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November 15, 2022



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For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—

Ephesians 2:8

Good and Bad Election News

As we continue the endless vote count in the People’s Republic of America, it’s now a full week past Election Day, and 14 House races still haven’t been called. The good news is that, at this writing, with 218 needed to win the majority, the Republicans now hold 217 and the Democrats 205.

The Republicans reached 217 after California GOP Rep. Ken Calvert won the recently-redrawn and more Democrat-heavy District 41.

The Republicans need just one more win, while the Dems have to win every remaining race, including 3 rated as toss-ups and 5 that lean or are likely GOP. I’d suggest bias in the media’s reluctance to call it, but then, we all know about the mysterious rule of mathematics that the longer it takes to count ballots, the more of them are marked Democrat, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

But at least two media outlets, NBC and the Daily Caller, are finally projecting that the GOP will take the House by 219-216. That seems likely, barring a “miracle” for the Democrats (like the dead rising to vote...again.) That means the end of Biden’s radical legislation, so Americans can breathe a sigh of relief. Even Biden admitted there will be no “codifying of Roe v. Wade” (which is code for “a national abortion law far more radical than Roe that allows for killing babies in the womb right up to the moment of birth,” the kind California just passed to its eternal shame.)

The important thing for House GOP leaders to remember is four letters that I mentioned before: “WWPD: What Would Pelosi Do?” Would Nancy Pelosi say, “Well, we have only a very slim majority, so obviously, Americans are very divided. Therefore, we should share power, look for ways to  compromise, and not try to silence, investigate or force our agenda on the minority”? I’ll proceed after you finish laughing.

And now, the very bad news, not just for the GOP but for Arizona: Democrat Katie Hobbs is now projected to win the Governor’s race over Republican Kari Lake. Supposedly, the vote from Maricopa County wasn’t weighted toward Lake enough to overcome Hobb’s narrow lead. But this could take a while because there’s a good chance that state law will require a recount.

Some are arguing that there should be a revote because Election Day was so badly botched under the supervision of Hobbs herself, who as Secretary of State didn't have the basic integrity to recuse herself from overseeing an election that she was competing in. It’s kind of like acting as both a quarterback and the referee in the Super Bowl. Whether due to incompetence or other reasons, tech “issues” in mostly red areas of Maricopa County led to line waits of up to seven hours and who knows how many Lake voters having to leave without voting, with a judge refusing to extend voting hours. As Kari Lake quite reasonably put it, we finally have an actual example of “voter suppression.”

For those who tarred Lake as an “election denier” for being suspicious of suspicious elections, if that’s so, then there are an awful lot of crazy conspiracy theorists out there. A new Rasmussen survey taken during and after last week’s elections found that 57% of Americans think it’s likely that cheating affected the results, and that includes 30% who think it’s “very likely.” Those are the highest numbers ever. And while they’re highest among Republicans (79%), 50% of Independents and even 40% of Democrats agree that it’s likely cheating affected the outcomes.

This is a grave problem, and not just because I’m a Republican who thinks the results should’ve gone the other way. Whenever a majority of Americans lose faith in the trustworthiness of the election process, they also lose faith in the fundamental idea of America as a place where the government rules by the consent of the people.

I’ve been warning for years as some factions worked to loosen voter integrity laws in the name of “fighting voter suppression” that every illegal vote negates a legitimate vote and deprives someone of a say in determining self-government. When Americans lose faith in their elections, they lose faith in what makes America America. It could mark the beginning of the end of this great experiment in democracy if we don’t do something to restore that faith, and fast.


Related: Here’s a suggestion of how to reform the California law that’s allowed ballot harvesting that’s undermined election integrity.

The next question is how to reform ballot harvesting when the people who’d have to reform it are in office because of it. A clue to how difficult that is can be found in the fact that this article initially ran in 2020, and it’s only gotten worse. Will it take Republicans fighting fire with fire by ballot harvesting, too? And if they do get back into power that way, will they have the will to fix it?



More on Kari Lake

If indeed Katie Hobbs prevails in Arizona, I’m sure this will be just the bumpy beginning of Kari Lake’s political career. She’s one of the most dynamic, impressive and articulate conservative messengers I’ve seen in years. She'll be fine, but I pray for the people of Arizona who didn’t vote for her. They’ll be stuck with a Governor who refused even to attempt to defend her views in a debate, and who believes that securing late term abortions is more important than securing the border…in ARIZONA!

They’d better pray for a GOP Congress and President in 2024, because I can’t imagine that their likely Governor is going to help stop the fresh flood of illegal border crossers, criminals and drugs that will soon be coming Arizona’s way.


On a side note, it’s worth pointing out that even as Kari Lake appears to have been defeated largely due to “voting irregularities,” she continues to be described in every article as an “election denier” who thinks the 2020 election was rigged. I’m sure this vote will convince her that we have the most secure and trustworthy elections in the world. That rote opinionated smear presented as fact was mostly why a recent study ranked 100% of the media coverage of Lake as “negative” (again, I’m sure that will help convince her that the system isn’t rigged.)

Even if it doesn’t rise to the level of outright rigging the game, it’s definitely tilting the table. It’s also one of constant examples of how today’s “journalists” couldn’t have passed a Journalism 101 course 50 years ago. I noticed another in the recent coverage of Dave Chappelle hosting “Saturday Night Live.” Virtually every story matter-of-factly described Chappelle as being controversial “because of his transphobic and homophobic jokes.” But most people who watched his specials didn’t think his jokes were “transphobic and homophobic.” That was an accusation made by extremely partisan activists with an ax to grind, not an established fact, but the “journalists” presented it as the latter.

There’s a reason why stories about people accused of murder but not convicted don’t describe them as “murderers.” I wonder why that simple rule of journalism never applies to anyone accused of thought crimes by the left.

Today's Must Read

An open letter to conservatives in Georgia about why it’s crucial for them to turn out and vote for Herschel Walker in the Senate run-off, even if Democrats do already have 50 seats in the Senate. Yes, it can make a very big difference. And as I tried to warn Pennsylvania voters who sent John Fetterman to the Senate, this person is going to be half your representation in Washington for at least six years. Don’t let him be a rubber stamp for Chuck Schumer like Raphael Warnock.

AINSWORTH: Michelle Obama acting like presidential candidate

by Laura Ainsworth, staff writer/researcher

Today marks the release of Michelle Obama’s new book, THE LIGHT WE CARRY, subtitled “Overcoming In Uncertain Times,” and if you don’t think she’s positioning for the 2024 Democrat nomination, I just don’t know what to tell you.

To tie into the release of the book, she’ll be doing an interview for National Public Radio today as well. (All her interviews and public appearances have been carefully planned for months to roll out the way it’s intended for us to see them.) She’s booked into large venues holding up to 7,000 people.

She’s just now starting on a six-city tour, starting in Washington DC and ending in Los Angeles.

In the audio version, she lays it on thick about how Trump’s win in 2016 “still hurts.” Not surprisingly, she makes the nation’s choice of who is going to be in the White House largely about race.

“It shook me profoundly to hear the man who’d replace my husband as President openly and unapologetically using ethnic slurs, making selfishness and hate somehow acceptable,” she says in the book. “It felt like something much uglier than a political defeat.” Isn’t it fascinating how people on the left are oblivious to the visceral hate and racism emanating from their OWN side?

And there's this: “Stuck in my house over the frightening early months of 2020, I saw no logic to any of it. What I saw was a President whose lack of integrity was reflected in an escalating national death count and whose poll numbers were still decent.” Wait a minute –- is she associating President Trump’s perceived personal failings with the early death count from covid? Admittedly, I’m not seeing the context of her comment –- the book’s just out today –- but one might certainly get the idea from this excerpt that she’s trying somehow to blame President Trump for deaths that came to us courtesy of the Chinese. She’s dismayed that his poll numbers didn’t even go down. Now that’s some serious Trump-bashing.

A review appearing on Monday in THE GUARDIAN says that “she makes no secret of how hurt she was by the dismissal that followed her even into the White House: the caricature of her as an angry Black woman, and the way anything she said to mitigate it was used to prove the prejudice all over again.”

You know, I really don’t want to hear Michelle complain about being “dismissed” as First Lady after seeing how shamefully Melania Trump was treated while serving in that role. Michelle most certainly was not dismissed; she was worshipped, especially by those on the Obama side of the political aisle, and she continues to be worshipped.

Those who might have given Michelle grief when she was in the White House did so not because of her skin color but because of her politics. Does she think disapproval happens only to First Ladies of color? Michelle was ridiculed by Republicans for her school lunches that kids threw in the garbage; Nancy Reagan was criticized by Democrats for “Just Say No.”

Sadly, it seems that Michelle has never realized that even those who didn’t vote for her husband were celebrating the fact that a black person could be elected President. Republicans didn’t want "Unaffordable Health Care" or the end of the fossil fuel industry, but having elected a black President was the one thing almost everyone WAS happy about.  It really had made history!  Michelle doesn’t come across as angry for talking the way she does here, just oblivious to that truth.

Jesse Watters, on his Monday PRIMETIME show, ran a clip from Michelle’s interview with Robin Roberts that ran Sunday on ABC --- yes all the networks will be lining up to kiss her shoes –-- in which she hesitated to endorse President Biden for another term. When asked, “Do you hope that President Biden will run again in 2024,” she said, “You know...I...(pause)...I... (longer pause)…………...I will have to see.”

Michelle was on Stephen Colbert’s late-night show Monday night.

They chatted about her slogan, “When they go low, you go high,” with Michelle saying, “I’m trying to think about solutions. I’m trying to push us to think about solutions that will actually unite us and get us focused on the real problems. [big applause] That’s what I mean when I say ‘go high...’” Does this sound like a presidential candidate or what?

Monica Crowley, appearing on Watters’ show, said, “Look, I think after the midterm election results, there are a lot of Democrats who came out publicly, like Mrs. Pelosi, and said, ‘Oh, sure, Joe’s gonna run again in 2024! We’re all behind him!’ They are placating him. Okay? The only person who thinks Joe Biden is gonna run for re-election is Joe Biden, okay? Because he’s not all there.”

She went on to call Michelle Obama “the dog that hasn’t barked” among potential 2024 Democrat candidates, pointing out that she’s got this new book and is, “like, everywhere.”

She also mentioned a documentary that sounds a similar warning, called MICHELLE OBAMA 2024.  It shows how she's following a political path similar to that of her husband, Bill Clinton and Hillary.
Watters was skeptical. “I don’t know,” Crowley said. “Nobody’s really focused on her as a potential Democratic candidate, but I think she’s sort of laying the groundwork with this book tour. She’s targeting women and minorities. She’s got a voting rights group that she was running with Stacey Abrams. I’m telling you, she could be...”

My thinking, for what it's worth: she’s running. I said in 2016 that she’d be the Democrat nominee, as a late replacement for Hillary Clinton when it appeared the email scandal –- criminal mishandling of classified material and obstructing justice by destroying evidence –- would be too much for Madame Secretary to overcome. Who knew then that the FBI would be so corrupt that James Comey would let her off the hook in his infamous July 5 speech?

Anyway, that makes 2024 the year to run Michelle and keep the Obama machine running smoothly. Others are being mentioned, such as Gavin Newsom (too white, too male), but I think he’s in the mix to throw us off the track. This is all speculative; just consider it a warning about what to watch out for in the coming year or so. See if the chess pieces don’t start moving into place on the board.

The Obamas can get back to the White House in one of several ways. (This is assuming Michelle wins the 2024 general election over DeSantis or whoever we have as our nominee.) If Biden insists on running, which won’t be likely at his advanced age, she can challenge him in the primary and easily knock him out. If he doesn’t run, she simply becomes the candidate and he endorses her; who would dare run against her? Or, at the opportune time, she could be nominated by Biden to be Vice President, replacing Kamala, who would resign on some pretense after being made an offer she couldn’t refuse. Michelle would be confirmed by a simple majority of House and Senate. (This is how Gerald Ford replaced Spiro Agnew. Anyone can be named VP who simply meets the qualifications for President.) Then, if Biden must step down before the end of his second term, the new President will be Michelle, not Kamala.

The Democrats wouldn’t have wanted to make any move in this direction until after the midterms were over.

Now, they’re over.

Not a press conference

I don’t know which is more concerning, that we have a President who only takes pre-approved questions from a short list of friendly reporters, that he can barely read the list, or that he seemed worried that he said something he wasn’t allowed to when he blurted out the truth, that Democrats aren’t likely to hold the House. He’s supposed to be the President of the United States, the most powerful position on Earth. Why is he seemingly afraid of his own staff? This looked less like a press conference than an indication of elder abuse.


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  • Ruthie Jankowski

    11/15/2022 09:32 PM

    Why would there be such a CRY for more money to get Herschel Walker in as senator of GA when, in my mind, once someone has already decided another AD won't make a difference. It takes billions of dollars to promote a candidate - are people really changing their votes often? If they are for Herschel......then they won't change their minds. The people they SHOULD get to is the people who voted for the liberation.....if we can convince them to vote for Herschel then he will win.

  • Judy McGlothlin

    11/15/2022 03:39 PM

    This morning a guest on Newsmax stated that he guessed the people of Arizona have spoken when they failed to elect Kari Lake. Give me a break. Exactly what resident of Arizona would want to keep illegal aliens and fentanyl (dope) running rampant across their state? They wouldn't unless they are imbeciles and I know a lot of smart people who live in that state. So here's the thing...I am sick and tired, no I am angry, that the Republican party hasn't stopped the election fraud. They've had two years to figure it out and do so. We (Republicans) are a weak party who continues to allow the Democrats to run roughshod over America and break all kinds of laws. Republicans stand by, wringing their hands and shaking their heads but the liberals continue on enforcing their absolute rule. As a Republican, I am ashamed.

  • pat green

    11/15/2022 03:28 PM

    This Hobbs person might have gotten all the votes they claim. I don't know but when she is running for governor of AZ and in charge of elections in AZ and wins. Their is something wrong in Denmark. Someone who has the authority and have the backbone should step up to the plate and declare that election null and void and call for another election

  • Terry Vaught

    11/15/2022 02:29 PM

    Unfortunately I think you are right. Michelle Obama would be a difficult candidate for the republicans to beat no mater who they nominate. Trump wouldn't stand a chance. That could potentially take democratic rule into 2032.

    We are already very close to the point where republicans cannot win Congress. With 8 more years of a democrat president and Congress we would be a one party system by then if we aren't Lalmost already there. Yes there will still be republicans but with no chance of winning.

    I think one of the main results democrats are going for regarding the shenanegans being pulled by them during elections is to get republicans to finally just give up and say whats the use, they can get away with obstruction of elections and they have the media and no way to stop them so there is no point in even voting. The republicans are constantly shooting themselves in the foot so there is not much to be optimistic about.
    The republicans need to listen the Ms Obama's slogan but with a twist.
    When they go low, we go lower.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    11/15/2022 11:42 AM

    Nah. Americans don't want Obama because he was Bidens mentor and except for this fake election the DNC would be on mass unemployment as they will be in 2024 when the GOP will do more to clean up the elections and the people will have had a crop full of OBidens mess.
    Trump 2024 and the RED WAVE.