November 6, 2016

Just when you think Hillary Clinton’s outrageous carelessness with national security can’t get any screwier, it takes another left turn into Looney Town.  The New York Post reports that there might be yet another computer aside from Anthony Weiner’s that contains Hillary’s sensitive, confidential and even classified emails.  It’s the iMac belonging to her Filipino maid and housekeeper, Marina Santos.  That’s because Hillary allegedly forwarded government emails to Santos to print out for her (and by the way, what became of all those print-outs?)

The Post claims that her maid also had access to the SCIF room (the sensitive compartmented information facility), a supposedly “secure" communications room in Hillary’s DC home, which only people with top security clearances are allowed to enter. 

But of course, her maid had to go in there.  How else could she wipe Hillary's server with a cloth?

Details here.  Steel yourself:

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