January 17, 2018

With the economy finally igniting after eight years of slow-to-no growth, Democrats are trying to give credit to Barack Obama’s policies (just as in the case of Jimmy Carter, the wonderful effects of Democrats’ policies only kick in a year or so after they are voted out of office, forever denying them the credit they deserve.)

Well, the Wall Street Journal surveyed 68 economists on what they think is responsible for the recent boom. Turns out they are far more likely to credit Trump’s pro-business, anti-regulation, tax-cutting policies than Obama’s big government, endless regulations, high-tax policies. Go figure.

Personally, I tend to think of what’s happening by comparing the US economy to a great Olympic swimmer, like Michel Phelps. Phelps was the strongest swimmer in the world, but if you put a cement block around his neck, even he would have trouble keeping up with his competitors. However, he’s still so incredibly strong that even with an anchor on him, he could probably stay afloat and even make a little progress. Imagine giving the anchor credit for what little progress he made, and that’s the Democrats boasting about the growth under Obama. Finally, along comes Trump, who cuts the anchor off, and the swimmer is so happy, relieved and filled with long pent-up drive that he swims eight laps in two minutes.

And then people who put the anchor on him try to take credit for that, too.


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