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September 15, 2022

When I first ran for President back in 2008, I had the full weight of the establishment/Wall Street wing of the GOP turn on me because I dared to point out that just because things were going great for people with corner offices on Wall Street, that didn’t mean the economy was working the way it should, and that a lot of hard-working Americans were hurting. They called me a lot of ridiculous names for daring to say that everything wasn’t hunky-dory with the economy, until a few months later when the subprime mortgage meltdown hit.

Well, I’m gratified to see that more Republicans are finally picking up on that theme, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who spoke Sunday at the National Conservative Conference in DC. He triggered all the right people by daring to point out both the CDC’s lies and mistakes about COVID and the GOP’s baffling loyalty to Wall Street giants who have vastly enriched themselves by rigging the economy against smaller competitors and donating three times as much to Biden in 2020 as Trump.

I’m glad to see so many people finally waking up and realizing that just because a company is successful in the capitalist system, that no longer means they support traditional free market capitalism or are favorable to Republicans. These days, many seem to be run by activists who think that pushing a leftist agenda is more important than maximizing shareholder profits. Some even seem to prefer the corrupt socialist model, where they pay a lot to keep one party in power, but it’s worth it because that party protects its donors while crushing any upstart competitors with taxes and regulations. Sound familiar?

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  • Liz Rome

    09/22/2022 04:34 PM

    Dear Governor,
    The last paragraph in this article is a perfect bullseye! It explains how the socialist companies really work. I hope the young (20 and 30 somethings) wake up and realize the truth.
    Please keep expalining howbad socialism really is.
    Signed......A grandmother who worries about the world my 10 grandchildren will inherit.

  • Lynn Barr

    09/19/2022 06:27 PM

    GO SARAH. So happy your surgery was successful. You’ll be a GREAT GOVENOR.

  • Donna McGowan

    09/19/2022 10:48 AM

    We have to remember with the NAFTA trade deal made by Bill Clinton, it encouraged our companies to move out of the US and into a Global market. Now our well-known products that were developed or invented here in America are in foreign countries and being run by foreign people who have NO loyalty to America or it's people. Our name brand products are no longer ours.

  • Bruce Huckle

    09/19/2022 10:36 AM

    I would love to see more Republicans speak about cutting expenses in DC. For example, eliminating the Dept. of Education, and the various 'committees' that all Presidents create via Executive Order. And while I'm on it, can we either eliminate EO's or at least, limit the number of EO's a President can declare.
    If we are going to be the defenders of a 'small, limited govt.' let's show it!!!

  • Daphna Yurfest

    09/19/2022 04:30 AM

    The GOP so called leadership is not serving their constituents, too many RINOs and establishment “membership” the majority of today’s conservatives voters are MAGA. I feel it has no longer service us we might as well change our affiliation to independent. And Lindsey Graham has got to go, no one social media has anything good to say about him…

  • George Schneider

    09/19/2022 01:26 AM

    I believe what this country needs is for you to run again! Chuck Norris could be your running mate!

    GOD Bless You!

  • Dona DeAvera

    09/19/2022 12:05 AM

    DeSantis is on a roll. He's sending illegals to sanctuary cities and estates of members of the Biden regime as well as stuffing truth down their throats. Praying for red wave in November.


    09/18/2022 11:55 PM

    Keep up the good work & maybe some day the radical leftoids will all die off !

  • Mark Beckstein

    09/18/2022 11:17 PM

    Glory to God the father for the good news on Sarah's surgery.

  • Gary Mercer

    09/18/2022 10:49 PM

    I find it so interesting that the movie 2000 mules proves what we all know to be the truth that the left stole the election. Yet they left and our government are still after Trump and those of us on the right,