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March 17, 2021

The latest victim of the woke witch hunters is (former) Georgetown University adjunct professor of law Sandra Sellers. During a Zoom call with another professor, the 20-year veteran teacher said that she felt “angst” because “every semester” many of her lower grade-earners were black. The call was leaked, and she was immediately branded as a racist who gave black students low marks because they’re black (which was not what she said.) The furious activists demanded that she be fired immediately with no hearings or investigations or chance to explain. And the craven administrators did just that, in violation of their own rules.

They also placed the other professor on leave for “complicity” in the alleged racism, for not…I don’t know what, not screaming at her that she was a racist or reporting her to the authorities or something. He eventually felt forced to resign, and did.

What she was probably talking about, if I had to guess, is a situation that a number of black academics and commentators have decried: top schools that lower admission standards to get more black students, but then those students have a hard time keeping up and drop out. That does a disservice to them, since if they’d gone to another college that was equipped to help them catch up, they could’ve gotten their diplomas. That situation harms black students, but now, teachers will be afraid to even bring it up for fear of being branded racists.

Instapundit blog master and law professor Glenn Reynolds also made a point that’s little known to the general public: adjunct professors of law are unusual in that they generally continue to practice law and are paid as little as $5000 a semester for teaching. They’re doing colleges a favor by taking that job for so little money. But if they think they’ll be risking having their reputations and careers destroyed by mobs of crazy leftist students falsely accusing them of racism, they’ll start telling universities to go whistle up a rope and there will be no more adjunct professors to teach law classes.

But considering the famous description of law class by Prof. Kingsfield in “The Paper Chase” (“You come in here with a skull full of mush, and you leave thinking like a lawyer”), I wonder if that’s even possible with some of the current student body.

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