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August 26, 2019

To me, one of the most astounding things about the current, ever-more-leftward Democrats is that they have an unshakable belief in the effectiveness of policies that have proven to be massive, tragic failures everywhere they’ve been applied…yet they steadfastly refuse to consider alternatives that are proven winners if they don’t fit the “giant government program” model. Why, it’s almost as if their real goal were just expanding the size and power of government, not solving the problem!

Recently on my “Huckabee” TV show monologue, I outlined what I would do about the problem of providing everyone with quality, affordable health care.  Unlike some strict free marketeers, I believe there is a role government has to play, but it’s in helping to subsidize only those who are truly in need and facing catastrophic medical costs.  Even then, I think it’s important that wherever possible, people pay at least something toward their health care because having some “skin in the game” ensures that they aren’t completely oblivious to how much their care costs, a situation that drives up prices for everyone.

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Well, anyone who truly cares about improving health care while lowering prices needs to read this op-ed by economics Prof. Sean Masaki Flynn, author of “The Cure That Works: How to Have the World’s Best Health Care at a Quarter of the Price.”

Flynn says that with just two market-based reforms, we could have high-quality universal health care for a quarter of what we’re now paying. Unlike the pie-in-the-sky promises of “Medicare For All,” these are reforms that have actually been tried by companies and governments and found to work, and both involve giving more control to consumers, not the government.  I’ll let you read about them at the link, but suffice to say that one of them is the reason why LASIK eye surgery is now far better than it was when it was introduced in the 1990s at a quarter of the cost, while a knee replacement can cost more than you paid for your house in the 1990s.

To anyone who still clings to the notion that only government-run, single-payer health care works, I’d point out that every state that’s tried it has quickly reversed it when the costs skyrocketed “unexpectedly” (and that includes Bernie Sanders’ home state of Vermont.)  Meanwhile, Prof. Flynn notes that Singapore is the only nation that has instituted both of these market-based reforms, and they have some of the best health care in the world, available to everyone, for a cost that’s 77% less per capita than the US. All it takes is letting people have a little skin in the game.  

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  • Glen Mitchell

    08/26/2019 02:40 PM

    I agree with what your saying about health care, but an area where US is
    Away behind others countries is in preventive medicine. US ranks 30th in average life span and almost first in obesity . Given your wealth this is not
    Good . Get in the top ten and you will reduce your costs by 25%