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December 29, 2021


"Please pray for my son, 20, who suffers from sever depression and anxiety. He is stuck and can’t move on. He is a wonderful, empathetic gentle man who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. I am so proud he is my son. Thank you and praise Jesus."

"I’m in the hospital fighting Covid-19. I’m exhausted and just want to go home. Please pray for progress and healing."

"Please pray for my grandson, Jeffrey. He is entering Rehab This weekend for drug addiction."

"Prayers please for Paula from Lynchburg, VA. She's been fighting cancer since 2017. I only just found out after I started following her blog. She is a wonderful person. Thank you so much."

"My son in a rehab program, and feels alone."

"Please pray for two good friends and fellow church members, Gary and Pat Ouverson of Crossville, TN. They are both in the hospital with COVID."

"Marlene is waiting for a double-lung transplant. Please pray for a viable donor."

"My entire family is down with Covid. Symptoms are light, thank the Lord, but they remain. Pray for my marriage. Thank you."

"Sofie Sanossian -- COVID symptoms, Robin Luedekke and sister Lois -- hospitalized with COVID, Shane Wagner -- Colon cancer spread throughout organs, 57 yrs, 3 children"

"Please pray for my nephew's wife - Amber. She shattered her ankle and had surgery a few months ago. Last week she was back in the hospital for 2 more surgeries. One left her with a cut on her leg 6" long and the 2nd surgery for help with the pain was cancelled by the doctor at the last minute as he had another emergency to take care of. Amber is in intense pain and very depressed."

"My grandson, Trey, is schizophrenic and his meds are no longer effective. He is suffering from the voices in his head and the delusions and paranoia. He can't sleep and is terrified of everything. Seeking help at an ER right now. Thank you."

"I just can't shake depression. I know God Has this. Thank you!"

"For my 3 year old nephew-Liam. Who is having surgery for choclear Implants. Safe surgery and that he will be able to hear. He was born completely deaf."

"Thank you for the prayers. I am out of pain for the first time since early December. Praise the Lord."

"Our son, Steve was admitted to the hospital with Covid pneumonia a few weeks ago. Although Covid has run its course, Steve has developed complications as a result of the pneumonia. He was put into a coma and while in the delirium of the medication, he removed the ventilator, then later the catheter. That was not the end of it. The next night he got out of bed (somehow) and went into the bathroom, where he collapsed and was found unresponsive and not breathing. They revived him and had to reinsert the ventilator.

His vitals are not very good - reckon he is giving our Father a challenge, but our Lord can handle it. We just need to keep praying His Grace reaches Steve. Due to the meds he is being given, I doubt Steve knows any of these events have occurred.

Please join our prayer warriors on Steve’s behalf. His wife Shannon snd son Wrigley need prayers as well. Steve is in Mercy Hospital in Rogers. Arkansas. Thank you, cousin. Roy and Paula S., Bentonville, AR"

"I’m asking for prayers for me. My old age is starting to act up. I’m going to have a couple of surgeries, cataract removal, and I’m expecting more back injections. My golden age is beginning to tarnish…a joke! Thank you."

"Please pray for Pam. very sick from the flu. Also for diabetes and high blood pressure."

"For Childhood cancer survivor Grace. At 26 the cancer is back and the chemo is tough. Her right leg is worthless due to spinal damage."

"Please pray for our son Stephen. He suffers from extreme anxiety which causes him to eat to soothe. He is quite obese as a result."

"Prayers for my cousin Patty who lost her husband on Christmas Day to lung cancer."

"Please pray for the Ansel and Anderson Family in Richmond, Texas. They have hit a rough spot in the road with a son. He is ill and hospitalized for at least another month.

Praise God and prayers for them all..... Kim"

"Please pray for Debbie and Stephen Holmes. Debbie was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer but is positive and in the best hands medically with care at Houston's M.D. Anderson Medical Center. Both are outstanding people and true Americans. Love and prayers to them both and their families. Kim"

"A former marine, survivor of brain cancer, now has an inoperable tumor on his brain stem. Cancer treatments and surgery have cause so many issues throughout his body. He suffers so much pain. He is a child of God, I pray for his comfort and that he will be able to enjoy the time he has left here. May he be filled with Gods peace. We really desire a miracle, but trust our Loving Father to have His way in him which is higher than our own."

"My dad, David, he has been in the hospital since 9/14. It started as pneumonia and picked up Covid in between. He was vented 9/16. He moved to rehab on 10/19 after amazing the doctors (they thought he might be brain dead) and has been in rehab since. All odds have been against him but he is survived through prayer from so many. He still has a long road of recovery. But today is being moved from rehab medical to rehab therapy. Please continue to pray for continued healing."

"Theresa Walker: healing from unknown virus that has been making her sick since the week before Christmas."

"My son who struggles with deep depression."

"Please pray for my grandson, on drugs and living on the street, homeless over three years."

"My good friend Wanda was just diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for her healing. Thank you."

"For my daughter (only 18) - debilitating pain in head, jaw, shoulder, and leg."

"Relief from nerve damage in back for Joan."

"My husband is in hospital recieving treatment for his heart. He has a pacemaker but one of his valves doesn't work properly so has issues with weakened heart. Pray for surgeons,wisdom and healing, please. Blessings for your love of our Father"


"My niece Susan Brown died from Corona Virus and her funeral was yesterday, Sunday. She had other health conditions for years which weakened her. I loved her dearly."

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  • Michael Moody

    12/30/2021 11:18 AM

    Dear Mike:

    I wanted to comment about your items on the biggest losers in federal funding. I refer to the item for promotion of Canadian eels. The government can and does support market expansion efforts for American companies. It does ont support such efforts for Canadian companies. The purpose is wrong and the agency is wrong. Quite frankly. That doesn’t deserve a Proxmire Golden Fleece. That could be a referral to the relevant IG. Someone would have to look at the grant application and the written grant approval letter for the funds. The government should support more American fish farming but that action would most likely benefit people from Southern Alabama and we know that is not going to happen.

  • John Bashoor

    12/29/2021 09:29 PM

    Please pray for a Christian sister and brother who have a black cloud hanging over them. Dawn received a flu shot two years ago and came down with Guillian Barre Syndrome and an immune system dysfunction. Which cost her, her job as a registered nurse. Several months ago she fell and tore the ligaments in her foot. Her husband Ray had surgery surgery a year ago in August that didn't work. He needs another operation. They are also having do many other problems, vehicles breaking down, appliances wearing out, the list goes on and on. Pray for them that God would correct that path they are on and bless them with physical, emotional, and spiritual strength that they be blessed by Him.

  • Darlene Nelson

    12/29/2021 06:06 PM

    I need prayers for my daughter Janice. She is in a really hard depression. She is so negative. I don't know how to help her. All I can do is pray..

  • Margaret Wingard

    12/29/2021 05:10 PM

    Please pray for my children and their families. They were all godly kids growing up. But a brother-in-law very quickly taught them how to hate and spread lies. Now I have been disposed of for 20 years because I took a particular medication for 3 months to see if it would help my migraines. It didn't. The brother-in-law's mother is the one who set the cancel culture in motion. My Church believed it all as did my entire family, except of course my mother. My heart breaks at the direction that their lives have taken.

  • Veronica Spaterna

    12/29/2021 12:17 PM

    Prayer for my son....he is having a lung biopsy today.