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June 29, 2020 |


Well, it’s taken long enough, but I’m starting to sense a shift in the wind as the “silent majority” are getting sick of staying silent while America-hating jerks smash national monuments.

Immediately after President Trump signed an executive order requiring the enforcement of the federal law against vandalizing public statues and monuments, the Justice Department announced indictments of four men in connection with the attempts to topple the statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Square in Washington.

The DOJ rightly drew a line between lawful protest and vandalism, stating, “This Office remains steadfast in its commitment to protect the sacred First Amendment right of individuals to peacefully protest, but these charges should serve as a warning to those who choose to desecrate the statues and monuments that adorn our nation’s capital: your violent behavior and criminal conduct will not be tolerated.”

I feel fairly certain that the idea of facing consequences for their actions will be a completely new experience for these folks, and one that their parents should have introduced them to long ago. They were among 15 people whose photos were tweeted by Trump and whom the DOJ is searching for. Naturally, some liberal media outlets accused Trump of “inciting violence” by tweeting their wanted posters. Here’s a hint: if you don’t want to be the subject of a federal manhunt, then don’t do things that put your face on wanted posters, like trying to smash national monuments. This seems like one of those “you knew the job was dangerous when you took it” situations.

Trump isn’t the only one who’s fed up with allowing rampant crime and destruction in the streets under the guise of protesting racism. In Oklahoma City, DA David Prater announced charges of terrorism, rioting and assault against protesters who turned violent in May. He said, “This is not Seattle. We’re not putting up with this lawlessness here.”

In Manassas, Virginia, a different kind of protest occurred when hundreds of people turned out for a “back the blue” march to support the police. Participants called it “disgusting” to tar every police officer because of what some bad cops elsewhere did, and said police might need better training or background checks for hiring, but as for “defunding the police, "Who in their right mind would even think that's a good idea…” In fairness, I don’t think being in your right mind has anything to do with that particular movement.

At this point, I guess I should stop and make it clear to those who like to take things out of context and leap to dumb conclusions that none of this is meant in any way to diminish the justifiable anger over the death of George Floyd. Indeed, that was something that people of all races across the political spectrum agreed on. The growing backlash is not against legitimate protesters who have genuine concerns about police behavior toward blacks. It’s against the radical left extremists from groups like Antifa, many of them young white adults from privileged backgrounds who were indoctrinated into socialism and hating America in college, who are exploiting the anger over Floyd’s death as a convenient excuse to attack the foundations of the country and try to eliminate the police.

They not only aren’t helping the black community, they’re actively harming it, and they don’t care. And not just by tarnishing the image of legitimate peaceful protesters. Their riots, arson and looting are destroying black-owned businesses and black people’s jobs, eliminating needed goods and services, and making black neighborhoods less safe by driving police out.

Even Bill Maher sees through this latest form of twisted “white savior” behavior as you can see at this link.

Also, check out the must-see video at that link by Ami Horowitz. He asked white leftists on the street who hate the police and want to abolish them if they think black people in East Harlem would agree with them. Well, of course, they would! So he went to East Harlem and asked black people about that. Their response: they think the white leftists who want to abolish the police are “ignorant” and “full of c**p.” They don’t want to live in the lawless chaos that would exist if there were no police.

And check out this blow-by-blow account of the scene at the attempt to take down the Emancipation memorial (the statue of Lincoln freeing a slave) in Washington. Black history reenactors attempted to tell the screaming activists (most of them white) the history of the statue and why it’s important. But what one young white woman called “disgusting” was the fact that they were expected to respect their elders.

And since there are so many white celebrities speaking for black people (without being asked) and calling for abolishing the police, here’s a celebrity rebuttal: Muhammad Ali Jr. says that his father would have called the people who are smashing shops and police stations, beating up innocent people and terrorizing communities “devils.”

And because I don’t believe in smashing heads to make political points, but I’m not averse to making leftists’ heads explode, I’ll also pass along this quote from The Greatest’s son, which has to represent the ultimate backlash against the past few weeks of anarchy:

“I think Trump’s a good president. My father would have supported him. Trump’s not a racist; he’s for all the people. Democrats are the ones who are racist and not for everybody.”


I didn’t address this story when it came out on Friday because I have a standard rule: any shocking “blockbuster” anti-Trump story that comes from hostile media outlets such as the New York Times should be allowed to sit and air out for at least 48-72 hours to give the truth a chance to bubble up. Since this story came out on Friday, and it’s now Monday, I guess it’s safe to mention it.

The New York Times, citing its favorite source, “unnamed officials,” “reported” that Russia offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants to kill US troops in Afghanistan to drive the US out of the region, and that the President was briefed on it. Joe Biden, picking up the softball handed to him by the Times, declared:

“The truly shocking revelation that if the Times report is true, and I emphasize that again, is that President Trump, the commander in chief of American troops serving in a dangerous theater of war, has known about this for months, according to the Times, and done worse than nothing.”

Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) screamed that Trump was guilty of Russian collusion (do they ever get tired of doing that?), and even some top Republicans are demanding an investigation. They really need to learn to count to 100 before taking anything seriously that comes from the New York Times.

So here’s what we know after waiting a couple of days: Russia called the story “fake,” and the Taliban denied there was any truth to it. Neither of those things may cut any ice with you, but Trump also tweeted that the Intelligence agencies reported to him that they did not brief him or the Vice President on this because they didn’t find the info credible (and that was even before they saw it in the New York Times.)

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said, “This does not speak to the merit of the alleged intelligence, but to the inaccuracy of the New York Times story erroneously suggesting that President Trump was briefed on this matter.” So she's saying that maybe Russia did offer such a bounty (even a blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally), but the big anti-Trump “bombshell” part of the story was fake news. Unless you believe our intelligence agencies are willing to lie to make it appear that President Trump is NOT colluding with Russia. And if you believe that, you haven’t been paying much attention for the past three years.

In a somewhat related story, there’s a new movie coming out about the time in the 1930s when the New York Times won a Pulitzer Prize for fake stories covering up atrocities committed by Russian tyrant Joseph Stalin, an award they never returned. Now, THAT'S Russian collusion!


Protesters requested a police presence at their protest because they wanted their safety protected while they were demanding that the police be defunded.

And today’s entry in the “Everything Is Racist” sweepstakes is…(spins wheel, and it stops on…) Chess! Because the white piece moves first! No, I'm serious...


The producers of a miniseries based on James Comey’s self-aggrandizing and dishonest book were upset to learn that Showtime planned to run it after the election, since they hoped it would harm Trump’s reelection chances. So Showtime mysteriously and without explanation rescheduled it to run in September.

Let us hope that nobody will watch it because they’ll be too busy watching the live federal trials of Comey and his fellow coup conspirators.


By Pat Reeder, “Huckabee” writer/pop culture historian (http://www.facebook.com/HollywoodHiFiBook)

The streaming service Hulu has yanked an episode of the ‘80s sitcom “The Golden Girls” because Rose and Blanche appear in blackface – except they don’t. The two ladies are wearing mud masks on their faces, just like women (and some men) of all races have for centuries.

When a black character walks in on them, they’re embarrassed and insist they’re not wearing blackface, which shows that the writers were aware even then that blackface was offensive. But of course, trivialities such as accuracy, intention or context mean nothing when you’re competing to see who can find the next thing to be faux-offended by, or when you’re panicking in fear before the phony outrage of the cancel culture brats.

But there’s a larger point that makes what Hulu is doing seem even stupider if that’s possible. Most people forget now, because “The Golden Girls” is so beloved by multiple generations for its humor, its cast and its wonderful characters who seem like family, but in its day, it was one of the most “progressive” shows on TV. Creator Susan Harris (who wrote the landmark abortion episode of “Maude”) filled the show with liberal messages that were on the then-cutting edge of what was allowed on prime time.

Blanche, of course, was the poster girl for recreational sex, but the show also touched on adultery (Dorothy’s husband left her for another woman, and she later had an affair with a married man) and sex among senior citizens. Blanche’s single daughter wanted to get artificially inseminated, a lesbian had a crush on Rose, Dorothy’s brother was a transvestite (the girls also accidentally hired a transvestite band for a fundraiser), a male character confessed to having had a sex change operation, and Blanche’s gay brother showed up with his partner to announce that they were getting married.

This was well before “Friends” aired the first lesbian wedding, although that show made sure to put a thumb in the eye of Christian conservatives by casting Newt Gingrich’s lesbian sister to officiate and say that “nothing makes God happier than when two people – ANY two people – come together in love.” (I’d cite the Bible chapter for that, but I can’t find it.) “Friends” also included Kathleen Turner as Chandler’s trans dad. In the same way, “Will & Grace” is often lauded for using the sitcom form to promote acceptance of gays and “soften America up” for accepting same-sex marriage.

Even in the “Golden Girls” episode that Hulu is pulling, the storyline was about Dorothy’s son marrying a much older black woman and everyone having to overcome both racism and ageism.

But here’s that larger point I mentioned: The left always eats their own. The creators of “Golden Girls,” “Friends” and “Will & Grace” thought they were brave pioneers of tolerance for including all those liberal messages in their shows. Yet all three are now under fire from intolerant leftists: “W&G” for promoting swishy gay stereotypes, “Friends” for homophobic behavior by the men, and “GG” over a “blackface” scene that really isn’t. Instead of honoring them for pushing the envelope in an earlier time, leftists attack them for not living up to current standards that might not even exist if it weren’t for them. They demand that those shows be edited or yanked, just like they demand that statues are smashed or books are burned or bowdlerized – and by the way, the big streaming services are already doing that with some e-books.

In social justice warrior land, there is no honor or respect for those who went before. There is only ruthless judgment and condemnation for not meeting a standard that changes almost hourly. If you give in to it, it’s like trying to appease the sharks circling your life raft by cutting off a finger and tossing it to them. The taste of blood will only make them all the more ravenous. It’s better just to give them the finger from your boat and preserve history the way it happened.

This is why my house is stuffed to the rafters with real books, LPs, CDs, DVDs, files on hard drives, singles, VHS tapes, cassettes, 8-tracks, Play-Tapes, etc. etc. If you have to rely on streaming for anything, then you don’t really own it.

Incidentally, for a great lesson in how to react to the SJW mob and how not to, look at Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel. Former partners on the raunchy comedy series “The Man Show,” Carolla refused to knuckle under to the mob. He started a very popular podcast so the networks can’t censor him, and he’s become a defiant champion of free speech. He’s often vilified, but he is never censored or silenced. And he has a new book out on that very subject called “I’m Your Emotional Support Animal” that’s sure to be a best-seller. (Warning: contains rough language that he refuses to self-censor.)

Meanwhile, his former partner Kimmel has tossed in his lot with the leftists. His once-funny late-night show has become just another Trump-bashing snoozefest, and he’s as likely to deliver a teary lecture on some hot button leftist subject as a comedy monologue. But all that virtue-signaling gained him zip: when it was revealed that in long-ago comedy bits, he’d worn blackface and said the “n-word” while impersonating black celebrities, he was forced to take a break to “spend time with his family.” He’s now playing the liberal martyr by blaming his problems on evil right-wingers digging up his old material. But it’s not right-wingers who are demanding his head for comedy bits he did 20 years ago. All they’d like from him is for him to be funny again. It’s the leftists he sucked up to and who will turn on him on anyone else in an instant if they smell any deviation from accepted groupthink.

My advice to him would be to spend less time interviewing boring leftists and more time with Adam Carolla.


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  • Patricia Varhol

    07/02/2020 11:29 AM

    I keep hearing that the First Amendment gives the right to protest. I’ve read it over and over and the word “protest” is not in it. All I see is the right to peaceful assembly. Assembly and protest mean two very different things to me.

  • j. debra halsmith

    06/30/2020 07:05 PM

    Hey folks...am wondering if you could possibly just keep all the info you post in your email instead of making us all head over to the WWW to read the "rest" of what you want us to read! On the WWW, there's sooo many distractions flashing AND ads that we have to wade thru' just to get to the info you post...PULEEEEZE!!!
    I'm sure it will be very much appreciated by others as well, not just me! ;)
    Enjoy the day!

  • Michael

    06/30/2020 01:32 PM

    Yes, the SILENT MAJORITY can no longer afford to remain silent. And why is it that for almost four years, President Trump's has almost stood alone in battling the MSM, the evil Democrats, radical groups, Marxist, etc.? What is wrong with the majority of the Republicans? Sadly way too many RINO's and even traitors!!! Can't they see clearly the nation destroying agenda of the Democrats, MSM, BLM, Antifa and liberal leftist? Do they (Republicans) not even care? And what is wrong with those who profess to be Christians, voting for Democrats. If they are truly Christians, then on the abortion issue alone, shouldn't ever vote for a Democrats. Democrats stand for: no cops, no law and order, sanctuary cities, no borders, no historical statutes, no voter ID, no right to life for the unborn . . . and they (Democrats) claim they represent a better America. Better for who? Not the majority of Americans or for our way of life. And with the propaganda arm of the Democrats- the U.S. Mainstream Media pushing fake narratives, they continue to see the seeds of destruction of our nation. Time for the so called silent majority to wake up and begin fighting back before it is too late. Wake up true Republicans on Congress. Time to fight!!! This next election will determine the direction this country will go. Will it be the destructive ways of the Democrats, MSM, radical groups and liberal leftist? I pray not, but it will take a huge majority to vote Republican at the ballot box, in person to fight against the Democrats plans to steal the election through fraud and deceit! Wake up America!!!!!!

  • Janice Short

    06/30/2020 12:48 PM

    As long as the "fake news" keeps giving so much attention to the looters & rioters, they will keep on looting & rioting. They just do this for attention. It has NOTHING to do with George Floyd's death.

  • Liem Q Liem

    06/30/2020 12:36 PM

    The media reported that Democrats politicians are vowed by such extremist movements as BLM and ANTIFA. That’s wrong! Why should they be afraid, because they are the one who initiated and encouraged them! The Dems wanted hatred and violence to spread in our country for many purposes:
    One, they wanted to continue the violent protests to make Trump look weak at the Election Day;
    Two, the violent protests may nullify the national vote results on Nov 3, thus preventing a Trump’s inevitable victory;
    Three, to stop the flow of black voters going to vote for Trump on Election Day, by spreading the division between races at the same create an era of terror and intimidation.
    In so doing, the Democrat Party stopped being a political Party. It is now an insurrection Party. But it is protected by our Constitution, so the best way is to cut its fingers, ie
    Their operatives who must be identified and incarcerated as investigators of violence. There must be some laws again that. If there is none, a new law should’ve enacted.

  • Suzanne Bullock

    06/30/2020 11:25 AM

    You commented on scriptures related to homosexuality/transvestites but said you couldn't find the chapter. Perhaps these (from KJV) will help (and this is not from an exhaustive list).
    Leviticus 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind; it is an abomination.
    Leviticus 20:13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death: their blood shall be upon them.
    And for those who mistakenly believe this is only an Old Testament "thing" or that it doesn't apply to women, here are a couple from the New Testament:
    Romans 1:26-27 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another: men with men working that which is unseemly...
    1 Corinthians 6:9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind...
    Some others to check if you have the time & desire:
    Deuteronomy 23:17, Isaiah 3:9, 1 Timothy 1:10, and Jude 1:7.
    And this list is a large part of the reason that these Satan inspired people want to do away with Christians and Jews.

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    06/30/2020 11:19 AM

    I am sooo tired of all this...I WANT NEWS reported, not mayhem! I have white skin yet am 16th Cherokee (unlike Warren) and I am still wanting to know...where is my white privledge? I worked hard all my life for what I have, amid many childhood home problems; I put myself thru college, started my own business working 18-20 hr days and would trade everything I went thru, as a child, for free education and the chance of AFFRIMATIVE ACTION (which is the reperations they claim they still need). This rioting has got to stop. Now they are attacking Christian monuments, John Wayne, Woodrow Wilson, etc...What the heck. These are spoiled brats who do not understand what or why they are doing this and the impact it will have on their future. I will not stand by and watch this any longer...I am writing all branches of State and Federal legislatures that have my ear and you people will cease...there are some bad cops out there..but there are, apparently, some bad people like YOU out there who destroy black own businesses, homes, vehicles, etc...you don't care. You are so ANGRY and need your behind whooped!

  • Lynn Miller

    06/30/2020 09:45 AM

    FB just censored my post of the comments made by Ali's son that the president is not racist, but that Democrats are the racists. I attempted to put the link on FB on my timeline so my friends could also read the credible opinion of Ali's son. I searched using associated keywords and found the only "left" news source covering the comments by Ali's son was Politico. Allother news sources were conservative. If FB can censor private individuals sharing information among their own friends, we do now live in an America without free speach.

  • Jerry Korba

    06/30/2020 08:57 AM

    Has the GOP Senators and Representatives surrendered the rights of the American citizen to the bombastic Left agenda threats of burning down the Constitution our Bill of Rights or does main street America have to get Semi Automatic weapons to defend themselves and their property. GOP get out from under your desks and fight for our rights you let 5 or 6 do all the fighting while you roll up in your fetal position. Take off your your 3 piece suit and get to work back our President in the fight to take back America. You have made me sick before you cowards you disgraceful bastards get up and help my President. One of you leaders light a fire under these paper tigers. Sorry cowards.

  • Ruth Ferraro

    06/30/2020 08:48 AM

    Thank you so much for updating the correct news on a daily basis as well as your daily Bible verses. I find it's absolutely incredible that these people want police protection so they can protest to "de fund the police". I know someone that lives across the street from Gracie Mansion. Mayor DeBlasio closed down streets for protestors, surrounded Gracie Mansion with police & patrol cars, & then the next day talked about de-funding the police department. All we can do is pray for our nation.

  • Jerry Korba

    06/30/2020 08:27 AM

    Join Roberts looks as if he is in a mental crisis. He may have also endured a stoke watching him tells me something is wrong with him. I am a person that believes in Thou should not kill innocent or defensive Human beings my concern is John Roberts may be not be able to control his thoughts. He is compulsive and not able to think things out. He doesn't remember he interprets the law, not make the law it is obvious by the different decisions he is making on the same issues. An intense medical examination should take place before he rules on anything.

  • BIll Hudson

    06/30/2020 08:26 AM

    Gov. Huckabee,
    How are any of these left wing SJW groups different from Lenin or Hitler in the way they are pushing their agenda on society. They burn the books, movies, TV programs (history) they don't like and change history to meet their agenda. They have studied the means of revolt that these organizations throughout history have utilized and are employing them again. We as a nation must stand against this atrocity or we will be forced to relive the carnage of leaders like Lenin and Hitler with millions of people slaughtered in the name of progress. The wealthy that are supporting these people should also remember that Lenin and Hitler turned against the rich that were supporting them and eventually had them imprisoned and killed. We definitely need to learn and remember the bad things of history to keep from repeating it.


    06/30/2020 08:18 AM


  • Ronald Brown

    06/30/2020 07:46 AM

    Mike, I really enjoy your news letter and would like to share it with my Liberal friends. Hoever, I know they wont read every article and therfore most likely delete the whole thing. My question is, is there a way you could break out each article so one paticular article could be forwarded by email, messenger or facebook? Just a thought. Thank you and keep up the great work.

  • Renee Kendrick

    06/30/2020 06:22 AM

    Big OOPS! I should have done more homework on the Moabites. They weren't a Gentile tribe. They stem from Lot. They weren't one of the tribes mentioned in Deuteronomy 7 for which God did not want the Israelites to marry into. God did not want His people to do so because the tribes mentioned would turn the Israelites from Him. It was because of the tribes' unbelief, not the color of their skin. The scriptures teach belief and unbelief, not racial prejudice.

  • Renee Kendrick

    06/30/2020 05:23 AM

    The GGs are quite the foursome. I enjoy watching them and even have a teenage nephew who loves the Girls. Having strong conservative views, I admit that I get a bit angry when watching some of the episodes. The one pulled by Hulu is one of my least favorite episodes. The fact that the bride's black mother, who played Verdie on The Waltons, made a very racist comment about Dorothy's son being a "skinny, white boy" and that she did not want her daughter marrying such a person because there were plenty of fine black men around for her to marry. The bride's mother, as well as Dorothy, finally caved when they found out that the bride-to-be was pregnant. There are many black people who cry racism yet they are the ones who continue to keep the stew pot stirred. History tells us that slaves were sold in Africa by people of their own race to white men. Also, the slaves were freed by white men, such as Abraham Lincoln, William Wilberforce, and John Newton. History (the past) needs to be accepted and let go of because it cannot be changed. Everyone that resides in the USA should be thankful that they have been given the opportunity to live in liberty and freedom in the greatest nation on earth! There are rude people in every race. The only thing any of us can control is our own behavior. Every individual needs to take a long, hard look at themselves so they can look at others differently. Weed out the bad within yourself and fill it with the good. Give your wicked ways over to the Lord and fill the emptiness with His word! He will cleanse you of such negativity and cause His light to shine brightly in you. God saves people from every race. Even Ruth, a Moabite/Gentile, married Boaz, a Jew. Inter-racial marriage in God's word? Isn't that when the Gentiles were grafted in? From their lineage came Jesus - the Savior of the world. In fact, if all historical records were available, we could all be traced back to Noah's three sons, who can be traced back to Adam and Eve. We all need to see each other as people. Move forward and makes changes within ourselves for the better not for the detriment of this great country and its people!!!

  • Linda Olds

    06/30/2020 12:51 AM

    Of course Comey's lies are being aired in September, before the election.
    I'm asking if there are going to be indictments before the election. I understand that Durham needs to collect a lot of evidence which is not easy to get for various reasons, but c'mon, man! There must be something he can do!

  • Jerry

    06/30/2020 12:22 AM

    When cities decide to defund police what does the city do with the funds. Does it put the funds that enhance minorities, people without color, or will it enhance people with color everything in these Leftist cities have to be color coded or will the the city officials use the funds for personal body and property protection I believe that would be a violation of some degree hypocritical for sure. Or just insane if you are paying attention from the outside. The State and city politicians have taken fleecing the voters to a new low. I believe we can classify them as white color THUGS!

  • Fr Christopher Kelley

    06/30/2020 12:12 AM

    Leftists are much like the demons described in CS Lewis' classic, "The Screwtape Letters."
    In the end, they devour one another --ravenously.
    Why is this comparison so apt? Something about the 'spiritual nature' they just don't get!

  • Jerry korba

    06/29/2020 11:49 PM

    I am hopeful for a msm news program to rival the networks on a daily basis tonite I watch the big e Tucker Hannity and angle all three brought to life my rants that I had in your comments I have railed against Minneapolis and its officials and actually started with the Omar election.a couple of days after her election I stated she was trouble and the voting block was to blame and its been spiraling down since then.i also had contacted the senators Amy and Tina although respectful they both know how wrong I think they are and each had responded I thanked them for the follow up with a nice message from home they didn’t seem to care

  • Dave Lassegues

    06/29/2020 11:46 PM

    I'm so sick of the lack of conservative voices from our elected leaders. It is as if they are cowed by the fear of bad MSM press. Even some are groveling trying to straddle the fence. If this keeps up I fear conservatives may not be so excited to come out and vote and this would be tragic as we need not only President Trump but a majority in the Senate for confirming judges and the house to get rid of the Pelosi gang.

  • Catherine Riley

    06/29/2020 11:38 PM

    So very thankful that action has been taken. What has been happening in
    America is heartbreaking.

  • Dana Sterling

    06/29/2020 11:15 PM

    This is truly one of your best commentary’s! We are sick and tired of the brainwashed liberal guilty whites from the lower learning institutions! I think they should take a summer vacation to Venezuela! Okay by me if they can’t somehow make it back to the USA! I’m offering free rides to the airport!

  • Ivanka 2024

    06/29/2020 10:59 PM

    Ali Jr. knows 1,100 blacks are viciously and violently murdered EVERY DAY in this country. White supremacists support this by voting Democrat. If Biden picks Kamala as VP, 2,200 blacks will be viciously and violently murdered EVERY DAY in this country. 200 on the streets, 2,000 in the womb. EVERY DAY. A RACISTS DREAM. ALL RACISTS VOTE DEMOCRAT.

  • Doug Morgan

    06/29/2020 10:58 PM

    Governor, the "silent majority" has been fed up for a long time. That is why we voted for Trump in 2016. We saw some hope that he just might be able to at least neutralize the Marxists but instead, because he alone stands against them, he is under siege and appears to be losing. Republicans are swamp infected as are most of those surrounding the president. It is time for a militant Tea Party with millions on the offensive against the Marxist/Lenin movement of BLM and Antifa.