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September 18, 2023



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Philippians, 4:6


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Mike Huckabee

FBI embarrassments

In yet another black eye for the FBI, a jury in Michigan Friday acquitted three men accused in a plot to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. This came after nine men were convicted (two of them frightened into taking a plea deal) and three who were acquitted were retried and convicted. But in the process, it was revealed that the “kidnapping plot” was an entrapment scheme in which undercover FBI agents played all the key roles, duping their marks into going along with a kidnapping plot they never would have conceived on their own, and hiding exculpatory evidence.

Victoria Taft at PJ Media has more on the latest trial and the whole sorry history of this most blatant example of what’s become an all-too-common story: the FBI prosecution of people whose “crimes” wouldn’t have existed if not for the FBI’s investigation.

I’m not certain whether the jury reached its verdict based purely on the evidence or if the FBI squandering the public’s trust played a role. Either way, it’s another blow to the credibility of this agency that was once respected by all Americans but is now so rotted that it needs to be stripped down to the ground and rebuilt from scratch.

And speaking of FBI embarrassments, disgraced agent turned (of course) MSNBC contributor Peter Strzok says the FBI needs to create a special unit to protect agents from the “threat” of Republicans who accuse the FBI and DOJ of conspiring to subvert justice by targeting Trump and other Republicans while letting Hunter Biden skate.

As noted by Nick Arama at, he’s saying taxpayers should fund a special unit to go after Americans who dare criticize them for subverting justice, and that apparently includes the Congressional Republicans whose duty it is to oversee their agencies. But then, I can understand why Peter Strzok would feel threatened by anyone looking into how he did his job.

Life In A Blue Mental Ward:

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has an innovative solution for providing groceries to residents after rampant crime and theft has driven all the grocery stores out of their neighborhoods. He wants to open government-run grocery stores (because this idea worked so well in the Soviet Union.) That way, thieves can steal directly from the taxpayers and eliminate the middleman. He said it would be comparable to the post office. So if you think supermarket lines are long NOW…

Chicago restaurateur Sam Sanchez offered an alternative suggestion: Control crime and the businesses will come back. Nah, that’s just crazy talk!

Kim Davis and the Supreme Court

I’m old enough to remember when gay activists pushing for same-sex marriage argued that there was no reason for Christians to oppose it because they would never have to participate in one. It wasn’t long after the Supreme Court pulled a right to same sex marriage out of the air that they were filing endless harassment lawsuits seeking to drive Christian business owners into bankruptcy for declining to participate in same-sex weddings.

There was also the case of Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses. She was and still is tarred as a homophobic bigot and was even jailed for contempt of court. All the news stories about her claimed she refused based on her Biblical belief that marriage is between a man and a woman. They seldom reported her argument that the state legislature was the only body with the power to change the language on marriage license applications, and if she or her clerks did it, they would be liable for lawsuits by the license recipients if the legislature changed them in ways contrary to what the clerks had written.

But logic has nothing to do with this issue, so Davis has still been the target of lawsuits for refusing to violate the law. This week, a jury ordered her to pay an outrageous penalty of $50,000 each to two men who sued her for not giving them a marriage license. Another gay couple who also sued were awarded no damages. The judge declared that Davis “cannot use her own constitutional rights as a shield to violate the constitutional rights of others while performing her duties as an elected official.” This was the very same judge who previously sentenced her to jail, so no bias there.  Her lawyers intend to appeal, but the SCOTUS has already turned her down once before.

Considering this entire wave of nuisance lawsuits exists only because the SCOTUS invented a constitutional right and failed to make clear that it does not trump First Amendment rights, it seems that the least they could do is take her appeal and clean up their mess before it ruins any more lives. Or else the Justices who voted to create this right could pay her $100,000 judgement out of their own pockets.


Washington Post Headline: Ron DeSantis took at least six trips on private jets and accepted food and lodging that he didn’t disclose!

Inconvenient Footnote: He wasn’t Governor at the time and didn’t have to disclose them.

Further proof that California Gov. Gavin Newsom is angling to move into the presidential race if Biden is eased out:

He got legislators to agree to call for a constitutional convention to pass a 28th Amendment that would be a laundry list of Democrat gun control laws. Most of them are already in effect in California, where they’re doing no good whatsoever at lowering crime.

You can’t have an amendment that conflicts with the Bill of Rights, and two-thirds of states would have to ratify it, which would never happen. But he’s getting people to talk about his championing of gun control laws, which is a big issue for deluded Democrat voters who may soon be looking for another disastrous candidate to back if Biden drops out, so score one for Newsom.

First, President Biden told us he grew up attending black churches, then that he was raised in the Puerto Rican community, despite there being few Puerto Ricans in Delaware at the time. Now, he’s told a conference call of rabbis that he was raised in synagogues. I suspect he was actually raised by demagogues.

An “evidence-free impeachment proceeding”

Adam Schiff claims that the House inquiry into President Biden is an “evidence-free impeachment proceeding.” Well, if anyone should know one of those…

To be fair, Adam Schiff would never call for an impeachment with no evidence. If need be, he’ll manufacture the evidence himself.

A Favor For A Friend…

By “Huckabee” pop culture Pat Reeder (

Many of you know my wife and co-writer Laura Ainsworth, who is also an award-winning retro jazz vocalist. All her music can be found here: And here:

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The following piece is from a friend of mine who saw things in Vietnam that look eerily like things we are seeing in America right now.  I urge you to read it in its entirety!

Lessons from a Vietnam Veteran on How an Enemy Attacks

By Mike Grayson

In recent years, we’ve seen a strategy shift among those who hate America.

Open the borders, legalize low-level drugs, back off drug enforcement – and watch our cities fall into decay within one generation. I saw it happen on the battlefield in Vietnam.

An article on 9/11 written by Governor Mike Huckabee caused me to reflect on how the destruction we see in America today has an eerie similarity to what happened in Vietnam.

In the fall of 1970, our battalion had its first drug fatality from heroin overdose. Our battalion commander took it hard and was ready to assign whatever resources were necessary to engage and destroy the problem.

A few days later, I had the opportunity to serve in a special operation involving ARVN Special Forces, also known as "Luc Luong Dac Biet," and the South Vietnamese National Police known as the “Canh Sat Quoc Gia” (CSQG). Both played a crucial role in attempting to curb the flow of drugs during the late ‘60s and early ‘70s amidst the chaos of the Vietnam War, and both were known for their specialized training in counterinsurgency and unconventional warfare. They had been fighting drug trafficking since the late ‘60s.

In 1970, the government of South Vietnam, working with the CIA, enlisted the aid of Sir Robert Thompson to develop a counterinsurgency program. Sir Robert had been knighted by Queen Elizabeth for his work in Southeast Asia during and after WWII. He developed a strategy[1] for a joint operation, declassified by the CIA on 12/28/2007. An intelligence network of men and women living in local villages reported enemy activity through the CSQG. Our team of two Americans, two senior ARVN Special Forces operators recruited by CSQG, and a squad of seasoned ARVN soldiers were responsible for responding to the reports.

The problem wasn’t isolated to American soldiers; drugs were also a problem for the South Vietnamese Army.

After TET of 1968, many Viet Cong who lived in the villages of South Vietnam were either captured or killed, which dealt a significant blow to the communists. Shortly thereafter, North Vietnam changed its strategy and began running hard drugs into the South. The idea was part of a deliberate strategy to weaken the morale and combat effectiveness of American and South Vietnamese forces.

And it worked. Why shoot a soldier when you can disable him with addiction?

The addiction level among U.S. soldiers in Vietnam, according to a 1971 New York Times report, was as much as 25%. Many were draftees who didn’t want to be there. They were scared and turned to heroin as a form of escape.

The North made it cheap and readily available. A report in the Special Action Office Monograph, US Gov Print Office 1974 claimed that “approximately 42% of U.S. military personnel in Vietnam in 1971 had used opioids at least once, and half of these individuals were reported to be physically dependent at some time.” [2]

The problem was exacerbated by U.S. soldiers re-entering the civilian world. Drug usage by military personnel had a significant impact on our society and was portrayed in movies like The Deer HunterApocalypse Now and Platoon. It was the enemy hiding in plain sight.

The anti-American strategies I witnessed on the battlefield fifty-three years ago have morphed into what I am seeing in our society today. Instead of crumbling Twin Towers, we are seeing the crumbling of human beings. Today, men and women are under stress and fear due to debt, pandemic fears, and the never-ending woke assault. This makes them vulnerable to experimentation with drugs.

In 1970, the impact drug use had on military operations was obvious. But many commanders didn’t know how to deal with addicted soldiers within their ranks. The New York Times reported that as many as 37,000 who had served in Vietnam had experimented with drugs. A later DoD report said the problem was even worse than the NYT had reported.

I saw, firsthand, the impact of soldiers risking their lives and freedom just to get the next fix. It destroys a person mentally and physically. Look no further than the streets of Philadelphia, San Francisco and Austin to see the devastating effects. Addiction was, and is, a serious threat.

North Vietnam obtained drugs from the "Golden Triangle," a region encompassing parts of Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar, known for its opium production. The drugs were primarily packaged in small plastic containers of an ounce or less. I saw thousands of these containers when our team raided the various distribution centers scattered in the jungles and along rivers. They were hidden in small villages and strategically located from the Ho Chi Minh Trail by Cambodia to areas near large military populations.

The North Vietnamese communists found it easier to enlist their soldiers in the drug war because the recruits didn’t have to sacrifice themselves for a political dogma, and they were financially rewarded for selling drugs to unwitting American soldiers. They didn’t even have to carry weapons to defeat their enemies. Americans were willing to hand over their money and their lives for the next fix.

During the Vietnam War, North Vietnam was backed by the Soviet Union and China. Today, we see the same players involved in the drug epidemic sweeping America. An epidemic that has destroyed once-vibrant cities in less than a generation.

Communist China has been a major source of fentanyl and fentanyl-related substances that have contributed to the opioid crisis in the United States. The drugs are shipped in small quantities, making them difficult to detect, not unlike what was done during the Vietnam War.

However, opioid addiction is not a widespread problem in China, despite China being a source of the drug epidemic in America. Why? Because the Chinese government is vigilant in their efforts to prevent opioid abuse in their own country. But they see opioid exportation as an opportunity to weaken their greatest opponent.

And it’s working.

The tragedy of 9/11 resulted in the deaths of 2,996 people; however, a quick walk through the homeless camps of Philadelphia, San Francisco and other cities will reveal another tragedy, perhaps one of much greater magnitude.

We are losing the war, and it’s time to wake up.

Mike Grayson is a Bronze Star combat veteran and tech entrepreneur with decades of experience in military and commercial technologies. His pioneering work in expert-based systems and data analytics has earned him national recognition by Networld Interop, Communications Week, and others. He has also provided trailblazing solutions in cybersecurity, financial, and education systems. After serving in the Vietnam War, he was awarded the Army Commendation Medal by the U.S. Army and the Civic Action Medal by the Republic of Vietnam for his contributions to counterinsurgency operations in 1970.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss the topics covered in this article further, feel free to reach out to Mike at [email protected]

[1] CIA. Report on the National Police Republic of Vietnam. March 1971.

[2] DoD. Drug Policy History. Military Drug Program Historical Timeline.

Arthel reporting on the Biden inquiry…“bless your heart” once again

As we descend into today’s “Biden Inc.” update, it’s necessary to ask again, “What is up with FOX NEWS host Arthel Neville?”  Not meaning to pick on her, but on FOX NEWS LIVE this weekend, during an interview with South Carolina Rep. Ralph Norman, a member of both the House Financial Services and House Budget Committees, she interrupted him, right out of the gate, when he said one of the “facts” the public deserves to know is that “20 million went to somebody in the Biden family, according to a 2020 witness from the FBI.  Now, we don’t know whether---”

Instead of letting him complete his sentence, which did sound like it was going to be some sort of qualification, Arthel began repeatedly interrupting him and finally stopped him from proceeding so she could ‘correct’ him.  “I’m gonna interject with you,” she said, “hang on one second, Congressman, forgive me, I have to interject, because that number’s now a third less of that, which is 7 million, and there’s no proof that any of that money went to the---Mr. Biden himself, the elder.  It went to OTHER members of the Biden family.  [Big smile.]  Continue, sir?”

“Okay,” he responded, “let’s say 7, $7 million,” setting the amount aside to make his larger point.  “Does the public deserve to know exactly who it went to?  The facts will determine that.  The 20 LLCs that were set up --- the public deserves to know where---why those were set up.  That just didn’t appear out of air.  Look at the---”

“Absolutely,” she interrupted again, “and you can note to that the other counterpoint to that, sir, is that when President Trump was President, his daughter received multiple patents from China.  So, just pointing out...[making the “balance” sign with her hands]...both ways.  But continue, sir, thank you.”

“I agree it goes both ways, Arthel,” the congressman said, “but all this is doing is uncovering all of the facts.  All an impeachment inquiry does is let the committees have subpoena power.  And let’s gain the evidence.  And you know who the jury is?  It’s the American people…”

They went on to look at a FOX NEWS poll suggesting the country was evenly split on whether the impeachment of Biden was “legitimate” (47 percent) or “bogus” (48 percent).  The idea, of course, was to use this poll to suggest to Rep. Norman that the Republicans weren’t making the case to the American public.  But he said he thought they were.  “And I think as it goes on,” he continued, “depending on what’s uncovered, Arthel, this is just a fact-finding mission.  Now, if people don’t want the facts to come out, they sure wanted it to come out on President Trump…”

Arthel interrupted him again, showing an apparent lack of understanding of what an impeachment INQUIRY is.  “I just have a question --- do you conduct impeachment on question or actually proof?” she asked, adding that proof hasn’t been shown.

“Let’s see where it goes from here on,” Rep. Norman said.  “If it’s worthy of going over to the Senate, they will decide that.  But why are they more scared of having more facts out there?  This President promised to be the most honest President, and transparent President, in history.  And why doesn’t he want to clear his name?”

She moved on to a related issue.  “Former President Trump said that had they not done it to him, perhaps you wouldn’t have it being done to them.  Do you disagree with Mr. Trump?...The former President is implying revenge.”

Ah, the R-word, another talking point.  And this is one of those “when-did-you-stop-beating-your-wife” questions.  Whichever way he answers it, it’s designed to make Trump look bad. 

“I think [Trump] is upset,” replied Rep. Norman, “over a January 6 hearing that Nancy Pelosi would not be called or would not be subpoenaed to appear...they were after President Trump.  He was upset about THAT.  I guess if he wants revenge for THAT, he’s justified.  But as far as President Biden goes, there’s enough smoke there to see where the fire is.  And what’s wrong?  This ought to be done regardless of who is in office, Democrat or Republican...”

They went on to another topic.

So, let’s go back and look at Arthel’s initial quibble, that the over-$20 million is ‘only’ $7 million --- as if $7 million wouldn’t be such a bad thing.  She’s chosen to use the figure not from the Oversight Committee but, as far as we can tell, from a WASHINGTON POST analysis.  In fact, the Oversight Committee has said that the $20 million is likely much higher, over $30 million.  They’re awaiting subpoenaed bank records, so everyone needs to understand that all these numbers are preliminary.  We’re in an impeachment INQUIRY, not an impeachment.

The statement that there is no evidence Joe Biden received money is another talking point, as it suits the Democrats’ narrative but depends on what you decide to call “evidence.”  There’s definitely a growing pile of circumstantial evidence.  So for Arthel to gratuitously toss in such a remark is not the best look.  Again, she’s disregarding what an impeachment inquiry is, as opposed to an impeachment.

If she’s saying we don’t have incontrovertible evidence of powerful foreign interests personally handing Joe Biden a big suitcase with flashing dollar signs on it, no, we don’t have that.  But to anyone who knows how this sort of thing works, what we have now suggests highly suspicious activity.

We looked at a few so-called “fact check” sites, such as, in preparation for this commentary, but they struck us as working way too hard as advocates for President Biden to be taken seriously.  If we’d linked to them, we would’ve had to add another layer of fact-checking (especially on the firing of Viktor Shokin, good heavens).  As much satisfaction as we sometimes get fact-checking the fact checkers, there are only so many hours in the day.

And regarding the comparison of Ivanka Trump’s patent applications granted in China to the Bidens’ foreign deals, that’s not apples to oranges; that’s grapes to watermelons.  Both Trump and Ivanka applied for numerous patents in China in 2016, but, as FOX BUSINESS NEWS reported in November 2018, Ivanka’s approvals came three months after she announced she was dissolving her namesake brand to focus on government work.  A spokesperson for Ivanka said the trademarks she applied for in 2017 were “filed defensively to prevent counterfeiters or squatters from using her name.”

This issue might be something to look into, but it’s very different from the Biden family being paid millions of dollars for essentially nothing except access to the Vice President.  So why would this, of all things, be brought up in an interview about the Bidens, except just to muddy the water?

(Incidentally, one of my writers says she has a dress she bought in New York in 2016, with an “Ivanka Trump” label that also says “Made In China.”  This writer no longer buys clothing made in China, and Ivanka no longer makes clothing in China.  Or anywhere else.  That dress is a collector’s item!)

Anyway, the $20 million figure cited by Rep. Norman did come from a 2020 FBI witness, just as he said.  He was on the show only to stress the importance of an impeachment inquiry, and he didn’t need to be interrupted and “corrected,” however pleasantly, when everything he said was measured and truthful.  If he wants to do that, he can always go on MSNBC.

Arthel, you’re from the South, so you know what we mean when we say...bless your heart.  Perhaps everyone at FOX NEWS should bone up on the indicators of Joe Biden’s likely involvement in his family corruption and the need for inquiry.  Those who read this newsletter regularly already know it...

Neville has used this technique before, and we weren’t the only ones to notice it.

This also wasn’t the first time Neville has compared the Bidens’ “business” in China with Ivanka’s legitimate business selling actual products.  Again, her business was worthy of examination (and as far as we know, she was transparent), but not comparable to influence peddling and money laundering.


RELATED:  Alan Dershowitz says Hunter won’t stand trial on the gun charges.  He also says David Weiss shouldn’t have been appointed special counsel.  “He’s a Delaware guy,” Dershowitz said.  “People say he was appointed by Donald Trump.  [Aside:  fact checkers point that out a lot.]  It’s nonsense.  He was appointed essentially by the two Democratic senators in Delaware.”

Recall that IRS lead investigator Gary Shapley and his entire team were removed from the Hunter Biden tax/finance case before he went public with his allegations.  Testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee now tells us why.

Apparently, Shapley was removed after a recommendation from Darrell Waldon, the IRS special agent in charge of the criminal inquiry at that time.  Waldon, according to his own testimony, suggested that he be removed “primarily due to what I perceived to be unsubstantiated allegations about motive, bias, intent.”

He said he was trying to “protect” the investigation.  From what --- unsubstantiated allegations???  And these were from whom???   Sounds like the DOJ.  Must-read details here…

Hey Blue Cities! You voted for this!

Democrat-run cities are out of space for all the illegal aliens Biden has let in, so now they’re just releasing them into the streets. Video from San Diego shows a bus load of illegal entrants from China and Pakistan, and a Border Patrol officer telling one of them, “You’re free to go on and do wherever you want. You’re free." I wonder if it was taken on September 11th?

Even Democrat voters are out of patience with the flood of illegal immigration. When AOC and other Democrat politicians held a press conference on the issue outside the Roosevelt Hotel, they were shouted down and heckled by furious New Yorkers chanting, “Close the border” and “Send them back!”

You must click that link to read the fatuous drivel that Rep. Adriano Espaillat offered in response, and which writer Ward Clark accurately describes as horse manure.

But a friendly reminder to all the furious New Yorkers who are yelling at the Democrats responsible for making their city unlivable: you voted for them. New York was in the toilet before, and you saved it by finally electing a Republican mayor, Rudy Giuliani. Then you went right back to voting for decay again. If you wonder why so few of your fellow Americans are sympathetic to your plight, it’s because it’s hard to have a lot of patience with people who simply refuse to learn.

Meanwhile, Mayor Eric Adams blames all the illegal immigrants filling his streets on a “madman” down in Texas, referring to Gov. Greg Abbott, who has been busing a small fraction of the problem Biden inflicted on Texas to cities and states that actually voted to make him President. Adams and other blue state Democrats never imagined that the problems they wanted to inflict on red border states would affect them. By forcing Democrats to deal with the consequences of their policies and admit that all their sanctimonious “sanctuary city” virtue signaling was just a lot of balloon juice, this busing program became the most brilliant political move of the millennium thus far.

And, Eric, if you want to find the madman who’s to blame for all the illegal immigrants bankrupting your city, try 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in DC.


Thank you for reading my newsletter. 

For more news, visit my website.

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