no.” My friends this morning mentioned that most of those families who have contracted measles are well aware of that possibility, and, those who have been immunized don’t need to worry!

  • Lloyd Richardson

    04/26/2019 05:45 PM

    Personally, I think "Creepy Sleepy Joe" is a great epithet.

  • Stephen Russell

    04/26/2019 05:24 PM

    CA Gas prices: Are from taxes & regulations & damn refinery "crashes" during switch to other gas types.
    Each year & I want my Tesla ( used).
    Enough of this.
    Now 4.90, next 5.90 for CA alone.
    Thanks Dems for this issue U want to probe U caused this mess.
    End the Gas Tax
    But Tax Sweets.

  • Paul T. Kern

    04/26/2019 05:20 PM

    I remember when we called him "Slick Willy" Maybe we should call the Marxist/DNC crowd the "headless puppets" since there is no sane leadership and they are being manipulated and paid, most likely, behind the scenes by the biggest America hater, George Soros, himself.