It’s understandable, considering the level of threats, slander and vitriol being hurled, but still disappointing to see so many people folding and groveling for saying things that we should all agree with, but that far-left radical activists have declared to be double-plus ungood wrongthink. It is entirely possible to condemn racism and want reform of police corruption (particularly in long-time one-party Democratic cities/states, where the racism and corruption have been deeply entrenched for up to half a century, even though they blame it on Donald Trump) and still oppose rioting, looting, vandalism, violence and threatening, racially-divisive, anti-American rhetoric. This is the time for the silent majority to stop being silent and speak up for racial unity, not race war. Don’t wait until November to make yourselves heard, although I expect there will be quite a roar unleashed at the ballot box

There were a number of sobering opinion pieces this weekend, warning that the attempted purges we’re seeing now, including the push to do away with police, aided and abetted by powerful political and media/social media forces, are not an honest reaction to the murder of George Floyd but long-planned actions of radical elements exploiting Floyd’s killing as a fuse for the bomb they’ve spent years building.

Here’s Roger L. Simon on the Mao-ing of America

The difference between the ‘60s radical rioters and today’s

And a timely message to celebrities who are knuckling under to criticism of comments that were not really offensive…

Here’s a quote from the third article

“The left has graduated to literal struggle sessions. They are intent on forcing us all, through shame and abuse, to bow to an ideology that is demonstrably toxic and divisive instead of allowing us to pursue, of our own free will, a common-humanity politics that will actually lead to a more just society. If you are a creative, don't bend. Don't apologize to these people -- ever. Because they will never be satisfied. As soon as you show your belly, they will continue to harass you for every tiny imperfection they can perceive. And you don't deserve that. Hardly anyone does.”

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  • Jean Parker

    06/12/2020 04:41 AM

    These groups are nothing more than the classic "school yard bully" of our childhood. The real problem is now they pay no price for their bad deeds AND politicians are aiding them with bail money, etc.. They have become physically dangerous to anyone who has a different viewpoint. I actually asked GOD yesterday to give me the courage to face this problem when it comes to my door. This is still America and we are still free to speak and vote !

  • Arlene Mathews

    06/09/2020 12:09 PM

    I took another look at The Bill of Rights. I do it frequently.Being so what confined to home makes that easier. A quote we are “hearing about” not quoted “ the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
    Peaceable is self defining, “to assemble” leaves the where and how somewhat flexible, and petition shouldn’t include screaming, swearing, or pushing signs in innocent faces.
    These demonstrators don’t qualify. They need to read on to the 9th “ The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” They have no right to block traffic, steal, burn buildings, cars; injure and kill innocent people.
    My final word for this time they are not seeking solutions through proper channels and they are not seeking permission or assistance to make improvements to their own lives. They demand others make changes and others loose their benefits, their jobs, even their lives to bring them all down to their Levantine. It is not by race, not by age, not even by education. It is by envy, jealousy, and greed - the ingredients of hate!