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June 8, 2022



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Lawsuit filed against the FBI

Former US Olympic gymnasts Simone Biles, Aly Raisman and McKayla Maroney have filed a $1 billion lawsuit against the FBI for its failure to properly investigate sexual abuse allegations against now-imprisoned former team doctor Larry Nassar.

In a statement, Maroney said, "My fellow survivors and I were betrayed by every institution that was supposed to protect us - the US Olympic Committee, USA Gymnastics, the FBI and now the Department of Justice. I had some hope that they would keep their word and hold the FBI accountable after we poured out our hearts to the US Senate Judiciary Committee and begged for justice. It is clear that the only path to justice and healing is through the legal process."

This comes just two weeks after the FBI announced that it will not prosecute two agents who lied to investigators who were reviewing the mishandling of the case.

Throw this onto the growing pile of evidence that we have a corrupt, two-tier “justice” system in which certain people with the right connections get a free pass no matter what they do, while others are slapped into handcuffs and solitary confinement on trumped-up charges such as not respecting Nancy Pelosi’s farcical January 6th Committee enough.

I wish the gymnasts all the luck in the world with their lawsuit, and I hope it’s not tried in front of a Washington, DC, jury. Maybe a billion-dollar legal judgement will bankrupt the FBI, and the upcoming Republican Congress and President can fire everyone, hold a fire sale and start over.


“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33

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Breaking: John Solomon obtains secret Jan. 6 report

Hey, America! Get ready for the “The January 6 Propaganda Machine Good-Time Show” starring...Nancy Pelosi...(CUE APPLAUSE)...and co-starring her special hand-picked friends, the Good-Time January 6 Committee members...(APPLAUSE)... ready to entertain you by dancing, side-stepping, and sometimes tiptoeing around what really happened on January 6! Produced by ABC, or at least by former ABC producers who shill for the Democrats and try their best to make them interesting! Brought to you, in a round-about way, by Mark Zuckerberg...Perkins Coie, Attorneys-at-Law...and Dominion Voting Systems! It’s the biggest event of the pre-election season! In primetime starting Thursday; check local listings!

Of course, this show will seem a lot like a re-run of Trump’s second impeachment, which was likewise a major video production brought to you by House Democrats. For the REAL show, the one that offers you facts that most people will not have heard before, check out the rebuttal by House Republicans --- the actual Republicans who weren’t allowed on Nancy’s bogus committee.

In breaking news late Tuesday, John Solomon offered a preview of at least one facet of the GOP rebuttal, after obtaining a secret Capitol Police “after-action report” that identified ‘sweeping blunders” regarding security on January 6. This is the difficult subject that Nancy’s committee should talk about in their hearings but won’t, as they’re too busy speculating about what was going through President Trump’s mind and trying to make him and his supporters look like insurrectionists, even though they aren’t.

This just-emerged, year-old report identifies 53 (!) areas of failure needing corrective action, ranging from “delayed deployment of specialized disturbance units” to “the fateful dismantling of an intelligence unit that monitored social media for threats.” Solomon says it “produces a far more stark portrait of leadership failure than those offered by Democrat-led investigations, making abundantly clear that the Capitol police under Nancy Pelosi were ill-equipped to defend one of America’s most symbolic and high-value institutions two decades after the Sept. 11 attacks.”

Here’s the full report:

“...The internal after-action report was constructed from observations from 44 different submissions from frontline Capitol Police commanders and officers to its Coordination Unit,” Solomon writes, “providing a specificity of failings and an unvarnished assessment of the senior leadership and its grasp on command and control during the crisis on January 6.” He said that many of those who requested to see the report, including Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, were not provided with a copy.

These submissions came directly from the front lines that day and support the view that “the Capitol was not protected in a proactive way,” said a senior law enforcement official who would only speak to Solomon about this report on condition of anonymity.

Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik reviewed the report and said it “pointed to failure at the highest level of Capitol security,” adding that legislators showed no interest in actually investigating the security failures he saw that day. The only way this is really going to be investigated, he said, is if Congress gains new leadership after the November elections. “You know, somebody’s got to look at this,” he said. “The next House is going to have to do that.” In the meantime, the Democrats get to put on their show.

Kerik was adamant about current leaders’ negligence, saying, “You mean to tell me that nobody, nobody made any preemptive plans on how they were going to deal with any protest, any crowd, any large gathering around the Capitol for their quick reaction force...that’s crazy.”

He was interviewed by the January 6 committee, and I’d like to think he lit into them this way. it’s hard to believe they could slip up this badly without deliberately trying to leave the Capitol vulnerable. Ironically, the one person who really seemed to be on top of this was President Trump, when he offered up to 20,000 National Guard troops.

Besides having poorly designed equipment and delayed access to it –- it was locked on a bus and nobody had the key –- officials did not receive adequate training and preparation for such an event, the report said. “There were not enough hard platoons for the day.” Civil Disturbance Units (CDU) of the Capitol Police had been taken off their duty to cover other assignments, it said, “leaving an inadequate number to respond to the riot.”

You know, that’s when it would have been good to have those NATIONAL GUARD TROOPS.

Oh, but there was much more. As Solomon writes, “The report found that even the basics of physical security –- like secure elevators and locked doors –- were failures in a Capitol building long feared to be a target of terrorists and violent political extremists.”

Pelosi’s committee won’t be looking for answers about what went wrong with security; that’s not what it’s for. (And if they’ve even read the secret report, they haven’t acted on it, as we’ve learned the CDU has still not revised its readiness plan.) In fact, Nancy’s role in what happened will be “off limits” during the hearings, as the committee chair, Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson, has said.

Solomon appeared, along with Kash Patel, on Tuesday’s HANNITY TV show to discuss the report. He said there were opportunities to address it during earlier security hearings about January 6 but that never happened. To do so would be to reveal that the “Mayor of the Capitol,” Nancy Pelosi, failed in her responsibility to secure Capitol Hill.

He cited as the most important thing the failure of the leadership of the Capitol Police Department to react to the FBI’s warning that there might be violence. They should have filtered down such active threat information to their commanders and officers. This was “a glaring omission,” he said.

When Hannity asked him about reports that the Capitol Hill Police chief had requested (at least six times!) that National Guard troops be called up, Solomon said that is “irrefutable.” This report doesn’t confirm it but he’s seen it in other documents. He said that over the next few weeks, he’ll be releasing about 10,000 pages.

“The basics of security went out the window,” he said, “and it’s because of their leadership. They have political leaders, not security leaders.”

Patel, who has testified before Nancy’s committee, reiterated what we reported yesterday: that he, Mark Meadows, and former acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller were in a January 4 meeting in the Oval Office with Trump and all witnessed his offer of up to 20,000 National Guard troops for the event. Gen. Mark Milley has also attested to this. And there’s documentation, in the form of a “delegation memo” to the Secretary of the Army, who is then supposed to be ready for the Speaker’s request. Pelosi never requested them. And DC Mayor Muriel Bowser was clear that she did not want them, either. Patel once again stressed that all documentation relating to January 6 needs to be made public.

As you know, New York Rep. Elise Stefanik will host the rebuttal --- the REAL story. She also asks important questions, such as “Who placed a bomb outside the headquarters of the Republican National Committee?” “Why was the U.S. Capitol Police left so ill-prepared?”

Why indeed?

Jordan: FBI "purging ranks" of conservatives

In more late-breaking news, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, says whistleblowers within the FBI have told him the Bureau is retaliating against staffers who hold conservative views. They are reportedly purging their ranks of conservatives, particularly those who question their January 6 narrative.

According to Jordan, a decorated Iraq war veteran was “being run out of the FBI” for daring to say something “that offended the FBI leadership about the January 6 investigation.” For disagreeing, he was indefinitely suspended without pay.

Another FBI official is being treated the same way because of an answer that person gave on an anonymous questionnaire to a question about January 6. It was something the leadership disagreed with, so that apparently is a career-ender.

Jordan says half a dozen from the FBI have come to his committee to tell their stories. Others have had their security clearances revoked after simply attending the Capitol Hill rally, even though they were far from the Capitol building and had nothing to do with the protest. Attending a Trump rally was enough.

As for the televised hearings, he said this was the only congressional committee hearing he’d ever seen in which there was no opportunity to cross-examine witnesses. “Because there’s no Republican on that committee who will do it,” he said. He explained that even when Adam Schiff had his private impeachment “bunker,” Jordan, as a member of the committee, could still be in that room and ask questions. But for this committee, Nancy Pelosi hand-picked every member, including the two anti-Trump “Republicans” --- that’s what makes it illegitimate --- and they can be counted on NOT to ask the questions that need to be asked.

Again, to hear anyone even dare to ask those questions, we’ll need to go over and listen to Elise Stefanik’s rebuttal. See you there.

New Podcast Episode

This week, I was joined on “The People’s Podcast,” by Congressman Ted Budd to discuss today’s political climate and the current primary season. A don't miss conversation! Listen here: Mike Huckabee - Quake Media


Election News

Tuesday, primary elections were held in seven states. Here’s a link to Fox News’ page of continually-updated results of the many races.,-other-states:-live-updates_postclickthru_5_article1

Despite all the races with national implications for the House and Senate, the biggest story was a local one. In San Francisco, far-left, criminal-coddling D.A. Chesa Boudin was recalled by the voters after less than two years in office that must seem like 100 years to anyone who lives there. The race was called early when it was clear that he was losing by about 60%-40%. I suspect the margin might have been even larger if the option had been “Forcibly drag him out of office and kick him down the steps with a pointy-toed boot.”

Boudin tried to put lipstick on the pig by claiming that the progressive D.A. plague is a “movement,” not a moment in time. Let’s hope that throwing them out of office is a movement, one that could be coming next to L.A.’s disastrous D.A., George Gascon.  Boudin blamed “right-wing billionaires” for his removal (maybe they own all the businesses that are getting ransacked and looted daily.) And Boudin’s supporters praised him for “keeping his promises of eliminating cash bail, not prosecuting quality-of-life crimes and putting fewer people behind bars.”

So if you consider success as a prosecutor to mean releasing criminals back onto the streets, not prosecuting crimes and emptying the jails, then he did a bang-up job. The many people who’ve had their lives and businesses destroyed, their property stolen, or been assaulted, raped or had loved ones murdered in the crime waves that inevitably follow the elections of these Soros-backed leftist D.A.’s might beg to differ. By the way, it’s been reported that George Soros spent $40 million to inflict 75 of these prosecutorial pestilences on Americans. So one down, 74 to go.

This local race is making so much news because it could be a harbinger of a massive red political tide coming in. The left got into power less than two years ago, and they’ve already made every aspect of life so much worse that even in the most liberal city in America, three leftist school board members were removed, and now the D.A. has been overwhelmingly kicked out. The leftist mayor gets to appoint a temporary replacement, so don’t expect much improvement soon. But this could send her a chilling signal that if she values her job, she’d better find a D.A. that will actually do his.

In other prominent races Tuesday: Republican businessman Rick Caruso will face Democrat Rep. Karen Bass in the race for mayor of Los Angeles. Caruso is running on cleaning up the crime and filth, and making L.A. safe and livable again. Bass, who has the endorsement of many other leftist politicians and Hollywood celebrities, is running on comparing Caruso to Donald Trump. So, like many races this year, it won’t be so much an election as an IQ test.

In Iowa, 88-year-old Sen. Chuck Grassley won the GOP primary over state Sen. Jim Carlin and will run for an eighth term. He’ll face Democratic primary winner and retired Admiral Mike Franken. The Democrats are hoping to flip the seat blue, banking on a recent poll showing a majority of Iowans thought it was time for someone new to take Grassley’s seat. But he’s always won before by margins of up to 42%, and Biden’s approval rating in Iowa is 35%, so analysts say Grassley is unlikely to be defeated.

Incidentally, Grassley is far from the oldest US Senator ever, and even if he serves another full term, he won’t be. That honor belongs to Strom Thurmond, who retired from the Senate at 100. He died just a few months later, which might explain why nobody wants to retire from the Senate.

Finally, I’m not going to parse out how many candidates endorsed by former President Trump won or lost, even though that seems to be an obsession with the media. But I can predict how it will be spun:

When a Trump-endorsed candidate wins, it means that Republicans are mind-numbed robots who take marching orders from an all-powerful dictator. When a Trump-endorsed candidate loses, it means Trump has lost his grip on power and his days as a major influence are over. When some win and some lose on the same night, it means both those things are true.



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  • Dick Algire

    06/08/2022 11:34 PM

    It may be true that the Capitol police force made many miscues in planning and the actual operation of their duties during the Jan. 6th incursion into the Capitol. However, doesn't this smell a little fishy? It seems to me it is more of a cover for the Capitol police who opened the doors telling the people outside to "come on in." What about the FBI plants, the BLM plants and the Antifa plants who were attempting to incite the crowd of supporters who wanted the 2020 election results to be refused and a broad investigation be done to get at the truth? I think this report is just more 'cover your behind' planned by the Dems.

  • Gary Stilwell

    06/08/2022 10:35 PM

    links to Fox news:
    I can't(or refuse) to see these links to Fox news articles you cite because I diss-allow "ads" from their site--I do not think I must subject myself to advertisements from a news organization to read their hype-positive or negative. If they want readers to actually 'read' their take on current developments, they need to get rid of the requirement to accept third party dissemination of the reader's information--otherwise, they are no more than spam.

  • Gary Stilwell

    06/08/2022 09:58 PM

    Re: FBI Lawsuit--Unlike you, I DO hope this thing is brought in DC --right in the heart of the corruption--this is one of those actions that define American's favor for the underdog--you can't get much more "pride" in America than from our Olympians--and when they are female, subjected to this type of treatment--I don't think you would be able to generate more groundswell against the already discredited fbi and the puppet doj. I think the legal advisors diminished the compensation here as well--I think it should be TWO billion ---per person, that these corrupt organizations need to fork over when the victims win, and they need to spend at least the same time in irons as the time that they refused to act on the victim's behalf--with another ten years for bad behavior--The $ that may be approved by the courts may NOT come from $ generated by US Citizen's tax $--it needs to come from the pockets of the corrupt people who allowed(directed) this.
    While we are talking about this, if the DC judge disallows ANY--I mean ANY testimony here, regardless of which side it comes from, that judge needs to be removed and placed in the position of the defendants, as an accessory.
    You want something to fire up the US Citizenry?? this is it--it might even result in the first tar and feathering we have experienced in a long time----

  • Anna Boggio

    06/08/2022 08:42 PM

    Did I miss when the USA decided to become a Communist country?

  • Sharon Faulkner

    06/08/2022 01:48 PM

    What do you want to bet if Donald Trump runs for president again and wins that the Democrats will bend over backwards to prove that the election in 2020 was fake and that they'll say gee Trump was President all along so he had two terms he can't serve again? ??