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May 4, 2023

We’ve come to a pretty pass when rock stars are making more sense than our political leaders. First, Paul Stanley of KISS inflamed the "trans" bullies by opposing giving hormones and unnecessary, irreversible surgery to minors. Now, USA Today has an interview with Roger Daltrey of the iconic rock band, The Who. He talks about their music, his health, the risky economics of big rock tours in the COVID era, and why he doubts that he and Pete Townshend will ever tour America again. But of special interest to my readers will be his comments on cancel culture and Internet rage mobs.

Townshend wrote a song, "Won't Get Fooled Again," that’s been adopted by Libertarians thanks to its cynical view of political leaders (“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”) He also recently said that a musician’s job is to play music and leave the activism to activists. Daltrey agrees and adds more:

“What worries me more than anything in the world is the shutting down of open debate, mainly through bullying on the internet. It’s aggressive bullying. All of the big issues society has to face, like climate change, they’ve shut down one side of that debate and science is not about shutting things down, it’s about opening them up. I am amazed at the size of our ego, the human race, the tiny whatever we are on this planet, but we’re going to control the temperature? Whose leg are you pulling? But you’re not allowed to talk about it or you’ll be a right-wing fascist or you’re a left-wing fanatic and that’s incredibly dangerous. All the Internet has done is make us appreciate things a lot less. As far as social media goes, some of it is like the seeds of the end of civilization.”

It's too bad they’re not planning any more American tours. I suddenly feel like buying a ticket to see The Who.  

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