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March 8, 2022

Putin's invasion of Ukraine has sparked letters touching on stories that are going around. Here are two...

From John K:

“Mike, a history lesson is in order here. Didn't USSR, now Russia, help in [email protected] the Nazis? Some pundits are saying that Russia is now invading European lands. How did that happen? We don't have history on the History channel or Wikipedia. This land was never European land but as I recall it was part of Russia before we sorted that out. The fake new Republic of the World, or as they say the New world Order promulgated by the Sorosbrand and "Progressive Liberals," is or is coming soon to a theatre near you. The play is just starting, so take your seat. I want to sit next to you.”

From Fiorella W:

“I hear many conflicting stories about Putin's real motive. One source says that the U.S. has established 11 biolabs in Ukraine and Putin has taken 7 out... And then, of course, there is the whole Biden family continuing corruption with the puppet regime. What should we believe?

Thanks to you both, and to all who have written. Yes, Soviet Russia did fight against Hitler, after Germany invaded Russia in June, 1941.

Technically, the Soviets became our allies when we entered the war. That’s why, with the way people tend to think in “either/or” terms, alliances ever since have been framed in that way. You checked a box: 1) pro-Nazi, or 2) pro-Russia. Later on, it became 1) pro-Russia, or 2) pro-China. The truth: NONE of them deserve our support.

Eastern Europe was carved up in 1945 at the Yalta Conference –- led by FDR (very ill at the time), British Prime Minister Churchill and Soviet Premier Stalin. They were then looking at terms to induce the Soviets to enter the war in the Pacific. Because of that, and also because Russia had done much in recent days to drive back the Germans, Stalin was seen to have an advantage at the talks.

Stalin refused to relinquish Poland but said he’d permit free elections. Same with Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. At that time, Soviet Russia was an "ally," but that was exposed as a sham when, in 1945, the U.S.S.R. made it clear they’d be clamping down on Poland and not allowing political freedom at all. Our former “ally” controlled those Eastern European nations and also East Berlin, which they shockingly encased behind a wall topped with barbed wire and snipers. In March 1946, Churchill gave his speech saying an “iron curtain” had descended upon Eastern Europe, marking the start of the Cold War.

Since then, the U.S.S.R. has fallen and Russia’s borders have changed. But we see from this snippet of history that distinctions between so-called “Russian territory” and “Eastern Europe” are likely lost on Vladimir Putin.

To say Ukraine was once “part of Russia” echoes Putin’s propaganda campaign but ignores the naked, horrific aggression he committed. Some have even said that since Ukraine has corruption, the altruistic Mr. Putin was trying to right a wrong by invading. As if Russia doesn’t have corruption? I have hardly ever heard anything crazier: that Putin is trying to “save” Ukraine from corruption by bombing the daylights out of it. Couldn’t he have just...made a phone call or something?

I say that facetiously to set up a point: that when Trump tried to address corruption through a phone call, he got impeached. Putin wouldn’t have such worries.

Then there’s the story about biolabs. We don’t know --- it’s hard enough finding out about biolabs in China and talking about those freely --- but even if this is real and NOT Russian disinformation, invading Ukraine and killing thousands of innocent people is not an acceptable response. Sounds like a pretext to us. It works well as propaganda, though, because after what we’ve learned about the World Health Organization, it’s believable. But it doesn’t justify Putin’s invasion. Here’s a good write-up by Kyle Becker.

We do know that Putin is a sociopath because operatives have killed many of his critics, defectors, and others besides. From the Homeland Security News Wire in 2020: “...Putin has adopted a milder version of Stalin’s tactics of random killings in order to instill a generalized sense of fear and insecurity in the Russian elite.” They provide a list of murders.

We’ve long known that Putin is a KGB thug, but there are loathsome factions in the U.S. that avoid criticism of him. Bizarrely, President Biden even has Putin involved in the negotiations for a new “Iran deal,” which we know would lead to Iran becoming a nuclear power. Mark Levin had a great show on this and related matters Sunday night.

We’ve heard some particularly inane observations, such as that Ukrainian President Zelensky shouldn’t be believed "because he was an actor.” Well, Ronald Reagan was an actor, and he was about as trustworthy as it gets. That doesn’t mean Zelensky is trustworthy, just that the observation is stupid. Putin undeniably is a thug, and Zelensky understandably wants our help with a no-fly zone, but we must anticipate the perhaps-literal fallout. To reject this step does not make one pro-Putin in any way, just pro-using-your-brain.

Trump’s political enemies call him pro-Putin because he’s flattered Vlad now and them, calling him “smart” and such. They fail to understand that this move in itself was smart –- played to discourage Putin from cozying up to China. (Too late now, it seems.) Critics play checkers when they should be playing chess.

Here are more debunked stories...

And here’s a fabulous more-recent Ukraine history lesson, a “premium” article by Jeff Carlson and Hans Mahncke for The Epoch Times. Highly recommended...

(Note that The National Pulse, just for offering facts, feels the need to run a disclaimer: “For the avoidance of doubt, The National Pulse is against wars of aggression, and is not supported financially by any government or entity acting on behalf of a government or foreign interest...”)

As for George Soros, yes, his influence in Ukraine has been huge, starting in 1989, just before the fall of the Soviet Union. He’s been pushing for Ukraine to enter the E.U. We highly recommend Matt Palumbo’s book about him, THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN, in which Ukraine gets its own fascinating chapter, with names you’ll recognize from Trump’s first impeachment and even the Steele “dossier.” That country’s full of the kind of secrets you’d expect from a pro-Obama, pro-Hillary crowd.

There are so many unknowns. As we said Saturday, this really is “the first draft of history.” It’s a shame we can’t trust what our own government tells us. Scott Adams, bestselling author and “Dilbert” creator,” called the situation “a big black box that we can’t see into.”

Even so, there's one truth we should agree on: that unprovoked aggression is always wrong. For everything else you might read or hear about this war, ask yourself two questions: 1) Has this person generally been right before, and 2) How can this person possibly KNOW what he’s saying is true?

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  • Mark Cheshire

    04/10/2022 10:14 PM

    The comments & narrative that you have been publishing always omit one very important point. The fact that for years the Ukrainian government has been committing genocidal acts against it's own Russian speaking Ukrainian citizens. The Ukrainian army invaded the Donbass region in 2014 & has been slaughtering Ukrainian civilians in that area ever since. Research the speech made by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko about the people of Donbass. ( ). Also research the attack & burning alive of 39 Russian speaking Ukrainian protesters in 2014 ( ) with zero legal consequences for the perpetrators. Little, if anything has improved under Zalensky. Regardless of how one feels about either side in this war, Ukraine has been committing atrocities against it's own "Russian heritage" citizens for almost a decade. During the cold war era I served in the British army, USMC & eventually medically retired (Service Disabled) from the US army, so I am in no way a fanboy of Russia. However, one must be entirely pragmatic when assessing all the pertinent facts. Very best regards & keep up the good work. Mark C. ***NB; The links I included were just the first examples that I came across when I conducted a quick search.

  • Hilda Jones

    03/22/2022 11:35 PM

    What can you tell me about the President of the Ukraine? He seems like a great guy staying and encouraging his country on in their war but I don't know if he is laundering money, etc and has a purpose for wanting the Ukraine to win the war besides for his country to win and be saved from being destroyed. Thank you

  • tom jeffs

    03/13/2022 03:33 PM


    this is no longer true Mike; since you created - - - - - - -

    I wish it were since I've made many comments which've gone the way of the dodo bird and drawn crickets in response; search my name in your database and you'll see them - - - - - - -

    I'm probably the only veteran of Israel Experience 2012 that David remembers; check it out - - - - - - -

    I'm also 1 of the 4 'regulars' of the Huckabee Show as per Jennifer Lynn Ruth; check it out - - - - - - -

    I'm also the guy who donated all those red Huckabee45 polo shirts you guys wore in Iowa when you were the candidate you brag about in your new RELAXIUM commercials - - - - - - -

    as you can see I'm a fan of long standing Mike - - - - - - -

    so please stop saying you read the comments when it's become obvious that you did at one time do so religiously (pun intended) - - - - - - -

    meanwhile, I still love you Mike - - - - - - -

    AND I'd truly love to have you reply to my email address - - - - - - -

  • Patrick Canan

    03/12/2022 08:02 AM

    I’m a veteran and still a Republican, but what has happened to our party? If the local election officials, the state secretaries of state, the governors, the courts, the State Department, Colonel Vindman, Mike Pence, Liz Cheney, every Attorney General, the Congress, the FBI, the State Department, the intelligence agencies,.… are ALL corrupt, if pardons are promised and handed out like candy, if a violent attack on the U.S. Capitol is defended as political discourse, why are you, why is anyone, surprised that 38% of Americans are unwilling to defend their country? The Democrats have their share of screwy ideas, but today’s GOP has lost its soul.

  • Lynn Melton

    03/11/2022 07:05 AM

    The biggest thing that has gotten my attention is how media and the politicians have shut out Russia’s voice (for the most part) and have shouted out Ukraine’s from the mountain tops. Why? Why scream one side of the argument and stifle the other? What’s being pushed here and why? It reeks of the same approach social media and mainstream media have used during the “Covid Crisis” (that wasn’t a crisis, it was an operation), during Trump’s presidency, J6 “insurrection…” You get my point. Ukraine is as corrupt as Russia (and even our own US government) so I don’t “stand with Ukraine.” I don’t stand with anyone right now because I only trust what I see and that’s being controlled by dishonest media and self serving, dishonest, self absorbed politicians. I smell a big, giant rat….it’s getting old.

  • Lynn Earnest

    03/10/2022 05:41 PM

    My heart breaks for the Ukrainian people!

    I remember Nancy Pelosis saying just a couple of years ago, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” As all eyes are on Ukraine and Russia, our illustrious congress is passing omnibus spending bills that are out of control! Pushing rejected green new deal principles. Can America survive 9 more months?