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February 3, 2022


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Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth.

John 17:17

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2. Pelosi claims "sovereign immunity," denies Jan. 6 FOIA

The January 6 rioters were upset about the lack of transparency concerning our elections. Ironically, there’s now a lack of transparency concerning what actually happened on January 6. This is coming from the Democrats in Congress, specifically Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in response to Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests made by Judicial Watch.

If anyone knows firsthand about the lack of transparency in our government, it’s Judicial Watch.

Here’s some background, as these FOIA requests go back a year: In January and February of 2021, Judicial Watch filed FOIA requests with the Department of the Interior and the Department of Defense for records regarding the deployment of armed forces around the Capitol complex. The emails they wanted were to and from Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Deputy Secretary Kathleen Hicks, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley, and Vice Chairman Gen. John E. Hyten, between January 6, 2020, and February 19, 2021. When they got no response, and also none from the U.S. Park Police regarding communications with the FBI about January 6, Judicial Watch sued.

This was at the time Pelosi was talking about setting up her “Select Committee” to investigate January 6. But Judicial Watch was interested in turning the tables and doing a little investigating of Pelosi. Here’s one of the key communications Judicial Watch wanted to see.

It’s a call between Pelosi and Gen. Milley from January 8, two days after the riot. In a letter to her congressional colleagues that day, she characterized the call: “This morning, I spoke to [Gen. Milley] to discuss available precautions for preventing an unstable President from initiating military hostilities or accessing the launch codes and ordering a nuclear strike.” She warned against “his unbalanced assault on our country and our democracy.” She went on, she said, to bring up the 25th Amendment.

So who is the one who is “unhinged” here? And just who should we worried about when it comes to initiating a coup?

Judicial Watch still has not received responses to its FOIA requests. And now we're discovering who's been blocking them all this time. It’s the U.S. Capitol Police, which is supervised by...(drum roll, please)...Nancy Pelosi!

Amazingly, Pelosi is claiming “sovereign immunity,” meaning citizens cannot sue for release of emails and video that she deems to be not in the public interest. NOT IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST?? I'm the public, Nancy, and I'm extremely interested. I suspect the real problem is that Judicial Watch is over the target.

As JW explained it, Congress exempts itself from the Freedom Of Information Act --- as it seems to exempt itself from so many things --- so JW brought its suit under the common law of access to public records and offered Supreme Court precedent that upholds the public’s right to know “what the government is up to.” I think we have a pretty good idea of what they were up to, and if they weren’t, they’d turn over the materials in question and SHOW us they weren’t.

JW President Tom Fitton said, “The Pelosi Congress (and its police department) is telling a federal court it is immune from all transparency under law and is trying to hide every second of its January 6 videos and countless emails.”

Kyle Becker has an excellent commentary, focusing on 14,000 hours of video from the Capitol Police security system that they’re still keeping under wraps.

Speaking of January 6, we ran a tweet yesterday by Joel Pollak in which he questioned why “the man with the buffalo horns got four years in prison while an FBI lawyer who doctored an email to deceive a FISA court in the Russia collusion probe got community service.” As it happens, FBI Director Christopher Wray, in a speech Monday night at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, has claimed the January 6 protesters have not been treated any differently from, say, Black Lives Matter and Antifa. (He didn’t mention any criminal wrongdoings found within the FBI. Surprise, surprise.)

“We have one standard,” he said, “which is, I don’t care if you’re upset about an election or our criminal justice system.”. (NOTE: Actually, I think the January 6 protesters are upset about the election AND our criminal justice system. As for his mention of the “one standard” of justice, now there’s some great unintentional humor.) Continuing: “Whatever it is you’re upset about, there’s a right way and a wrong way to express your being upset in this country, and violence --- violence against law enforcement, destruction of property --- is not it...That’s what the rule of law is about.”

Wray came up with some distinctions between the Capitol riot and BLM/Antifa violence to justify the more aggressive prosecution of Capitol protesters, but take a look at what he said and tell me if these distinctions should make any difference at all. I say no.

“In the Jan. 6 instance, it happened in broad daylight and was … photographed extensively, people’s faces eminently visible, and involved a fairly unmistakable breach and entry into the Congress while they were in the middle of conducting one of their most sacred responsibilities. Contrast that from a lot of what we saw over the summer was happening under cover of darkness, with people’s faces concealed, often attacking buildings that might not be federal property, in some cases a courthouse, but not while people were in operation,” he said.

This is one of the saddest and most pathetic attempts at rationalization I’ve ever seen. It’s disgusting to hear these lame excuses coming from our FBI director. Unfortunately, nothing will change until we have a new FBI director who is completely different from this one --- someone who will put in place a completely different FBI.

The story at Big League Politics has a link to their report on numerous very serious charges against Antifa in Portland simply being dropped. They make the argument that the rule of law is dead in America. If “justice” in our country continues on this path, I have to say they’re right.

3. CNN Announcement: 

In a story that's rocking all the DC and New York City liberals who are the only people still watching CNN, the channel’s president Jeff Zucker announced his resignation after admitting he failed to disclose that he's had a longtime “consensual relationship” with CNN marketing chief Allison Gollust. He was contractually required to immediately disclose any personal relationships with colleagues.

But this story carries implications beyond simply failing to disclose a consensual relationship. It adds another bombshell to the barrage of sex scandals that have hit CNN lately (at least this one doesn’t involve sexually grooming underage girls.) Also, it came to light only because of the investigation into the tangled web of questionable relationships between CNN, former anchor Chris Cuomo, and his brother, then-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who was himself facing multiple accusations of sexual harassment. Gollust was Gov. Cuomo’s communications director before joining CNN. Frankly, that's the kind of cozy relationship that bothers me more than any relationship between actual consenting adults at the network.

Despite all the shock being expressed in the media, Zucker and Gollust had hardly been keeping their relationship much of a secret. And why would anyone be surprised by another CNN sex scandal at this point? The only shocking thing to me is how Zucker kept his job this long, considering how he’s sent CNN’s reputation for real journalism down the toilet, and flushed the channel’s ratings right behind it.

4. Good News:

A top ISIS terrorist leader was reportedly killed during a major raid by US Special Forces in Syria when his suicide vest went off. It was an appropriate and poetic end for him. At this writing, we’re still waiting for President Biden to comment further, but here are more details.

5. Today's Bombshell Leak:

These days, it seems that everything we learn that’s really important comes as the result of a “leak.” It’s pretty telling in itself that we only learn what’s really going on when the truth leaks out despite massive efforts to suppress it. And here’s today’s bombshell leak:

Axios obtained leaked notes from a White House Situation Room meeting the day before Kabul fell to the Taliban that show officials were frustrated to find that the Biden Administration was woefully unprepared to evacuate the Afghan nationals who’d helped the US.

They’d gotten stuck in “bureaucratic inertia” and were scrambling to come up with plans at the last minute. Stunning quote: “For example, they'd just decided they needed to notify local Afghan staff ‘to begin to register their interest in relocation to the United States,’" and to start contacting other nations to find places to relocate them (it reminds me of how the "Green New Deal" was actually concocted by a few leftist staffers pulling the equivalent of a college all-nighter.)

Recall: we were told we had to replace Trump with these people because they were the adults in the room, the best and the brightest, and Biden had so much foreign policy experience. We not only would have been better off with Trump and his people in charge, we would have been better off with the Three Stooges in charge.

Nina Bookout at the Victory Girls blog has more on this story, as well as on other urgent warnings the Biden White House received that the Afghan government was in imminent danger of collapse. Received and ignored.

I put this story in my growing “shocking but not surprising” file. Months before the Afghan evacuation debacle, I wrote in this newsletter about Congress members pressing the White House on how slowly they were processing visa applications from our Afghan allies, even as the withdrawal deadline was drawing dangerously close. This is like someone being hit by a slow-moving train that they’ve been watching come down the tracks toward them for an hour.

6. Here’s something you don’t see every day:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez saying something you might possibly agree with. She wants Meta/Facebook made subject to antitrust activity and broken up.

AOC says they have too many assets built into one company and they’re acting as an advertiser, vendor and communications platform. She actually has a point there.

But before you think you’ve fallen into a strange Bizarro World where Mike Huckabee and AOC are in agreement, note that her biggest problem with Facebook is that there’s too much free speech, or as she puts it, “disinformation,” on it. She wants more government policing of posts.

That’s hardly what I think the problem with Facebook is. As many issues as I have with it, I’d still rather argue with Facebook to get them to post my comments than have them taking orders from a government where a booster of socialism and defunding the police gets to decide what constitutes “dangerous misinformation.”

7. Not Even the Chaplain:

You’ve heard that the military has been granting almost no religious exemptions to vaccine mandates. But you’d think they would recognize a legitimate religious objection coming from someone who's served I Just anearly two decades as a Navy chaplain. You’d think so, but you would be wrong.

8. I Just Wanted to Say:

Thank you for reading the Morning Edition.

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Comments 1-10 of 13

  • Wendy Storm

    02/04/2022 10:05 PM

    I am furious at the continued & blatant defiance of the law that surrounds Nancy Pelosi & evidence of the Jan 6 protest! How does this woman get away with this! OMG

  • Gary Stilwell

    02/03/2022 09:56 PM

    All of the links to fox news cannot be read, because their software detects ad blockers--These "ads" are privacy invaders-they insert cookies on your personal computer without your knowledge,gather personal info to be sold,etc.--this is cnn/biden tactics---you know, the ones you rail about on a regular basis. Anyone can watch fox on tv, but if you want to send them feedback-(their forum) you have to agree to them installing crap on your pc--wait a minute--I thought censorship was what most were against--by citing these fox articles, (via the links)you further their control over what is read and what is "ok"---you do a dis-service to your readers, in this vein. Fox may come up with some very revealing reporting, but if there are issues a reader may have--a rebuttal/ a fact check/ or flat out proof they are wrong, the reader is barred from submitting the feedback unless they agree to have their personal info compromised.
    Of course, there are ways to bypass this block, but most folks will never spend the time to ferret out the news alert writer and find the direct email contact(sometimes buried in the fine print), and an email to the writer many times is simply deleted--it never makes it to the folks who actually run this organization.
    My 2 cents

  • Marilyn Kirkwold

    02/03/2022 07:04 PM

    Mike, I was sure on day one that Trump had nothing g to do with the Kan 6 episode About the n ext day l figured it was e il Pelosi and her operatives (FBI, CIA, etc,) No surprise that she is desperate to keep this out of the hands of all of America. I am praying and believing that God is not done with America, and He will bring her down alo g with all of the deep state.

  • Terry Nixon

    02/03/2022 05:39 PM

    I am really surprised that Ms. Pelosi has not claimed "Divine Immunity," granted by the big man upstairs, or at least "Papal Immunity" as granted by the Pope!

  • Ron Stephens

    02/03/2022 04:44 PM

    Mr Wray should maybe ask himself how citizens can react short of revolution and get any "redress" when powers that be "oppress". That is, redress is the safety valve for the high emotions that stem from "greivance". If the reaction is to tighten the screws - well King George tried that and it didn't go well. It is very unwise to frustrate people with their powerlessness while poking them with a stick.through the cage bars. The anger will break out somewhere, somehow and it is foolish to think otherwise. King Rehoboam found that out the hard way to. But it is worth noting that he brought it on himself.

  • Paul Kern

    02/03/2022 04:12 PM

    Sovereign Immunity sounds like something the DC soyboys have created as a CYA thing.
    It appears now there is no functioning government. The DNC became the American Communist in the 1960's when they started incorporating that group's policy positions.
    Now that the military is being decimated the only men left are those trained to use weapons.
    Also most religious groups are part of the Swamp. Only God can save us now from all that is happening. Unless your people know more.
    Right now Clinton's and Obama's people are running the show

  • Stephen Russell

    02/03/2022 04:08 PM

    J6: J6 is about DC Estd elites vs Public
    J6 is rigged votes, riot for Power
    Freedom vs Tyranny

  • Floyd A Unger

    02/03/2022 03:34 PM

    Thank you

  • Michelle Ferrer

    02/03/2022 03:30 PM

    Sovereign Immunity? The Sea Hag spews.

  • Bruce Obermeyer

    02/03/2022 03:25 PM

    What a shocker. It seems that the disgraced Jeffrey Toobin is the only employee at CNN who can keep his hands to himself.